Young And The Restless: Spoilers For Winter 2020

Published on December 17, 2019.

Baby, it is cold outside! But the drama will keep things nicely heated in the land of Genoa City come the winter months! What will come to be during this year’s holiday season and beyond? There’s nothing Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans love to do more than speculate! With that said, below are some Y&R spoilers for winter 2020!

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12. Fen Returns … With An Interesting Storyline

Fenmore Baldwin is set to return to the land of Genoa City to spend the holidays with parents Lauren and Michael. But, he’ll bring more than just festive cheer to the Y&R table. According to spoilers, Fen will come back to town and not only share some heartfelt moments with his folks, but he’ll also dive into additional complexities his character has gone through since audiences have last seen him.

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11. Drug Addiction Spotlight

Y&R spoilers seem to suggest that Fen will dive into some powerful scenes during his comeback. Last fans heard, Adam had dug up some dirt on Fenmore being back into the drug scene and tried to blackmail his dad Michael with it. Fen ended up going to rehab, escaping jail, and upon his holiday return, Y&R viewers will get an update on his recovery, and his past struggles.

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10. Gloria Returns?

Actor Christian LeBlanc, who plays Michael Baldwin, conducted an interview with Global TV back in October this year stating that one of his favorites to work with on the Y&R was Gloria (actress Judith Chapman), teasing that Baldwin had worked with the character that day (along with Kevin and Chloe). Could Gloria be making a 2020 comeback? Y&R does tape some weeks ahead of what is aired, so even a Christmas return could be in the cards. With Kevin, Chloe, and Fen in the picture, bringing Gloria back just makes sense.

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9. A Baby Unites A Family

Y&R spoilers suggest that Chloe will give Kevin the ultimate Christmas gift this season, which very well could mean a baby since the actress who plays her (Elizabeth Hendrickson) is also expecting. Maybe Gloria doesn’t return for the holidays; rather, she comes back in 2020 once she catches wind that she is expecting another grandchild! Watch out Kevin and Chloe!

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8. Double Date Brings Unexpected Occurrence

Y&R spoilers are teasing an unexpected development to occur while BFF couples Christine and Paul, along with Lauren and Michael, are out on what seems like a double date right before Christmas hits. It’s been a while since Christine and Paul have appeared on screen, so perhaps the four are witnesses to a crime about to unravel, or something along those lines.

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7. Jill Gets News

Y&R spoilers relay that as the holidays are in full swing, Jill Abbott will receive some unexpected news. Will it have to do with Colin or Cane … or both? Perhaps, it has to do with Katherine’s will. Maybe the men have decided to turn a new leaf in 2020, and give the money back.

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6. Jack’s Gift

Y&R spoilers relay that Jack will be in a giving mood this holiday season, and extend a special present of sorts to the Abbott clan. Perhaps, it is the book he and Traci have been working on? Or, could it be something else? You never know with Jackie, but fans can bet he’ll have his heart in it.

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5. Special Guest Appearance

Justin Sylvester, E! Daily Pop host, will be making a special guest appearance on the Y&R sometime during the next couple of months. The past reality television star posted the news on his Instagram handle recently; however, no official airdates have been released, so fans need to stay tuned.


4. Amanda’s World

So much has gone on recently with Amanda, it is hard to keep up! First off, the idea that she is adopted could tease a storyline that ultimately reveals a link to Hilary … could she be her twin? It would make a ton of sense if she was. Then, of course, Amanda has had her hands full with many a Genoa City leading man that should keep her very busy in 2020.

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3. Amanda’s Men

Why are so many men in awe of Amanda? Devon is intrigued because she looks so much like his deceased wife, Hilary; Nathan wants more than just a friendship because he’s gotten to know her and it seems as if he is attracted to her smarts, just as much as her looks. Then there is Billy, a happily married man who seems to be constantly running into Amanda as of late. The winter months may prove to be interesting in the romance department for the mysterious and interesting new Genoa City lady lawyer.

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2. An Indecent Proposal For The Win

Fans recently witnessed Phyllis absolutely disgusted with Adam’s suggestion for her to pursue Nick, so that it would free up Chelsea, so she could fall back into his arms. While Red was offended, most Y&R viewers could see this idea was more of a foreshadow of things to come between these four characters in 2020.

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1. Phick & Chadam Reunion

Sure, on screen Phyllis and Nick were together this time last year; however, the actress who played Red at the time (Gina Tognoni) didn’t have the same chemistry as actress Michelle Stafford has with Nick. The way these two have been reminiscing about the past and hanging out, a reunion is inevitable in the coming winter months. The same can be said about Adam and Chelsea. These two may simply come together for their son’s sanity, but stay together because of the sparks.

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