Days Of Our Lives 2019 Forecast: Plotline Predictions

Published on January 3, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

With all the holiday shenanigans well in the past, it is time for Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans to focus on the new year! It’s natural for DOOL viewers to speculate on what’s in store for 2019, with all the exciting things that happened this past New Year’s Eve in Salem. Therefore, below are 12 DOOL plot and storyline predictions for 2019.

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12. Jack & Jenn Will Struggle

Hard not to see that a J&J reunion won’t be in the cards for a long while, especially with Jack’s memory issues and Eve at the helm of his return. The entire family, including Abby and J.J., will work hard to help Jack remember, but it’s clear that it will be a struggle in 2019.

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11. Jack Will Be Romantically Linked To Eve

Eve is set on revenge against Jenn, blaming Horton for all the bad things that have happened to her recently. What better way to get back at her nemesis than to seduce Jack and wrap him in her web of lies? Jack and Eve shacking up while he struggles to remember his past seems like it is in the cards for 2019.

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10. Patch Returns

DOOL fans were devastated when producers allowed actor Stephen Nichols (who plays Steve Johnson) to exit the show. Having said that, Jack is back, and this changes the Salem landscape tremendously. With Steve being Jack’s brother, a Patch comeback would really shake things up on the show. Especially if he held the key to helping Jack remember his family.

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9. J.J. & Haley

These two are clearly diving into a romance of sorts, but most soap opera fans understand that couples don’t just get together that easily in the land of daytime drama; they have to go through a ton of drama before they officially unite. With J.J.’s dad back from the dead, he’ll have a ton of family issues to work through, plus, it seems that Haley is hiding a thing or two. These two will go through some obstacles before they become a bona fide couple.

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8. Stefan & Gabi

Stefan has revenge on his mind for Gabi, but when it comes to the DiMeras, the lines between love and hate can be blurred. He’s been arrested for espionage, but jail (or death) can only keep a DiMera down for so long. Once he returns to his mansion a free man, seems like a romance with his mortal enemy may be on the agenda. Look at what hating on each other did for Sami and E.J. in the long run?

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7. Rope Breaks Up

Hope and Rafe are hanging by a thread at this point, and most DOOL fans aren’t even that interested in seeing this super couple stay together at this point. Ted will undoubtedly rip this relationship apart come 2019, and Hope will continue to be intrigued by this bad boy in Salem as the new year rolls on.

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6. Jordan and Rafe

DOOL spoilers indicate that Jordan, Ben’s sister, is set to hit Salem sometime in February of this year. She will most likely be there to help brother Ben stay on the up and up and the two will rekindle their sibling bond, but what else could Jordan be up to? What about rehashing the romance she had with Rafe? If Rope becomes a thing of the past, he’ll need someone to lean on.

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5. Clean Slate For Chabby

With both Kate Mansi (the actress who plays Abby) and Billy Flynn (the actor who plays Chad) wrapping up their stints on DOOL soon, it seems that Salem will be without the Chabby super couple. Do the twosome reunite and leave the little town, or do both characters go their separate ways? The will probably reunite, and leave Days. Here’s hoping not for too long …

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4. Leo Remains Thorn In WilSon’s Side

While most DOOL fans want to see Will and Sonny reunite, Leo is a fantastic villain that is highly entertaining on the small screen. He’s manipulative, vile, and simply awful; however, his over-the-top antics are amusing. With that said, this has been a terrific storyline, which is sure to continue until the spring of 2019.

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3. Brady and Chloe Remarry

It’s the reunion most DOOL fans have been for years now. Chloe and Brady make a cute couple, and while they couldn’t get their acts together during their younger years, it seems like they have a true shot at a second chance now. It won’t be long before Salem will be gearing up for a wedding, where Brady and Chloe say I do.

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2. Sarah and Eric Raise Holly

DOOL spoilers indicate that Rex will return in 2019, creating an interesting love triangle as he’ll be vying for Sarah’s attention. While Rex will prove to be a wedge for couple Eric and Sarah, it seems like good guy Eric should finally get the girl in the end. These two are bound to come together to raise Sarah’s niece.

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1. Vivian Alamain Comes Back From The “Dead”

She’s not dead, and it’s time she returns to Salem in 2019 to cause more trouble! With Leo back in the scene, and Stefan in the mix of things, Vivian returning this year to create some chaos seems like the appropriate thing to do. After all, what would Salem be without a comeback (or two) this new year?

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