Young And The Restless: Spoilers For Winter 2021

Published on January 20, 2021.

Calling all Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! The winter can feel dark and gloomy, but in the land of Genoa City, the next few months will be filled with romance and drama! Learn more about what will happen to the Newmans, Abbott, Sally Spectra, Chadam, Shey, Phick, Amanda, Devon, Billy, Lily, and others in the Y&R spoilers for the winter of 2021!

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12. Chelsea’s Health Issues

Any type of medical emergency can add strain on a couple, and Chelsea’s current condition will not only affect Adam, but also the Newmans, and Sharon and Rey. According to Y&R spoilers, Victor will move mountains to help Adam (and Lawson) with their current crisis, which won’t go over well with the rest of the Newman family. Fans should expect major tension between Victor, Vicky, as well as Nick, and potentially Faith.

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11. Adam Struggles

While Victor will be there for Adam, Y&R spoilers hint that Sharon will be, too. Other than Chelsea and Victor, Adam doesn’t have a friend or any close relative in Genoa City, and with Lawson’s condition, he’ll turn to Sharon for help. She’ll be more than happy to oblige him.

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10. Chelsea Will Struggle

As shown in this week’s episode, while Chelsea can’t communicate her disdain for Sharon, it’ll fester within her. So much so, her recovery will be jeopardized. As Lawson’s doctor mentioned, she needs a positive and encouraging environment. Knowing that Sharon is now in Adam’s orbit will only worsen things for Chelsea. Adam is sure to continue flaunting his “friendship” with Sharon in front of Lawson, without quite realizing the horrendous implications that it is causing in terms of her recovery.

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9. Rey Won’t Approve

Y&R spoilers tease that Chelsea won’t be the only one who disapproves of Adam and Sharon’s renewed bond, as Rey will not be happy about it. Shey are newlyweds, and they should be happy, but will they be? The entire thing won’t “sit” well with Mr. Rosales at all. Sounds like Shey could be ripping at the seam.

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8. Chabby Struggles

Across town, Chance and Abby will struggle in the following weeks and months, too. While they’ve just heard the news that Abby can’t carry a baby, thus squashing any plans to expand their family, this will continue to be an issue for them in the coming weeks and winter months ahead. Added teasers imply they’ll turn to their families in the face of this crisis.

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7. The Moustache Gets Involved

Victor has been busy during his retirement, ensuring that he supports his children and helps them in any way that he can. He’s got the power and money to make just about anything happen in this world, so can he assist Abby with this recent crisis? Y&R spoilers imply that he will be there to support her, and offer up some assistance. Maybe a high-priced doctor in the field can help? Victor’s got the big bucks to make this happen!

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6. Chabby Conflict

Abby may want to carry a baby, and this could be something she becomes obsessed with. Victor has top medical doctors at his disposal, so when he tells the couple he can help, he means it. But, perhaps instead of remaining preoccupied with the idea of having a baby of their own, Chance may decide that adoption could be their best option. Why waste any more time on something that might not work? Could Chabby clash over ways to expand their family?

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5. Feel The Glo!

Gloria is set to return in the coming days, and as per Y&R spoilers, she’ll dive right into the Phyllis, Kevin, and Victoria (thumb drive) drama! Added teasers imply that Glo will be at the center of the embezzlement storyline, so things are bound to get that much more interesting (and complicated) with her involved!

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4. Sally Turns Up The Heat

Y&R spoilers suggest that Sally will turn the feud she has with Summer up a notch (or two), and will work hard to meddle in Summer’s business and personal life. Added teasers suggest that she’ll also have some of Genoa City’s eligible bachelors on her radar, but does this include her budding friendship with Jack?

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3. Devon, Nate, Elena, and Amanda

While Nate and Elena have solidified their romance, Devon and Amanda remain in the friends’ zone. Are they both a little nervous about “pushing” the button on this? Seems like this could be the case. With that said, Devon will question if he gave up on Elena and their relationship too soon. This could complicate things if he decides to explore those feelings.

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2. Vicky Works Overtime 

Vicky should be concerned about her “embezzlement” issues; however, it seems as if she might continue to cause problems for Billy and Lily. She’s struggling to get over her ex, and while she seemingly wouldn’t take him back, she doesn’t want him to be with Lily. Lily, as such, will likely continue to have “doubts” about Billy, but unlike Vicky, she’ll be vocal about them to Abbott.

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1. Could Lily Unravel The Truth?

Nate offered up a warning to Lily this week about Billy. He went into the story about Abbott’s “so-called” emotional affair with Amanda. Billy and Amanda were teasing an affair; however, the two were just friends, and never crossed the line. Vicky seems to think the two had a bona fide affair (thanks to daddy Victor convincing her). Could Lily unravel the truth behind all this? She’ll get to the bottom of things, but will she present all the facts to both Vicky and Billy? There’s a lot at stake.

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