Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (June 17, 2019)

Published on June 14, 2019. Updated November 11, 2019

Things have taken a huge turn for the interesting on the Young and the Restless (Y&R) now that Adam is back, and things will continue to heat up in the land of Genoa City this week. Two exes feel a spark; Jack meets someone new; and an old familiar face pops back up into town. Learn about these storylines and others in the Y&R spoilers for the week of June 17, 2019.

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9. What’s Old Is New Again

For fans that simply cannot wait to see actress Michelle Stafford reprise her Phyllis Summers’ role, there is some good news! Stafford officially returns to Y&R screens, with spoilers indicating that her first airdate will be sometime this week. Fans will see Phyllis in Vegas, where she’ll run into Adam’s friend Riza. Seems as if Red will have a ton of questions about Newman and will start digging in the Sin City.

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8. Shadam

Are they becoming a thing again? They just may be! Y&R spoilers tease some sparks flying between these two next week, so is Shey in jeopardy? We all know how Adam feels, and Sharon’s never been able to resist his charm and good looks. Here’s hoping she can try. After all, she and Rey make such a good couple.

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7. Adam Plays Dirty

Speaking of, Adam will be up to more dirty tricks this coming week, as Y&R spoilers reveal that Adam will move forward with suing Nick for custody rights over Christian. Nick will make a vow to Adam that he’ll never get access to his son, and teasers indicate that due to this threat, Nick will retaliate with something he never thought he’d have to do. In other Adam news, he’ll be surprised by an unexpected visitor.

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6. Nick Reaches Out To Chelsea

Y&R spoilers suggest that Nick will reach out to Chelsea, and it is probably due to Adam’s custody filing. Will he hope that Chelsea can help him change Adam’s mind about all this, or does he have a scheme up his sleeve where he thinks Chelsea can play a role in? Regardless, this is clearly all part of the storyline that will bring Lawson back to Genoa City.

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5. Victor Chooses Sides

Y&R spoilers suggest that The Moustache will have to choose a side this coming week. He’s not doing so well health-wise, and Victor is desperate to keep peace within his family. The bigger question is: will he be on Team Nick or Team Adam? He believes Christian should stay with Nick; however, he could always change his mind and stance on this. Victor has always had a soft spot for Adam, too. Teasers indicate that once he chooses a side, he’ll also unravel a huge power move, so this decision should be a big one from Newman.

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4. Jack Meets A Friend

While Lauren has been desperately playing matchmaker, despite Jack’s resistance, it seems as if she may end up getting her way this week by finally setting him up with someone. Y&R spoilers hint that Jack will meet a new friend, one that could end up being more than just another pal. Here’s hoping Jackie’s luck at romance takes a turn for the better.

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3. Michael & Kevin

Y&R spoilers indicate that Michael will force Kevin to come clean around what he’s been up to as of late. While it’s unclear whether or not Kevin will actually be truthful to his brother about Phyllis’ kidnapping, it will become very clear to audiences that Fisher is out for revenge around Delia’s death, and Adam is the target.

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2. Billy Upset

Y&R spoilers suggest that Billy will be quite upset next week, and he’ll lose his cool. It seems that he’ll find Adam Newman at Delia’s gravesite upon a visit, and he’ll get very angry around him being there. In fact, he’ll let it be known that Adam was the reason she’s in that grave, so, expect an explosive confrontation between these two in the coming days.

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1. Devon Has A Panic Attack

Devon will honor Neil this week by dedicating the Society Stage to his late adoptive father. Sadly, he’ll also get into a minor fight with Nate, and will see Hilary once again after all this. Devon will end up having a panic attack, where Elena will find him during the episode and help; however, while this seems like good news, the couple will continue to struggle this week as Devon deals with guilt around “moving forward.”

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