Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (November 5, 2018)

Published on November 5, 2018. Updated December 31, 2020

While Halloween 2018 seems like a thing of the past, the creepiness continues on the Young and the Restless (Y&R), as GCPD launches an official murder investigation. How will Nikki, Sharon, Phyllis, and Victoria react? Learn more about this storyline and others in the Y&R spoilers for the week of November 5, 2018.

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10. Phick Is Back On

Nick will finally accept this week that he and Sharon are done, and Y&R spoilers indicate that he and Phyllis will turn to each other and bond over their problems. They’ll hit the sheets despite the fact that this was what got them in trouble in the first place.

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9. Billy And Sharon

Should Y&R fans gear up for a new Genoa City couple on the horizon? For now, it seems that these two will turn to each other for support as only friends. Y&R spoilers tease that Billy and Sharon will open up to each other this week around their own issues, which each can relate to. If they find out that Phick is back on, they just may turn this ‘friendship’ up a notch or two out of revenge. In other Y&R spoilers, Billy will have to deal with a huge shocker.

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8. Jack Makes A Daring Move

Y&R spoilers tease that Jack will receive an update about something that will upset him. In turn, he makes a huge move, and this might be about Jabot. Could new CEO Phyllis be up to something no good? Only time will tell; however, Jack’s about to unleash something huge next week.

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7. Kyle And Lola

Kyle will turn on the charm this week, reeling off the great Halloween he shared with Lola. He’ll want to keep the momentum rolling, but he’ll have to deal with Summer as well. Y&R spoilers tease Kyle will have to try to keep her at bay this week in order to ensure his status with Lola keeps blossoming.

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6. Shacking Up

Tessa and Mariah are so happy about where their relationship is going that they’ll decide the next step is to share some living space together. This sounds all great and good, but Y&R spoilers tease there is trouble for these two on the horizon. Here’s hoping they can last the long haul.

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5. Arturo Makes A Shocking Discovery

Y&R spoilers indicate that Arturo will find something very big in the park that will springboard a huge Genoa City investigation. It seems that while he’s digging, he’ll find an inscribed watch that clearly belongs to J.T. He’ll take it to brother Rey regardless, and tests will reveal J.T.’s DNA.

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4. Murder Investigation

Rey will organize a press conference, and Y&R spoilers say he’ll announce on television that J.T.’s disappearance is now considered a murder investigation. This will obviously cause Victoria, Nikki, Phyllis, and Sharon to start scrambling in panic. Y&R spoilers also tease more chaos is on the horizon for these four ladies.

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3. Mac Returns

For fans of Mackenzie, Y&R spoilers indicate that she will make a big return to the show this Wednesday, so set your PVRs up if you don’t want to miss her. She’s obviously coming back because of J.T.’s watch, and it’ll be interesting to see Victoria’s reaction to Mac’s arrival.

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2. Vicky Speculates

Y&R spoilers indicate that Vicky will tell Sharon that she wonders if J.T. is still alive. While the idea itself seems crazy, it’s something Victoria can’t shake. In other related spoilers, Nikki will try and remain calm during the entire ordeal this week, while spoilers state that Sharon will not only cross a line but, by the end of the week, she’ll make a confession about something.

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1. More Spoilers!

It won’t be all about J.T.’s murder investigation and the Phick reunion, as Y&R spoilers tease that Cane is forced to make a tough decision. Meanwhile, Christine will try and take a hard stance about something, and Billy will needle at Summer. He obviously is taking a lot of pleasure in knowing he tricked her into bed, and has no shame about rubbing it in.

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