Bold And The Beautiful: Spoilers For August 2021

Published on July 29, 2021.

Steffy and Finn will finally tie the knot, coming up this month on The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Also, Finn will make a stunning discovery and clues will drop about his biological parents. Meanwhile, Brooke will be conflicted when she finds out Ridge has formed an alliance with Justin. Plus, will Carter and Quinn’s secret affair be uncovered? Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for August 2021.

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12. Ridge Accepts 

Spoilers tease that Ridge will accept Justin’s offer to form an alliance to go after Bill. Although Ridge loathes Justin almost as much as he despises Bill, the lawyer’s proposal will turn out to be far too tempting for him to turn down. Look for Ridge to accept Justin’s offer to team up in mid to late August.

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11. Brooke Is Conflicted

When Brooke spots Justin leaving Ridge’s office at Forrester Creations, she’ll have a thousand questions for her husband. Ridge knows Brooke still has a soft spot when it comes to Bill, so he won’t be willing to go into a lot of details. But Brooke will glean the basic gist of it, and she won’t like it one bit. Brooke knows that Ridge taking on the Spencer Publications magnate could put her in direct conflict with her sister Katie, who has recently reunited with Bill.

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10. A Power Play

Despite (and perhaps because of) her misgivings about her husband’s move against Bill, Brooke will continue to push to become co-CEO with Ridge. She’s already pointed out to her husband that Steffy is busy with her new baby, so she could take over the role for the time being. But if Ridge does agree to it, will Brooke push to make her temporary position permanent?

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9. Donna And Katie Reminisce

Steffy and Finn will announce their impending nuptials to everyone at Forrester Creations. And B&B spoilers tease that this will prompt Donna and Katie to reminisce about their own past weddings. Katie will think back on her nuptials with Bill, which took place outside in a park on the street where she grew up. Then Donna will take another stroll down memory lane about her wedding day with Eric. But unlike the last time she reminisced about her marriage to Eric, she’ll now be filled with a sense of hope.

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8. A Play For Eric

Now that Eric and Quinn have split, Donna will feel as though she finally has a chance to reunite with her Honey Bear. She’ll cozy up to Eric during the month of August and make it perfectly clear she’d like another chance with him. However, Donna better watch out because there could be another suitor waiting in the wings namely Shauna.

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7. Sneaking Around

Quarter will find themselves sneaking around to see each other during the month of August. Having refused Quinn’s wish to give her up for the sake of his career, Carter will be forced to walk a fine line. The Forrester COO will romance Eric’s wife and, at the same time, plan his legal strategy for Eric’s split. In his mind, Carter will try to separate the two, but he’ll struggle.

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6. Will Quarter Get Caught?

All signs point to Quinn and Carter getting caught very soon. Over the years, canny soap viewers have learned to look for hints about upcoming storylines. And the fact that Ridge noticed a flowery dress hanging over Carter’s couch during a video chat was an undeniable anvil. Someone will undoubtably spot Quinn wearing that dress and bust Quarter’s secret affair wide open. But who?

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5. Finn’s Mother Debuts

Naomi Matsuda will debut this month as Finn’s mom, Li Finnegan. Viewers will learn that she’s very proud her son followed in her footsteps, as she’s a dedicated surgeon. But because of her career, she didn’t try to have children. Once she realized she wanted a family with her husband, she found out she was unable to have any kids, which is why they adopted Finn.

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4. Complex Relationship

Li and her husband Jack’s relationship is a complex one, according to Ted King, who portrays Finn’s father Jack Finnegan. “We’re getting new scripts all the time and realizing this relationship is a lot more complicated than we thought it was when we first started,” he told Soap Opera Digest. Viewers can expect that marital connection to play out as the month continues.

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3. The Wedding Day Arrives

B&B spoilers indicate that Sinn’s big day will arrive and they will get married, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be without its share of drama. There will be a strange woman hanging around the Forrester estate, unseen by guests. But will she be revealed as the ceremony gets underway, or after Steffy and Finn say “I do” to each other?

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2. Finn Is Stunned

Rumor has it that shortly after the wedding ceremony, Finn will make a stunning discovery. But will it have something to do with the rumored, mystery woman lurking around the estate? Or will he overhear a conversation between his parents and find out that things are not as rosy between them as he thought?

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1. Clues About Finn’s Bio Parents

Spoilers tease that there will be clues about Finn’s biological parents throughout the month. Executive Producer Bradley Bell has already indicated the handsome doctor’s mother is already on the B&B canvas. This has led to much speculation about who it could be, with popular candidates including Quinn, Shauna and Donna. But there’s no word yet on his biological father. Does Bill have another son he doesn’t know about? If so, will it turn out that Finn is Will, Wyatt and Liam’s long-lost brother? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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