Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (September 7 – 18, 2020)

Published on September 4, 2020.

As autumn hits the land of Genoa City, things will continue to heat up on The Young and the Restless (Y&R)! What’s on tap for the next couple of weeks? Amanda will finally pinpoint her connection to Hilary; Billy will be looking for an ally; and Victoria will make a massive and unexpected move. Learn about these storylines and others in the Y&R spoilers for September 7 to September 18, 2020.

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12. Amanda’s Discovery

According to Y&R spoilers, Devon will do some soul searching and realize that Hilary would approve of him helping Amanda seek answers around their potential connection. He’ll accept what’s happened in the past, and Hamilton will hand over some items that can help Amanda with her testing, and by sometime next week, teasers indicate that Amanda will know exactly what her link to Hilary is.

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11. World Turned Upside Down

Y&R spoilers reveal that Nate will be there to support Amanda this coming week when she finally finds out about her and Hilary’s connection. Added teasers reveal that by the time the week of September 14th hits, Amanda’s world will be flipped upside down. It may be hard for her to comprehend that she had a sister (and mother) that she never got to meet.

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10. Billy’s Looking For A Friend

Y&R spoilers reveal that Billy will have revenge on the brain the week of September 7th. His target? Adam Newman, of course! With that said, whatever Billy has in mind, he’ll need an ally to help him, and Abbott will be searching for someone come the week of September 14th to aid him in bringing Adam down.

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9. Victoria’s Power Move

Could he reach out to Vicky? Perhaps?! With that said, Y&R spoilers imply that Victoria will hide something from Abbott early on the week of September 7th. Speaking of Vic, she’ll make a massive power move in the coming days, one that will take brother Nick aback. This probably has to do with Newman Enterprises, so what could she be up to now?

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8. Sharon’s Condition

In some sad Y&R spoilers, Sharon’s cancer will return. Seems as if Rey will find out first, and then let Nick know. This will be devastating for not only Sharon but those closest to her. It will be interesting how all this affects her storyline with Adam and Chelsea.

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7. Chelsea Doesn’t Back Down

Speaking of, Y&R spoilers hint that Chelsea will be pushed into a corner this coming week. She can feel Adam slipping away, and she might feel powerless about it all. With that said, as the weekend hits, she’ll be demanding answers around Adam and Sharon’s connection. Added teasers for the week of September 14th reveal that Chelsea will issue out a warning to Sharon.

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6. Adam’s Announcement

Will Adam’s announcement this week push Chelsea over the edge? According to Y&R spoilers, Adam will have something major to tell everyone in the coming days, and what he says might be rather unexpected. Could he be leaving Genoa City for good? He might decide to turn himself in! The list is endless, so fans need to tune in to find out!

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5. Victor Tries To Help

Y&R spoilers tease that Victor will try to help Adam this coming week; however, the entire plan will backfire. The Moustache feels awful about how things have unfolded for Adam, and he’s trying his best to help, but at what cost? As much as he wants to make things better, Victor could be making things worse.

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4. Victor and Nikki

Adam’s issues seem to be affecting many. Not only Chelsea and Connor, but Sharon (and Rey), as well as Nikki and Victor. Y&R spoilers indicate that the Moustache and his Mrs. will face some conflict, and it’ll be all because of Adam. As Vicky and Nick feel that Victor is enabling Adam, Nikki might agree. This could cause a major conflict between the couple.

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3. Chance Goes Above & Beyond

Adam’s issues will also affect Chance (and maybe Abby) this coming week. Y&R spoilers state that Chance will extend himself to assist his friend in the coming days, and this has more to do than Adam simply asking Chance for help. He might continue to cover for him when it comes to Alyssa poking around, and she is definitely on a warpath to find out more information about that missing person from Las Vegas, and Adam/Chance’s connection to him.

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2. Nick and Phyllis

Y&R spoilers indicate that Phyllis will take control of a situation the week of September 7th. Could this be about her relationship with Nick or her new project with the hotel? As the week of September 14th rolls around, Red will be grilling Nick about something. Could this have something to do with Abby? Phyllis was snooping this past week when Chance was talking to Alyssa. Could she get involved in this drama?

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1. Lola’s World

As per Y&R spoilers, Lola will get to see another side to Theo this week. Hope it’s a good one (versus a slime ball one). As the days go by, she’ll play a little hard to get. Is this to keep her new beau on his toes, or will she see something about Theo that turns her off him completely? Only time will tell!

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