Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (March 11, 2019)

Published on March 8, 2019.

Is there anything that can save Sharon, Nikki, and Victoria from prison? Will Summer and Kyle really go through with tying the knot? Will Devon get to the bottom of what Ana is hiding? Find out about these storylines and others, in the below Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers for the week of March 11, 2019.

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9. Shocking News

Y&R spoilers indicate that Summer will have some surprising news this week; however, what could be more shocking than being engaged to Kyle from out of the blue? Could Summer be pregnant? Anything is possible in the land of Genoa City. With that said, if she is knocked up with a baby, she may not be able to help Lola out after all.

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8. Summer Questioned

Y&R spoilers tease that someone will question Summer’s motives, and all arrows seem to be pointing to Abby. It most likely will have to do with the engagement, and Summer helping Lola out. Summer couldn’t stand Lola, and the very idea that she is so willing to help her nemesis out with a liver transplant is surprising, so it wouldn’t be crazy for someone to wonder why this is all happening.

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7. Wedding Bells

As the week progresses, there will be a wedding in Genoa City! Kyle and Summer organize a quickie ceremony, and while the groom has second thoughts about the entire thing, it will go through as planned. In fact, as soon as the two say their “I dos”, Summer will head to the hospital for surgery in an effort to save Lola’s life. Jack will question Kyle on all this, and his son will offer answers. At least Kyle will have his dad on board.

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6. The Ladies Await Sentencing

J.T.’s murder trial did not go well for the ladies this week. Secrets were exposed that made Victoria and Nikki look like entitled and rich monsters, while the entirety of  Rey’s testimony didn’t help Sharon that much either. Y&R spoilers suggest that the women will wait to hear their sentencing, and they are sure to feel very anxious the next coming days.

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5. Sharon Feels The Cold

Y&R spoilers indicate that Sharon will get the cold shoulder from both Nikki and Vicky this week, as they wait to hear the verdict. The Newman ladies will feel as if Sharon’s relationship with Rey sealed their fate, and Victoria will have some harsh words for her former sister-in-law this coming week. Expect an explosive confrontation. In other related spoilers, Victor vows to protect both Vicky and Nikki, at all costs.

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4. Verdict Is In

Y&R spoilers suggest that the jury will come to a decision this week, and it promises to be an interesting one. While teasers don’t offer a ‘guilty’ or ‘innocent’ verdict, they do promise a shocking twist! Who knows what will happen, but hopefully someone swoops in to save the day for these three ladies.

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3. Devon Wants Answers

Y&R spoilers hint that Devon will want to know more about what his sister is hiding. He knows Ana is up to something, and will try and figure out what it could be. The real questions are: how long will it take for Ana’s secret to come out, and how will it affect their relationship. He’s already had one sister let him down, here’s hoping another one doesn’t go down that path too.

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2. What’s Up With Kerry?

Jack got major push back from Kerry last week when he approached her on assistance to bring down Phyllis. She seems to have noble motives, but does she? Y&R spoilers hint that Kerry will send a cryptic message of sorts as the days go by, and she’ll also plot on a scheme. Maybe she isn’t as nice as she lets on?

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1. More Spoilers!

Billy and Phyllis will be at it this week, when the two share an edgy exchange. As the days go by, Billy will give her a reality check. Meanwhile, Victor will receive some shocking news, and other Y&R spoilers indicate that Jack will continue to work on forming his Jabot alliance.

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Young And The Restless: Spoilers For March 2019

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Young And The Restless: Spoilers For March 2019

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