Bold And The Beautiful: Plotline Predictions For Spring 2021

Published on March 26, 2021.

Thomas and Hope will get closer as he supports her in her decision to separate from Liam coming up on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) this spring. Also, a murder mystery involving Bill will be front and center this season, but who will meet his or her demise? Plus, Zoe will ask Quinn to help her win back Carter. Read on for 12 B&B spoilers for spring 2021.

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12. Bill Moves Home

Katie will ask Bill to move back into their home this spring. Their son Will misses him terribly and she wants them to live as a family again now that they’ve reconciled. However, just as Bill begins to settle in to his new, happy life with Katie and Will, something terrible will happen that will challenge the couple like never before.

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11. Zoe Enlists Quinn

Zoe will be on a quest this season to win back her former fiancé Carter. And rumor has it, she’ll enlist Quinn to assist her. After the two women play a prank on Zoe’s sister Paris, she’ll open up to Quinn about how heartbroken she is to have lost Carter. Quinn will be touched by Zoe’s words and will offer to help her win him back.

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10. Flo’s Request

Flo will have a request for her cousin that spoilers tease will take Hope by surprise. Will she ask Hope for forgiveness for her mistakes in the past? Whatever the request may be, Hope will not be as accepting of her cousin as Flo’s aunts were. Rumor has it, Hope is going to turn on Flo.

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9. Flo Meets Her Demise?

Speculation teases a murder mystery will take place this spring but who will be the victim? Many fans are hoping it will be none other than Flo. The former baby thief seems to be getting everything she wants these days, including her acceptance by the Logan sisters, which could indicate she may end up meeting her demise. However, there’s another even more plausible victim.

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8. The End Of Vinny

Viewers have been entertained by Vinny during the past couple of years. The small-time drug dealer often appears to stir up trouble for or with Thomas. The last time he was onscreen, he was in a scuffle with Thomas and Finn, who were both questioning him about changing Steffy’s paternity test. Will Vinny end up meeting his end and if so, at whose hands?

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7. Bill’s Involvement

Soap Opera Digest spoilers indicate Dollar Bill will be front and center when it comes to the murder mystery. He may either find the body or will be the last person to have spoken to the victim. Therefore, he may also become the prime suspect. But will Bill be arrested for a crime he didn’t commit?

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6. Sinn Stay Strong

As they prepare for their upcoming wedding and new little bundle of joy, Steffy and Finn’s love will be stronger than ever. Steffy will still be over the moon with how great her life has turned out. And the couple will spread the news to their family and friends that they’re engaged.

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5. Finn’s Mother

Speaking of Finn, spoilers tease his mother is already on the B&B canvas. This has led to wild speculation from fans that his mother could be anyone from Brooke to Shauna. But our money is on Quinn. Eric’s wife will struggle when a new man enters her life and she’ll battle her demons to do the right thing. Will it turn out that man is her son, and it happens to be Finn?

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4. Quinn And Shauna Reconcile

Quinn will lean on her bestie in the coming months as she deals with this mysterious new man. If it’s a secret son who has emerged, she’ll wonder if she should come clean with Eric about it. Viewers will remember that when Eric was married to Donna she too had a son she hadn’t told him about. Eric not only accepted Marcus into his family, but he also officially adopted him. So it’s not a stretch to imagine that Eric would be more than happy to welcome another child of Quinn’s.

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3. Hope And Thomas Get Close

Now that Hope has separated from Liam, Thomas will do his best to support her without overwhelming her. He recently told his father and Brooke that he wants what’s best for her and he was no longer obsessed with winning her over. In the coming weeks, Hope will be grateful to Thomas for offering her his friendship. She’ll lean on him and the two will get closer.

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2. Brooke Sticks Her Nose In

Speculation teases Brooke will encourage Liam to help keep her daughter safe from an emerging threat. In her mind, that threat is Thomas. She still doesn’t trust anything he says, and she’ll tell Liam not to give up on Hope. Brooke will inspire him to make a grand, romantic gesture towards Hope, but how will she react?

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1. Bridge Is Challenged

Spoilers tease Ridge will be stunned when he finds out Brooke still won’t admit Thomas has changed. The pair will argue, and the subject of Ridge’s son will remain a bone of contention between Bridge in the coming months. But will Brooke ever be able to see the good in Thomas, even for Ridge’s sake? Stay tuned to B&B to find out!

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Bold And The Beautiful: Spoilers For Spring 2021

Bold and the Beautiful

Bold And The Beautiful: Spoilers For Spring 2021

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