Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (September 20 – October 1, 2021)

Published on September 20, 2021.

Quinn and Carter will get busted, coming up on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Also, Shauna will be flabbergasted when her bestie shares a secret with her. Plus, a furious Steffy will battle it out with Sheila when the villain insists on seeing her son and her grandson. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for September 20 to October 1, 2021.

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12. Quinn And Carter Sleep Together

Carter and Quinn will feel incredibly guilty after they take Eric up on his offer and sleep together. But should they? After all, Eric was the one who sent Quinn over to Carter’s loft with a note that told them to enjoy their evening together. Still, Quinn will feel as though she’s betraying her husband and she’ll tell Carter they need to hide their secret from everyone.

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11. Shauna Is Taken Aback

Of course, Quinn won’t hide she and Carter’s secret from Shauna. Rumor has it, Shauna will be taken aback when Quinn tells her about Eric’s offer. She’ll ask her bestie if she took him up on it and Shauna will be stunned to hear that she did. Quinn will tell Shauna that she loves Eric but now that he’s given her permission to be with Carter, she just couldn’t help herself.

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10. Quinn Holds Her Own

Quinn will hold her own when she’s interrogated by Katie and Brooke. The Logan sisters will tell her they’re worried about Eric, and they’ll ask her what her intentions are. Quinn will be furious and tell the busybodies that her relationship with her husband is none of their business. However, Katie will begin to suspect that Quinn’s got something to hide, and she’ll decide to investigate further.

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9. Katie Asks Eric About Quinn

Eric will do his best to cover for Quinn when Katie, aka Gladys Kravitz, sticks her nose in where it doesn’t belong. She’ll tell him she’s concerned about what’s happening in his marriage and that he can open up to her about it. But Katie has a whole other agenda as well. She knows Donna would love nothing more than to reunite with Eric. So, while she’s digging for information, will she also try to rally on her sister’s behalf?

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8. Ridge’s Mission For Justin

B&B spoilers tease Ridge will tell Justin he’d like to hire him. But he won’t be asking him to find information on Bill, he’ll want him to follow Quinn around. Ridge knows his father’s wife is hiding something and he wants to find out what it is. He’ll tell Justin to follow Quinn’s every move. But will he uncover the truth?

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7. Carter And Quinn Are Busted

Rumor has it, someone will walk in on Quinn and Carter in a compromising position. But will it be Katie or Justin? Whoever it is won’t be particularly surprised. If it’s Katie, she’ll go running to Eric immediately to tell him what she saw. Of course, if Justin catches them, he’ll report it to Ridge, who will in turn also run to Eric. But how will the Forrester patriarch react?

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6. Deceiving Each Other

A father and son will continue keeping secrets from each other. Eric has bedroom performance issues and has told Quinn and Carter to have at it, but he’s not exactly going to share this information with his son. Then there’s Ridge, who has taken it upon himself to have his father’s wife followed. Will either of them come clean?

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5. Douglas And Thomas Are Back

Thomas and Douglas will be back on the B&B canvas when the father and son spend time together. They’ll be joined by mommy Hope and the three of them will enjoy a meal together. Douglas will be thrilled to see his parents together and he’ll relish the opportunity to hang out with them.

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4. Paris’ Epiphany

Paris will have a revelation about her living situation this week. She may realize that she’s not doing herself any favors by obsessing over Steffy’s husband. And a possible solution to curing her infatuation with Finn could be moving out of the cliff house. Paris may realize that being in close proximity to the handsome doctor is not a good thing. But will she ultimately decide to move out?

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3. Sinn’s Steamy Night

Steffy and Finn will reconnect and spend a night hitting the sheets. Thanks to Sheila’s interference in their lives, these two haven’t made love since their wedding night. But that’s about to change. When Finn chose Steffy over his birth mother she knew he was devoted to her and Steffy will show him her appreciation and love.

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2. Steffy Is Furious 

A furious Steffy will freak out when Sheila puts in another appearance at her home. She’ll fume at the villain and tell her to stay the hell away from her and her family. But of course, Sheila will inform Steffy that she’s not going anywhere. She’ll say she has the right to see her grandson and her son anytime she wants.

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1. Steffy And Sheila Showdown

B&B spoilers tease Steffy and Sheila will battle it out as they declare war on each other. Each woman believes she is in the right and they’ll fight to keep for their beliefs. But as Steffy and Sheila rage at each other, will their confrontation get physical? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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Bold And The Beautiful: Spoilers For Fall 2021

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