Y&R Weekly Poll: Should Phyllis Be With Jack Or Billy?

Published on September 4, 2018.

The Young and the Restless is all about relationships – and the drama within those relationships. Because there have been so many love triangles over the years, we want to know from fans which couples that they prefer. Here are five Y&R triangles – let us know which couples you think belong together.

Here Are Our Top 5 Polls of the Week:

5. Nick and Sharon or Nick and Phyllis

Nick’s had relationships with both Sharon and Phyllis — sometimes at the same time! Their love triangle is one of Y&R’s most famous. But the question remains – do you prefer Nick and Sharon together or Nick and Phyllis?

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4. Billy and Victoria or Billy and Phyllis

Billy and Victoria have quite the history together – both good and bad! While it seemed like these two were going to get back together not that long ago, he shocked everyone by hooking up with Phyllis. Who do you think Billy belongs with – Victoria or Phyllis?

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3. Nikki and Victor or Nikki and Jack

The Nikki, Victor and Jack love triangle has been going on for years. Whenever she is with Jack, she ends up dumping him for Victor and vice versa. Which relationship do you think is better for Nikki – her relationship with Jack or her relationship with Victor?

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2. Lily and Daniel or Lily and Cane

Lily has had a couple of epic romances. There is her love affair with Daniel Romalotti and her current relationship with Cane. She’s gone back and forth between these two in the past. Who do you think makes the better couple: Lily and Daniel or Lily and Cane?

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1. Phyllis and Jack or Phyllis and Billy

Jack and Phyllis and Billy have a complicated little love triangle happening. Initially, she was with Jack, but then she cheated on him with Billy, who is his son. Now she’s with Billy, but it is clear that there are still some feelings still there between them. Do you want to see Phyllis with Jack or Billy?

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