Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (July 6, 2020)

Published on July 3, 2020.

This week, the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) will be filled with betrayals, battles, competitions and conflicts. A Classic Confrontations theme week will include Deacon and Whip butting heads over Brooke and Bridget confronting her mother about sleeping with her husband. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of July 6, 2020.

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9. Design Competition

Designing for Spectra Fashions, Ridge competed against Eric, who was designing for Forrester Creations, in a fashion showdown that took place in the picturesque city of Portofino, Italy. In this episode that originally aired on January 6, 2003, Stephanie and Clarke were the emcees and introduced the designs from each fashion house. The Spectra showstopper intro made Ridge uncomfortable, as it was a huge glamor shot of Sally. The Forrester showstopper gown was modeled by Brooke, who arrived by boat on the Ligurian Sea. Please note: this classic episode was supposed to air on June 9 but was preempted.

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8. Protecting Her Father

Thorne, meanwhile, found Macy waiting for him at a church in Italy. He told her he still loved her. And even though she never stopped loving him either, she told Thorne she needed to leave to protect her father. Lorenzo arrived at the church entrance and implored Macy not to listen to Thorne, telling Macy her ex had let her down too many times before.

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7. Deacon And Whip’s Confrontation

Whip told Deacon he must forget all about Brooke and pretend that the baby she’s carrying is his in this episode that originally aired on June 14, 2002. An angry Deacon grabbed Whip by the collar and told him he’d never forget about Brooke and his child. But Whip insisted that he must put it all behind him to protect Bridget from the truth.

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6. Brooke’s Betrayal Revealed

Meanwhile, Bridget threw a wedding shower for her mother, not realizing Brooke was carrying her husband Deacon’s baby. The shower was attended by Taylor, Kristen, Erica, Megan and Stephanie and the latter two knew about Brooke’s dirty little secret. And it wasn’t long before Bridget learned it as well. Deacon showed up shortly after the shower ended to talk about their unborn child. He also told Brooke he loved her, and Bridget overheard their entire conversation on the baby monitor.

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5. Bridget Confronts Brooke

Bridget headed to Big Bear cabin, to confront her mother about Deacon. She demanded to know how many times Brooke had slept with her husband. In this episode that originally aired on June 28, 2002, Brooke tried to convince Bridget that she loved her. But Bridget told her that by sleeping with Deacon, she basically threw her away.

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4. Stephanie Waits Outside

Stephanie waited outside the cabin in her car for Bridget. But she got antsy and walked inside, only to see Brooke holding onto Bridget’s wrist, begging her daughter for another chance. Stephanie told Brooke to let go of her daughter. Just as Bridget left the cabin, Brooke fell to the floor and told Stephanie she was going into labor.

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3. Douglas’ Meltdown

In the middle of Thomas and Zoe’s wedding ceremony, Thomas’ son Douglas couldn’t take it anymore and ran upstairs. Hope followed him, in this episode that originally aired on March 12, 2010. Thomas then tried to muddle through his vows, even though he had no real intention of marrying Zoe. Just before the marriage was official, Hope stood at the bottom of the stairs wearing the Hope For The Future wedding gown Thomas designed for her.

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2. Left At The Altar

When Thomas saw Hope standing there, he thought she had finally seen the light. Zoe demanded that he not leave her at the altar, but he explained that he was in love with Hope and now he was going to marry her instead. But Hope didn’t return the sentiment and exposed Thomas’ lies, in this episode that originally aired on March 13, 2020. She told everyone there that he had been using Zoe all along to try to get to her and she had just proved it.

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1. Thomas’ Comeuppance

Thomas suddenly realized that Hope, Liam and even his sister Steffy had plotted against him. He turned to Douglas and to his father Ridge for some understanding, but they weren’t going to back him. He was then forced to listen to all his family and friends talk about how disappointed they were in his behavior. Realizing he had lost everything he had been working towards, he fled the Forrester mansion.

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