11 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (July 30, 2018)

Published on July 30, 2018.

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) promises to have a drama-filled week, as many Salemites deal with some tough and crazy situations. Learn more about what will happen this week to Lani, Jenn, Marlena, Eli, Ben, Chad, Abigail, Stefan and others by reading the DOOL spoilers for the week of July 30, 2018.

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11. Lani Returns To Work

Lani heads back to work this week; however, she’ll have a rough go at it. While she does try to move on and focus on work, it’ll be hard for her to refrain from the idea that she would’ve been taking care of her infant son right now had things rolled out differently.

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10. Eli’s Support

The good news is that Eli will be there to help Lani as she returns to work. He truly gets the pain she is feeling right now and will support her as she tries to pick up the pieces. Lani will really appreciate Eli’s help during this extremely difficult week.

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9. Marlena Missing A Wedding RSVP

As Marlena is busy planning her wedding to John, she’ll skim over the RSVPs and realize a vital member of the family hasn’t responded as of yet. Marlena and John really want all their family in attendance, and when she sees Sami hasn’t replied yet, Marlena tries to get in touch with her this week.

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8. Where’s Sami?

It’s hard to say why Sami hasn’t responded to her mom’s wedding yet. Many DOOL fans seem to think that Sami might be pregnant right now from her one-night stand with Rafe some months back, and she may just be too busy with that to answer Marlena’s calls or reply back to her invitation. She also could be avoiding her mom because of it. DOOL summer spoilers indicate that Sami will be heading back into town soon, so only time will tell.

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7. Busted!

Jennifer knows that Eve and Victor were behind the entire scheme of planting drugs in J.J.’s house and confronts the two this week. As the entire thing blows up in their faces, Victor will scramble to explain things to Maggie, and Brady will believe the only one at fault here is Victor.

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6. A Proposal

Love is clearly in the air! Eric will ask for Jennifer’s hand in marriage this week, so Salem may be gearing up for another wedding and soon. DOOL spoilers indicate that Jenn will say yes, but the couple will hit a snag, thanks to Eve. Jenn will learn the truth around why Nicole left town, and Eve will feel torn about revealing that piece of news. DOOL spoilers tease that Brady will also find it hard to keep that piece of information under wraps as well this week, as he wonders if he should tell Eric himself.

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5. Ben Will Have Hard Days Ahead

Ben’s going to have quite the week! First off, Claire will panic and knock him out with a frying pan when she sees him and Ciara together, and then Rafe and Hope will storm in into the apartment at one point. They’ll come in a blazing with guns while he’s having a tender moment with Ciara, corner him, force him to throw his hands up in the air, all while he protests that he’s innocent. The situation will get awkward to say the least.

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4. New Allies

Thanks to Victor’s scheme to plant to drugs, an angry Brady, along with Eve, move towards Stefan, to solidify an alliance and take down Titan. Speaking of new partnerships, Gabi fills Kate in on her current revenge scheme on Stefan and Abigail in hopes that she’ll gain a new ally.

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3. Who’s Behind The Letter?

This week, WilSon will finally find out who’s behind those cryptic letters they have been receiving! Turns out it is Ted, and he’ll be trying to blackmail both Will and Sonny. DOOL spoilers indicate there is drama on the far horizon for Sonny and Will as the two try to cover up the truth about what happened to Leo.

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2. Steve On The Case

Steve will pass all the medical tests and be released from the hospital this week. With his sight officially back, Adrienne will enlist his help to find Bonnie. She disappeared shortly after all the truth was revealed; therefore, she escaped any repercussions for all the suffering she caused. With Steve out of commission for so long due to losing his eyesight, he’ll be ready to jump into some action.

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1. Chad, Stefan, and Abigail

Chad once again becomes a pawn in Stefan’s game, falling for one of his tricks this week. However, who could blame Chad? He’s still a bit preoccupied with Abigail’s pregnancy and he tries to make things work, despite feeling disturbed by it all. Meanwhile, Stefan pressures Kate, as Gabi will eavesdrop on their entire conversation from afar.

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