Bold And The Beautiful Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (August 10 to August 21, 2020)

Published on August 11, 2020.

Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) speculation teases Brooke will be stunned when Ridge tells her he’s married to Shauna. Also coming up, Thomas may offer to procure illicit pain medication for Steffy. Plus, have viewers finally seen the last of the triangle of doom? Read on for 12 B&B plotline predictions for August 10 to 21, 2020.

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12. Steffy’s Last Pill

As Steffy takes her last pain pill and looks at the empty bottle, she will wonder how she’s going to survive without them. Viewers saw her struggle with taking them, as she didn’t want to feel groggy around her daughter Kelly. But as her pain got worse, she began taking them despite herself.

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11. Thomas Offers Help

Speculation is rampant that when Steffy runs out of pain pills, Thomas will offer Vinny’s services. When Thomas visited Steffy recently, he brought her flowers from his pal and alluded to Vinny having a crush on her. This was definitely a clue that Vinny is going to be somehow involved in Steffy’s story. Viewers know Vinny is not only Thomas’ best friend, but he has procured drugs for him in the past, including something Thomas slipped into Liam’s drink last summer. Will Thomas offer Vinny’s services to Steffy?

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10. Finn Is Taken With Steffy

No matter how hard he tries, Finn can’t seem to take his mind off his former patient. He will find excuses in the coming weeks to visit the Forrester Co-CEO. There are also rumors that his presence will add to the dynamic between Steffy, Liam and Hope. Will Liam become jealous when he sees how close Steffy and Finn have become, or will a Sinn love affair finally lead to the end of the triangle of doom?

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9. Romance For Zoe And Carter?

Zoe is well aware that Carter is into her. He’s told her several times that she is intelligent and beautiful. When she was dating Thomas, he expressed to her that she could do better. Video spoilers have shown Zoe walking in on a shirtless Carter, with a big smile on her face. Are these two going to enjoy a full-fledged romance?

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8. Wedding Bells?

Now that the whole Sally charade is behind them, Flo and Wyatt will relish being back together. Viewers know Wyatt is the king of quickie proposals, so how long will it be before he pops the question to Flo? Are wedding bells ahead in this couple’s near future? Other speculation suggests Flo may find out she’s having Wyatt’s baby but there may be some complications with the pregnancy.

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7. Shauna Recaps The Wedding

Speaking of Flo, her mother Shauna will happily describe the Vegas wedding night to Ridge and he will begin to remember specifics about their nuptials. He’ll be in a state of denial about it all, but Shauna will tell Ridge they are “definitely married.” Ridge will then start to remember some of the details, like Shauna wearing a wedding veil, the officiant, and the ceremony itself. He’ll realize Shauna is telling the truth and they are indeed man and wife.

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6. Ridge Confesses

When Ridge shows up at Brooke’s house, she will be expecting a romantic reunion with her husband. Instead, he’ll tell her he has something to confess about Shauna. Brooke will immediately accuse him of sleeping with her, but he’ll tell her it’s much worse than that. “We got married.” Brooke will be completely stunned as Ridge tries to explain what happened.

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5. Brooke Is Suspicious

Although Brooke will be incredibly angry with Ridge, she will tell him he shouldn’t believe Shauna just because she says they’re married. “You can’t take her word for this,” Brooke tells him in the B&B weekly preview. She will refuse to accept it until Ridge divulges that Shauna presented him with their Nevada marriage certificate.

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4. Quinn Tells Shauna To Stay Mum

Brooke has every right to be suspicious of Shauna, as speculation teases Shauna and Quinn will have an intense conversation about what they did on that fateful night in Vegas. Shauna will be worried that everyone is going to find out how they set Ridge up, but Quinn will tell her to stay quiet if she wants to stay married to Ridge. “No one can ever know what we did,” Quinn will say.

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3. Ridge Decides To Commit

Now that he’s married to Shauna, speculation teases Ridge will decide to give it a go.  Even though he had planned to reunite with Brooke, he’s always had a certain affection for the former Vegas showgirl, and he does care for her. Could his affection turn into love? Perhaps. Regardless, Ridge will resolve to take his commitment to Shauna seriously.

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2. Brooke Gives Up

As Ridge decides to commit to Shauna, Brooke will tell Donna she’s giving up. As much as she loves Ridge, his latest stunt was just too much for her to take. She feels as though he’s thrown their love away through his actions and she’ll tell Donna she’s accepted that Shauna has defeated her.

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1. Will Bill Pursue Brooke?

Someone else who will likely be thrown into the mix is Dollar Bill. He and Katie have broken up, so he is now free to pursue whoever he pleases. Even Quinn, whom he despises, will urge him to reconcile with Brooke. Of course, Bill’s no fool and he will realize Quinn has a hidden agenda — keeping her bestie Shauna married to Ridge. Still, the Spencer magnate has always loved Brooke. Will he decide to go after her once more? Stay tuned to B&B to find out!

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