Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (April 26, 2021)

Published on April 22, 2021.

Calling all Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! What’s on tap in the land of Genoa City for the following week? Rey sets Chelsea up, while Sharon keeps a secret for Adam. Also, the Newmans face a major family crisis. Learn about these storylines and others in the below Y&R spoilers for the week of April 26, 2021.

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9. Rey Sets Chelsea Up

Y&R spoilers reveal that Rey will set Chelsea up. He’ll push her into helping him trap Adam, and test her in the process. Added teasers hint that he’ll continue to investigate Lawson and her possible role in his poisoning. He’ll also interrogate Chloe at some point, hoping he can get information out of her. But will this all work to his advantage?

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8. The Plan

According to Y&R spoilers, Rey will encourage Chelsea to bring Connor home, with the idea that if they fake the child having an illness, this will cause Adam to come out of hiding. In related news, Sharon will keep a secret for Adam’s sake. There’s a small chance that she knows where her ex is hiding, and she’ll keep it from Rey. This might not end well for Shey! Added teasers imply that the Moustache will also find out Adam’s location and keep it under wraps.

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7. Victor Faces Backlash

Speaking of Victor, it sounds like he’ll face some backlash in the coming days. Y&R spoilers indicate that Ashland Locke will come out of his medical crisis. As such, he’ll throw some accusations about Victor’s inability to get him help until that Cyaxares contract was signed. Added teasers suggest that Nikki will do all she can to cover for Victor, too. It will be Locke’s word against the Newmans’.

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6. Newman Family Crisis

Victor and Nikki will also have to tend to another major incident that occurs the week of April 26th. As per Y&R spoilers, Faith will have a medical emergency. She’ll keel over suddenly, which will cause her family to panic. Once taken to the hospital, it’ll be revealed that there was an undiagnosed issue from her recent drunk-driving accident.

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5. Fighting For Her Life

Y&R spoilers note that Faith will once again be fighting for her life in the coming days. It sounds as if Nick and Sharon will be stressed out of their minds over the idea that they could lose her again. With that said, teasers hint that Nick will be the one to “step up” and save Faith. There’s a good chance that he donates an organ of his own, in her time of need. Perhaps, he’ll be the only match? Newman would do anything for his kids without a blink of an eye; this character is one of the best dads on daytime drama today.

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4. Jack Receives A Special Invitation

Over at the Abbott mansion, Y&R spoilers state that Jack will get a special invite from Sally. As hard as he’s been trying to resist her charm, he could crack in the coming days. That won’t make Phyllis too happy. Sounds as if Spectra will intensify her mission to get Jack back. Added teasers reveal that Sally will stop at nothing to ensure she gets her second chance with Abbott. Will she succeed?

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3. Temporary Amanda

Y&R fans take note: actress Mishael Morgan (Amanda Sinclair) has had to take some time off due to an emergency eye surgery. As she recovers, actress Karla Mosley has been temporarily recast in the role. Expect to see this “new Amanda” pop on screens the week of Monday, April 26th. What will she be up to in the coming days?

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2. Amanda Uncovers Information

Y&R spoilers suggest that Amanda will be quite busy next week. Not only will she be sporting a new “look”, but she’ll also uncover some important information. This will ultimately have her rethinking her family’s murder case, and whether or not she should be involved. Added teasers note that she may find some shady past dealings that Sutton was involved in.

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1. Devon Makes A Promise

Lastly, Y&R spoilers imply that Devon will make a promise to Amanda in the coming days. Is this the typical “I’ll support you no matter what” vow, or could it be something bigger? Devon has a lot of resources, so could he offer to help Sinclair along with anything she needs when it comes to this case? This “promise” could also have something to do with their relationship.

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