Bold And The Beautiful Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (October 10 – 21, 2022)

Published on October 11, 2022.

Eric and Donna will have suspicions about Thomas, coming up on The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B). Ridge will realize his integrity is at stake when something about the call to Child Protective Services (CPS) gets disputed. Also, Carter will have sad news to share about Quinn. Let’s look beyond the latest spoilers with B&B plotline predictions for October 10th to 21st, 2022. 

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12. Donna Clocks In

Although Donna has been a loyal listener of Brooke’s during her recent marital issues, she’s about to clock in and represent Team Logan full-time. Thanks to Thomas’ snarkiness, Donna will be more invested than ever in Brooke’s happiness – and this will force Eric into a situation he desperately wants to avoid. Eric is a firm believer in Ridge and Brooke being destined for each other, but he’ll also want to respect his grandson’s desire for a reunited family.

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11. Suspicions Arise

With enemy lines drawn, life will get a little prickly between Eric, Donna and Thomas in the Forrester mansion. Once Brooke realizes that Ridge abandoned their marriage over the allegation that she phoned CPS, she’ll be keen to tell anyone who’ll listen that she’s innocent. Donna and Eric just told Thomas that Brooke always takes responsibility for her actions, so we know they’ll believe Logan. Thomas, meanwhile, will have a million reasons to call her a liar.

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10. Concern For Thomas

Eric was over the moon at the idea of Thomas moving back into the Forrester mansion. However, he’s beginning to regret that decision. Not only is Thomas creating an uncomfortable vibe by verbally attacking Donna’s sister, but Eric will begin to show concern that his grandson is falling back into his sinister old ways.

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9. New Tensions

Will Eric be the first person to suspect that Thomas framed Brooke for the CPS call? This would put the elder Forrester in the difficult position of telling Ridge the truth and ratting out his grandson. Alternately, Donna could uncover the truth and run to Eric, who’d refuse to believe that Thomas could do such a thing. Expect new tensions to creep into their relationship shortly!

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8. Can’t Keep A Kid From His Toys

Douglas is still getting a kick out of his voice app, much to Thomas’ dismay. When the Forrester boy recently mimicked Eric’s voice in a ploy to avoid his homework, Thomas reacted firmly that he should put that app away. After all, if Eric and Donna keep seeing that voice-recording toy in use, they may get wise to the fact that it’s a smoking gun — and that Thomas called CPS on himself!

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7. Taylor Hands Over Her Heart

As Brooke tried to herd Ridge back onto the plane, Taylor prevented Steffy from interfering. The psychiatrist wanted to see Ridge deal with his wife because she wants to know if she can trust all of the touching things he had just told her. Taylor’s still trying to protect her heart, which has been wounded time and time again. Ridge will shoo Brooke away, allowing Taylor to believe that their future is finally secure.

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6. Something’s Amiss About The CPS Call

B&B spoilers tease that Thomas’ voice app scheme won’t go off without a hitch. Over the coming two weeks, someone will share concerns about the authenticity of the recorded call. Could the time-stamp on the phone call be inconsistent with the allegation against Brooke? Perhaps Logan was in a meeting with others and couldn’t have possibly snuck away to phone CPS. Will this detail alone help Brooke prove her innocence?

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5. Trust Is The Issue

Unfortunately, once the authenticity of the CPS call comes into question, Ridge will lose faith in his decision to leave Brooke. On one hand, he’ll be distraught over the way he dismissed his wife. On the other hand, he’ll realize that his integrity with Taylor (and his kids) is on the line. The only way Ridge can hope to make sense of his decision is to find out, once and for all, who called CPS on Thomas.

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4. Brooke Moves On

The consensus among B&B viewers is that this love triangle needs to wrap up – and quickly! Not only has the dynamic been dragging on for too long, but viewers are beginning to see Ridge as an evil character, toying with Brooke and Taylor’s hearts. B&B writers will soon swerve this storyline in a direction that saves face for Brooke. Will she realize that any man who doesn’t believe her doesn’t deserve her? Could Taylor do the same? It would be ironic if Ridge ends up alone, after waffling back and forth to his heart’s content?

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3. Deacon Gets His Shot

B&B spoilers tease that Sheila will pull out all the stops in an attempt to romance Deacon. She may have an ulterior motive for this, like not getting kicked out of Deacon’s apartment. Regardless of her intent, however, it’s clear that Sheila needs Deacon, whether that’s for his shelter, his company or both. So if Brooke decides to ditch Ridge, Deacon’s eye might wander. And Sheila might perceive his shift in loyalties as a grave threat to her fugitive status!

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2. Quinn’s Exit Revealed

Speaking of B&B writers, they are about to address Quinn’s absence – brought about by actress Rena Sofer’s sudden exit – and the reason is expected to revolve around her view on marriage. In one of her final appearances, Quinn explained to Wyatt that she doesn’t see herself walking down the aisle again. Meanwhile, Carter has previously shared an earnest (albeit unconvincing) hope to one day settle down. Will differing views on marriage be the official cause of “Quarter’s” split?

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1. Katie Comes Around

Carter will share his unfortunate relationship news with Katie. This is an interesting development on a few fronts. Not only did these two flirt with turning their friendship into a romance before, but B&B spoilers tease that Katie will tell Bill, once and for all, that she’ll never reunite with him. So will Carter and Katie jump out of the friend zone? And if so, will this latest fling prove what Rena Sofer recently said about Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter) being a leading man? Time will tell!

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