Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (October 14, 2019)

Published on October 10, 2019. Updated November 11, 2019

Calling all Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! Who’s ready for another great week in the land of Genoa City? Nick embarks on something new, while Chelsea’s concerns around Connor continue, and The Moustache will give Billy a piece of his mind! Yikes! Learn about these storylines and others in the Y&R spoilers for the week of October 14, 2019.

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9. Nick’s New Challenge

Y&R spoilers indicate that Nick will say “yes” to a new challenge this week. Will Victor try and get him aboard Newman to help Victoria out now that she is the permanent CEO of the company? The Moustache will want Vicky to have a right-hand man, and no one better to fit this role than brother Nick. Seems like Nick will be willing to help out no matter what is brought forth to him.

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8. Victor Grills Billy

In other Y&R spoilers for the week, it seems as if Victor will grill his son-in-law Billy. Could it be about trying to get Vicky to jump ship from Newman to Jabot? He may not have been overly pleased with what Billy tried to do, and he may just let him know that.

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7. Sharon Versus Phyllis

They are at it again this week! Y&R spoilers indicate that Phyllis will push Sharon’s button in the coming days. These two have never been able to get along, but will Red rub it in about seeing Adam in Vegas, or will she keep it hush-hush? In related spoilers, Phyllis will try and cover some of her tracks this week.

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6. Devon’s World

Y&R fans know that Devon’s world has been flipped upside down as of late, and it seems as next week comes along, it’ll be more of the same. Y&R spoilers reveal that he digs out a mystery of sorts to discover something. Could it be connected to Hilary or Katherine’s will? Might have to do with Chance or Amanda, too.

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5. Cane’s Discovery

Whatever Devon finds and unearths, it just might affect Cane. Y&R spoilers hint that Cane will find out something this week as well. With the way his trip to Vegas turned out these past few days, he may stumble on more information about Chance, and if and how Adam Newman is involved.

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4. Trouble Down The Road

While Cane will make a discovery of sorts, Y&R spoilers also tease he’ll get into trouble as well. Does Lily return to town unexpectedly and blow him out of the water for all that has gone down? According to October Y&R teasers, she is set for a return and soon.

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3. Chelsea’s Concerns

Y&R spoilers state that Chelsea will continue to worry about Connor and his behavior. Considering the mess that Adam has left behind, she is doing all the right things for his son, and therapy will (eventually) help the little boy, but something will go down this week that will make her worry even more about Connor.

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2. Nate & Abby

These two may seem happy, but how long will this last? Y&R spoilers suggest that the two will face some hardships this week and struggle with their relationship. While some fans may like Nate and Abby together, it seems as if their romance has fizzled a tad, so it may be time for them both to move on.

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1. Nate Drawn To Amanda

Does Nate break up with Abby? Anything is possible in the land of Y&R! Spoilers indicate that nearing in the coming days, Amanda and Nate will cozy up to each other. Is there a new couple on the horizon in Genoa City? Is this a ploy by Amanda to shake up Devon? Only time will tell!

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