Young And The Restless Theme Weeks Fans Would Like To See

Published on May 6, 2020.

So, the bad news is that Young and the Restless (Y&R) has run out of new episodes due to the shutdown of production. But, the good news is that they are rebroadcasting classic episodes … with theme weeks! The first two weeks, audiences have enjoyed episodes that focused on “Katherine the Great” and “Nikki and Victor’s Love Story.” Below are some more ideas around Y&R theme weeks most fans would love to see!

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12. Jack and Victor

Y&R fans have had the pleasure of reliving Nikki and Victor’s love story recently, but how about a theme week around one of the greatest soap opera feuds in daytime drama history? Victor and Jack have had some great moments over the years, and whether you are on Team Abbott or Team Moustache, re-watching some episodes where these two battle it out for Genoa City corporate cosmetic supremacy is a must!

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11. Victoria’s Earlier Years

One of the coolest things about watching these classic episodes as of late is seeing all the different recasts of characters over the years. Remember when Ashley was played by actress Brenda Epperson? Or when Jill was played by Brenda Dickson? While most Y&R fans love Amelia Heinle as Victoria Newman, when the character was SORASed in 1990, actress Heather Tom truly evolved the role from a daddy’s little girl into a young woman who was ready to take Genoa City by storm!

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10. Neil Winters Appreciation Week

Fans have already enjoyed a full week of Katherine Chancellor; therefore, five days that showcase Neil Winters’ (and Kristoff St. John’s) time in the little town is a must. From the day he stepped into Genoa City in 1991, to his love affair with Dru, how he struggled with her loss, and bringing Devon into the Winters family, are all classic episodes that many Y&R fans would love to see once again.

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9. Evil Michael Baldwin

Michael Baldwin is a standup and respectable character who is beloved by many Y&R fans; however, that wasn’t always the case. When he first entered the land of Genoa City in the early 1990s, he wasn’t the nicest of characters and had a very dark side. Over the years, he’s gone from zero to hero, and it would be fun to re-watch a week of Michael Baldwin being evil and dark! 

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8. Out Of The Ashes

“Out of the Ashes” aired from October 19 to the 26 in 2007, and was a highly publicized and marketed storyline, and the first time the Y&R used a special title sequence for a storyline. While the added budget dollars spent didn’t add to ratings, most Y&R fans can agree that the storyline around the explosion that took place in Clear Springs (the town next to Genoa City where a casino and resort was being built), which involved most of the show’s staple characters, was an interesting watch.

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7. The Lauren-Sheila Saga

Sheila Carter is a character most Y&R fans love to hate, and the history she has in Genoa City is intriguing to say the least. Re-watching her obsession to destroy Lauren, at any lengths, would make an interesting theme week. It would be fun to not only place reruns around the origins of the Lauren-Sheila relationship, but also episodes where Sheila was parading around as Phyllis, and maybe add in an episode of Daisy (Sheila’s daughter) trying to ruin Lauren. Daisy was desperate to keep her mom’s legacy alive and well!

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6. Shick’s Love Affair

If Y&R viewers are given a theme week around Victor and Nikki’s love affair, maybe Shick fans will be given one too?! From high school sweethearts to husband and wife, co-parents, friends and more, the relationship between Sharon and Nick has always made for interesting daytime television. They aren’t together currently; however, Nick and Sharon always somehow manage to find their way back to each other! One can argue, it’s only a matter of time before they reunite once again!

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5. Cassie’s Passing – (Before, During, and Aftermath)

Speaking of Shick, the passing of Cassie Newman was so pivotal on the show, as the storyline itself had major impacts, and the aftermath of the young girl’s accident changed so many relationships and storylines moving forward. A theme week that centered around Cassie, how she came to Genoa City, her taking a liking to Daniel, the accident, her passing, and then a bit of the aftermath around it all would be a fantastic watch.

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4. Phyllis Versus Sharon

One of the major effects of Cassie’s passing was Nick and Sharon’s inability to communicate after they lost their little girl, and this opened a huge door for Phyllis to snag Nick from under Sharon’s nose. It also launched the love affair between Nick and Phyllis, and a major feud between Sharon and Phyllis. From the infamous scene where Sharon questions Nick about a piece of lingerie she found (that was Phyllis’)  to some of the ladies fights to Sharon’s role in Phyllis falling down those stairs to Phyllis breaking up one of Shick’s last wedding, re-watching these women struggle with their hate-on for each other is a must-see theme week, for sure!

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3. Phyllis Versus Christine

Phyllis can’t seem to get along with many ladies in Genoa City. There’s Sharon, Abby (at the moment), Chelsea, and (sometimes) Nikki, but another great rivalry she’s had in the past is with Christine Blair. Time to travel back to the 1990s and check out where this all began, how things have unfolded in between, and even re-live the trial that seemed to cool things off between Christine and Phyllis.

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2. The Best Of Brad Carlton

The passing of Brad Carlton in 2009 is still hard to swallow for many longtime Y&R fans, as it was so sudden and very final. While no one is really “gone” in the land of soap operas, it would take a very major plot twist to bring Carlton back at this point. With that said, it would be wonderful to re-visit his debut in Genoa City, his love affair with Traci and Ashley, and potentially a wedding or two of his from the past, some corporate deals he pulled off, and classic scenes with him and his daughters Colleen and Abby.

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1. Jack Abbott: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

The thing that makes Jack Abbott so legendary in the land of soaps is just how multi-faceted the character is. Sure, he has done some terrible things in the past, but he’s also loved with all his heart, acted as a hero when need be, and has a passion for continuing his father’s legacy through Jabot. Jack Abbott has had good, bad, and ugly moments on the Y&R, and it would be wonderful to watch some of them be replayed via a theme week.

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