Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (March 28 – April 8, 2022)

Published on March 28, 2022.

A devastating event will occur, leading a family to gather and support one of their own, coming up on The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Liam will turn to Bill for advice on raising his two daughters, while Deacon will be stunned. Plus, Steffy will discover Sheila’s secret and confront her. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for March 28th to April 8th, 2022.

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12. Bill’s Advice To Liam

Liam will discuss his two little girls, Kelly and Beth, with Dollar Bill. He’ll express his shortcomings, especially with Kelly, who he doesn’t see as often as he’d like. Bill will try his best to sympathize but may just end up telling Liam to man up and make more time for his eldest daughter.

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11. A Stunner For Deacon

Rumor has it, Deacon will be in a state of disbelief in the coming weeks. He’ll either run into someone he wasn’t expecting to see, or he’ll witness a horrific crime. But could he run into Diane Jenkins, who has recently been revealed to be alive on B&B’s sister soap, The Young And The Restless? On the other hand, Sheila has been holding secret meetings with Thomas in the alley behind Il Giardino, so will Deacon see her harm Thomas or someone else?

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10. Eric Tells Brooke To Fight

B&B spoilers tease that Brooke will have the support of her dearest friend as she wavers over what to do about her marriage to Ridge. She’ll be feeling a little lost and Eric will give her a pep talk. He’ll do his best to encourage Brooke to fight for the man she loves. He’s always believed Brooke and Ridge belong together. And he’ll tell Brooke not to doubt the strength of she and Ridge’s bond.

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9. Beloved Character Comes Back

A much-loved B&B character will return during the week of April 4th, but who will it be? There’s been speculation it could be Bridget, who could easily be inserted into Brooke and Deacon’s drama. But there have also been rumors that Thorne may return to L.A. Spoilers tease that a family will come together to support one of their own. So, Bridget or Thorne returning seems highly plausible.

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8. Ridge Warns Taylor About Her New BFF

Ridge will find out that Taylor has spent a lot of time lately talking to Sheila and he won’t be happy about it. He’ll warn his ex that rather than encouraging Sheila, she should be avoiding her like the plague. Ridge will remind Taylor what Sheila is capable of and he’ll advise her to stay well away.

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7. Doubting Thomas

After he finally makes up his mind to keep the secret, Thomas will be anxious when he listens in on a conversation between his parents. Taylor and Ridge will discuss Sheila’s mental health issues, which will obviously upset Thomas, since he knows exactly how deranged Sheila is. But will he finally decide to come clean about what he knows?

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6. “Sinn” Discuss The Future

In what could be a harbinger of doom, Steffy and Finn will talk about their happy life together. He’ll tell his wife he can’t wait to see what the next few years bring. Steffy will tell him it’s only going to get better. Viewers will also see flashbacks of Finn proposing to Steffy and the birth of their son, Hayes. Uh oh, this doesn’t bode well for the couple’s future at all.

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5. Steffy Confronts Sheila

Steffy will confront Sheila at her hotel and ask her what she wants. She’ll tell Ms. Carter that if she thinks she’s ever going to be a member of the Forrester family then she’s sadly mistaken. Of course, Sheila will say Steffy has no idea what she’d do to bring Ridge and Taylor together. But Steffy will tell her she has no right to an opinion about her parents. Then she’ll get straight to the heart of it and tell the criminal she saw her with Thomas. Steffy will demand to know what’s going on with her and Thomas. But when Sheila gives her nothing, she’ll decide to act.

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4. Thomas Is Shadowed

After her confrontation with Sheila, Steffy will shadow Thomas again. She still has no clue why her brother is in cahoots with Sheila of all people, but she’ll be determined to find out. And rumor has it that this time, Steffy will draw in close and hear exactly what Sheila and her brother are saying to each other.

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3. Steffy Discovers Sheila’s Secret

B&B spoilers tease that Steffy will be dumbstruck when she finds out exactly why Thomas has been secretly meeting with Sheila. She’ll hear them discussing how Sheila destroyed Brooke’s life by switching a champagne bottle label and making sure it was delivered to her on New Year’s Eve. But what will Steffy do with her newfound knowledge?

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2. Finn Finds Out

Steffy will be in a rage when she rushes home to her husband to tell him what his evil mother has done. Finn will be stunned and also disappointed that Sheila has not changed her ways at all. But instead of telling Ridge or even Brooke, Steffy will head out to confront Sheila once again. Is she forgetting that her mother-in-law is a dangerous psychopath, who shot her mother all those years ago?

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1. A Devastating Event Will Occur

B&B spoilers tease the big twist will take place in the next two weeks. Rumor has it, Sheila will fatally wound Steffy, Thomas or even her own son, Finn. The criminal will be feeling cornered after her arguments with Steffy and Thomas and may be toting a gun during her next confrontation. But will someone end up taking a bullet? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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