Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (July 27, 2020)

Published on July 24, 2020.

The good news is, Young and the Restless (Y&R) has resumed filming (as of July 13th), but the bad news is that fans will still be privy to classic episodes for a little bit longer. With that said, there should be new shows up and running in no time! Until then, audiences can enjoy some blasts from the past with rebroadcasted episodes that hit the “favorite” list for most viewers. Below are some Y&R spoilers for the week of July 27, 2020.

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9. Newman Time!

Amazingly, a Y&R classic week has yet to cover Genoa’s City’s most controversial, yet also most powerful and dynamic families in the little town. This week is sure to be treat as fans re-watch all of the highs and lows that Victor and his clan have experienced over the years. Welcome to “Newmans Week,” fans!

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8. Through The Years

Watch episodes as far back as 1994 to as recent as 2008 this coming week! While not all the Newmans are covered in these shows (looking at you, Adam), many interesting stories will be highlighted in the coming days that involve Victor (of course), Nikki, Victoria, Nick, Sharon, and a younger Abby Newman.

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7. Storylines Covered

From baby mamma drama to an untimely passing of a dear loved one, sons will be reunited with fathers, feuds will be thrown out the window, and a wedding will be celebrated! Truly the overarching theme of this week is just how strong the Newman family is, and the legacy they have built in the land of Genoa City.

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6. Characters From The Past

Malcolm, Dru, and Olivia once again pop onscreen this week, reminding viewers of just how great it could be if they returned to Genoa City in 2020. Other characters fans haven’t seen in a while including Cassie, Daniel, (a nicer) J.T., Gloria, Cameron, and the Moustache’s father … Albert Miller!

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5. Nikki Worries about Victoria

Originally airing on August 30, 1994, Nick gets schooled by Victor around the Newman legacy and its importance, while Olivia and Dru have a chat about a medical problem. Meanwhile, Nikki is worried about Vicki’s (then played by actress Heather Tom) new-found independence. When has Nikki stopped worrying about her children? It’s never-ending!

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4. Meet Abby Newman

Originally airing on April 2, 2004, little Abby Newman makes an appearance; however, this was during a time when not everyone knew that Abby was a Newman! In fact, Ashley and Nikki will toy with the idea of revealing the truth around Abby’s bio dad. Across town, Kevin fesses up to Lauren about something while Victor’s world will be rocked! Yikes!

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3. Cassie Passes Away

Grab that tissue, because even after 15 years, Wednesday’s episode is sure to bring you to tears. Originally airing on May 24, 2005, the Newman family will have to deal with the news around Cassie’s passing. Meanwhile, Malcolm will be concerned about Lily and her relationship with her boyfriend Daniel Romalotti.

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2. Victoria and J.T.’s Wedding

Time to celebrate some Newman nuptials! Rewind to February 2, 2008, a time when Victoria and J.T. were very much in love (no domestics happening), and the two lovebirds will prep for their wedding! Over at the Abbott Mansion, Jack will try and plot a scheme against Gloria, and Nick and Victor will decide to make amends (for now).

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1. Victor and His Dad Reunite

Originally airing on November 21, 2003, the Moustache and his bio-dad Albert Miller (played by the late and great actor, George Kennedy) reunite in an iconic Y&R scene. Meanwhile, Sharon works hard to hide Cameron, and Nikki goes to extremes to protect her family … sounds like typical Nikki Newman (circa 2003 that is).

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