Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (August 13, 2018)

Published on August 13, 2018.

Another week in Salem equals out to more intense drama. Accusations will be thrown out, dreams will feel like reality, and someone gets a gun pointed at them this week when things get out of control. Learn about these storylines and more in the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for the week of August 13, 2018.

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10. Paul Throws Around Accusations

This week, Paul will believe that Sonny and Will are having an affair and he will confront them on what he thinks. He’ll start to throw out some accusations to the two, and as the duo are not cheating, they’ll be forced to tell Paul the real truth about Leo’s death and their cover-up around his murder.

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9. Paul’s Upset

While he might be relieved that WilSon haven’t reunited, he will be upset about what they did and how they lied to him. Boyfriend Will is quick to note that they didn’t want to tell him what happened to protect him. However, will this appease Paul? Probably not. After all, you should really tell your partner everything in a relationship and while Will wasn’t cheating, he didn’t turn to Paul in his greatest need. This shall be a huge blow to their relationship.

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8. A DiMera Dream

Kate has a dream that startles her plenty this week. Ex-hubby Andre will come to her with an important message and it will shake her when she wakes up. While DOOL spoilers don’t indicate what he says exactly, it is most likely about her new beau Ted. It wouldn’t be surprising if he tells her to stay away.

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7. Will Turns To Kate

Speaking of Ted, his blackmail will become too much for Will this week and he’ll turn to grandma Kate. He’ll tell her what Ted is up to in hopes that she will settle Ted down. Kate can be a huge momma bear when it comes to her kids and grandkids, and so she will use their relationship to try to tone Ted’s actions down. She gives him an ultimatum: stop the blackmail or she’ll leave him. Will that be enough to get Ted to stop? Seems like he’s the type of guy to take the money and run.

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6. Ted At Gunpoint

Not sure what Ted’s response to Kate is, but as the week progresses, he will be held at gunpoint by Kate. This might not end well when it comes to their relationship (or Ted’s blackmailing scheme against Will and Sonny), but the good news is that DOOL spoilers indicate that Ted survives the entire ordeal.

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5. Gabi Lies

What else is new? DOOL spoilers tease that Gabi will tell a little white lie to Chad that will help the two grow closer this week. Sadly, a pregnant Abigail will have to sit back and watch Chabi bond once again, and she will not only most likely get jealous around the entire ordeal, but feel she is helpless around this crazy situation she is in.

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4. Chad’s Dream

Everyone is dreaming in Salem this week! Chad’s dream will center around Abby and the baby. In fact, in his dream, it turns out that he is the father of Abigail’s baby! While fans know that the baby Abigail is carrying is Chad’s, it’s clear that Chad watching his wife carrying someone else’s child is really getting to him.

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3. Kayla Backed Into A Corner

Stefan will back Kayla into a corner this week when he requests updates around Abby’s pregnancy. Stefan suggests that if she does not do as she is told, he’ll reverse Steve’s sight surgery. As such, she’ll comply. She’ll hate doing it, but she’ll feel like her hands are tied and has no choice.

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2. Jenn And Eve Battle

An old rivalry is reignited when Jenn and Eve have a crazy faceoff this week. Seems like the feud is back on between these two ladies thanks to the many lied and schemes circling about. DOOL spoilers indicate this confrontation will take place on Days’ Tuesday episode, and this is something fans won’t want to miss.

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1. More Spoilers!

With all the secrets Kayla seems to be hiding, Steve gets a little sneaky this week and breaks into his wife’s mobile phone to find out more information and get answers. In other DOOL news, Ciara gives Ben the okay to move into the loft, and this makes Tripp very angry.

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