Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (December 24, 2018)

Published on December 20, 2018. Updated December 31, 2020

It’s Christmas time in Genoa City, and what should fans expect this wonderful holiday season? Two huge character returns, Nick will save the day, and Sharon tries to spread some seasonal cheer. Learn about these storylines and more in the Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers for the week of December 24, 2018.

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9. Two Huge Character Returns

Both Victor and Noah Newman are set for returns during Monday’s episode taking place on Christmas Eve. The entire Newman clan will rally around Nikki, as this legendary Y&R character fights for her life. Will we see a Christmas miracle this week? Only time will tell, but spoilers do seem to tease that Nikki’s status will remain “hit and miss” during the holidays.

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8. Sharon Spreads Holiday Cheer

While the Newman family are dealing with a holiday nightmare, Sharon will try and lift everyone’s spirits by throwing a Christmas bash. The good news is that both Mariah and Tessa will be there, so here’s hoping Mariah will soften up and this mom and daughter team can mend fences before 2019 strikes.

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7. Christmas Past

Dina and Jack will feel quite nostalgic this week, as they reflect on Abbott Family past Christmases. They will undoubtedly have a hole in their hearts with Ashley in Paris this year, and the two will think back to holidays they have spent together many moons ago. In other Y&R related spoilers, Jack will continue to romance Kerry.

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6. Reed’s Guilt

Reed’s guilt over what has happened to his grandmother Nikki will eat away at the young man this week. Y&R spoilers indicate that he will ponder the idea of coming forward to police and fessing up around his role in Nikki’s hit-and-run accident. But the real question is: will Charlie allow him to do so?

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5. Nick Comes To The Rescue

Y&R spoilers reveal that Nick will be a hero of sorts for someone this week. Does this mean he’ll stop Reed from confessing to Rey? Spoilers indicate he’ll do something uncomfortable as it relates to Rey, so there is also a good possibility that Nick will come to the rescue when it comes to the police detective. Only time will truly tell.

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4. Mystery Person?

Victor and Noah aren’t the only two that head to Genoa City this week, as Y&R spoilers indicate that a mysterious figure will pop up in the soap opera town as of Wednesday’s episode. But, who could it be? Speculation ranges from anywhere to another Rosales family member to an alive J.T. or someone else. This seems like an interesting development, so Y&R fans need to stay tuned.

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3. Lola And Kyle

Y&R spoilers tease that Lola and Kyle will hit a roadblock this holiday week. Could Fen intervene between the couple, as he tries to woo Lola himself, or will Kyle do something stupid to bring her defenses back up? They make a cute twosome, so here’s hoping this conflict subsides quickly.

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2. A Billy And Vicky Christmas

Vicky and Billy will see if they “still got it” by crafting up the perfect family holiday together. The kids will undoubtedly be over the moon to see mom and dad together whooping it up at Christmas, but how will Vicky and Billy feel after the festivities are through? Y&R spoilers tease that Vicky will feel connected to Billy, and this will terrify her.

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1. New Year’s Eve Bash

Nothing like a good old-fashioned New Year’s party to get the drama going! Y&R spoilers say that Devon will throw a party this year, but look out for Cane. Teasers indicate that after a quick visit with Lily, he’ll dip into the liquor, and catch Devon’s eye by doing something. Things never end well when Cane drinks excessively!

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