Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (November 30, 2020)

Published on November 26, 2020.

Calling all Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! Wondering what’s coming down the pipe this week? A major milestone is celebrated for the show, while a very Chabby wedding takes place. Also, some distress arises for the Moustache. Learn about these storylines and more in the Y&R spoilers for the week of November 30, 2020.

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9. Abby Gets Cold Feet

Y&R spoilers hint that Abby will have a freak-out moment before it’s wedding time. Seems as if Mariah will try her hand at calming Abby down; however, Ashley will also be called in to help the bride-to-be, as well as Chance. The good news is that all will be well, and these two will end up saying, “I do.”

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8. Special Guests

Y&R spoilers reveal there will be some very special guests in attendance at the Chabby wedding. Not only will Nina Webster be there (played by Tricia Cast), but actress Jess Walton will also return to reprise her infamous Jill Abbott role. Should be a fun one! But they aren’t only back for Chance and Abby’s wedding; the two actresses will also be there to celebrate something special.

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7. Happy 12,000 Shows!

December 1st marks the Y&R’s 12,000 episodes on the daytime drama, and the show plans to celebrate with a special episode filled with highlights and old footage of past super couples in Genoa City. Time to take a walk down memory lane and re-experience some fun and romantic moments from some great Y&R couples. Nina will also catch up with BFF Christine, so it’ll be fun to see them together again.

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6. Special Gift

Back to the wedding fun, Y&R spoilers imply that Nina will have a special gift for the newlyweds. Whatever she plans on giving them, the gesture will truly touch both Abby and Chance. Could it be a family heirloom? Maybe it’s something connected to starting a family of their own? Added teasers suggest that Abby and Chance will also get some alone time; however, the couple will be taken aback by something. Could Abby already be expecting and experience a symptom of some sort? Her highly emotional pre-wedding freak-out, plus getting morning sickness, could explain a new baby!

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5. Victor’s Dismay

Across town, Y&R spoilers indicate that Victor will truly believe that Billy is the shooter. Could he try and pressure the police to arrest Abbott? In other Moustache news, it seems as if Newman will continue to worry about Adam this week. Even more intriguing, he’ll issue out a distress call of sorts. What if Victor visits Adam, and things get out of control?

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4. Sally and Summer

The bad blood will continue to roll on between Summer and Sally this week, as Y&R spoilers hint that Spectra will try and get under Newman’s skin. She’ll want to spark some conflict. Could this be at work? Or will Sally try and use Kyle to get under Summer’s nerves?

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3. Billy’s World

Could Sally use Billy Abbott to try and poke at Summer? Everyone knows Billy and Summer’s history, and Newman just got into with Abbott this past Thanksgiving. Y&R spoilers tease that Sally will reach out to Billy while both are at the Grand Phoenix. She’s on a mission to network within the Abbott crew, and Billy is a good start.

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2. Lily’s Stumbles Across Them

What happens next seems a little unreal, but for those hoping and waiting for Billy and Lily to finally do the deed, the time has come! Y&R spoilers reveal that while Sally won’t earn Billy’s trust, he’ll be interested in what she has to say. Lily will run into the pair chatting it up, and added teasers imply she’ll feel a pang of jealousy. This prompts her to invite Billy to her room, and he’ll gladly accept. The two are set for some steamy scenes next week!

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1. Jack’s Vow

Lastly, Y&R spoilers state that Jack will make a promise about the future. To whom he makes this, and what exactly it is about, is unknown. This could have to do with Dina’s will. Maybe, Jack is ready to settle with Theo out of court, or perhaps he makes a vow to win this legal suit at all costs to honor his mother’s legacy.

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