Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (May 6, 2019)

Published on May 2, 2019. Updated November 11, 2019

Calling all Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! Things will continue to heat up in the land of Genoa City this week! Victor will share some shocking news, while two characters unexpectedly hookup, and Mia may be backed into a corner. Learn about these storylines and others in the Y&R spoilers for the week of May 6, 2019.

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9. Mariah Steps In

Y&R spoilers state that Mariah will stand up for Tessa this week in some regard. Her girlfriend is once again on the verge of launching her music career, so could Ana overstep on a work request that rubs Mariah the wrong way? Or could Tess be accused of something that doesn’t sit right with her partner? Mariah is always the first to defend Tessa’s actions!

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8. Tessa Sings

Regardless, Y&R spoilers promise a special performance of sorts this coming week, where fans will enjoy the singing talents of Tessa. She’ll have the opportunity to show off those vocals when she sings along with Jett and Ana. Should be a fun treat for viewers of the show, and a nice little break from all the drama.

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7. Devon and Elena

Speaking of overstepping, Y&R spoilers hint that Devon will do just that when it comes to Elena’s boundaries. There’s a spark between these two, that’s undeniable; however, will Devon’s struggles keep them from being together? He’s got a lot on his plate these days. Here’s hoping this misunderstanding is just a bump in the road for their romance.

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6. Victor’s Shocking News

Y&R spoilers suggest that The Moustache will have some surprising news this week that really could rock his family dynamic and Genoa City as a whole. Could this have to do with his son Adam being alive? Arrows seem to be pointing in that direction! May spoilers for the show indicate that Adam is headed back to the show this month, so this week could be building up for that big return.

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5. Vegas, Baby!

Will Nikki be in on this shocking revelation too? Y&R fans know that Nikki is hot on Victor’s trail and is desperate to find out what he is hiding. While she’s hired Rey to investigate, this week will find her heading to Sin City herself, but clearly, this time around, whatever happens in Vegas, won’t be staying in Vegas!

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4. Is Paul Onto Mia?

He just might be! Y&R spoilers are teasing that Mia will be backed into a corner this week by Paul, so he may uncover some information that would lead him to believe that she did have something to do with Lola’s accident. Perhaps her alibi with Arturo fell through after all.

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3. Two Characters Hook Up

Or will that albeit fall through? Y&R spoilers indicate that Arturo and Mia will hook up this week. The two are set to exit the show very soon, so this could be leading up to a storyline that sees them leave Genoa City together. Perhaps they learn that Arturo is the father of Mia’s baby and decide that they can’t ignore their attraction for each other anymore.

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2. Shey Bonds

Fans of Shey are enjoying all the scenes with Rey and Sharon, as they continue to fall deeper in love and continue to grow close. Y&R spoilers suggest that Sharon will open up further to Rey this week, which could mean she may go deeper into what she’s done in the past; she might even bring up Adam. He most likely won’t be phased in the least by anything she reveals.

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1. Phyllis Confesses

Not something Y&R fans see every day; however, spoilers tease that Phyllis will fess up about something this week. She’s got a ton of secrets, and always has a scheme up her sleeve, so what she admits to and to whom remains a mystery at this point. Viewers will have to tune to find out what she’ll confess to this time around!

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