Days Of Our Lives Characters Fans Love To Hate

Published on March 10, 2020.

Every Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fan has a favorite hero or heroine; however, there’s nothing like the bad guys and girls of daytime drama! They scheme, lie, manipulate, and they are always making it hard for the “good” guys and gals to win. Below are some of the best-of-the-best DOOL characters fans love to hate.

12. Victor Kiriakis

While it seemed as if Victor was getting tamer in his older years (especially after he married Maggie), when he tried to keep Ben and Ciara apart recently, amongst other shenanigans, it was clear to everyone that Kiriakis hadn’t missed a beat at all. While his actions are deplorable, his love for family can soften any fan’s heart.

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11. Xander Kiriakis

Seems as if Xander is following in Victor’s footsteps, and he continually crosses the line in the land of Salem. With that said, his good looks, incredible accent, and smile have many across Salem (and DOOL fans) swooning. It’s no wonder that he gets away with all that he does!

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10. Nicole Walker

Nicole walks a fine line around good and evil. While in her younger years she did lie, manipulate, and scheme, she’s changed up her act (a bit) since meeting Daniel Jonas and becoming a mom. She does tend to fall into bad habits (one recently would be trying to convince Kristen that she and Brady were an item); however, she’s also a woman that doesn’t back down from an issue or confrontation. When she’s good, she can be an amazing person and friend, but when she walks the darker side, everyone needs to watch out.

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9. Lawrence Alamain

Here’s a blast from DOOL’s past! From trying to ax Bo to sexually assaulting Jennifer to his mental and physical abuse of then-wife Carly, Lawrence Alamain is the epitome of what a soap opera bad guy looks like. Do fans dislike him? Absolutely! With that said, does he make storylines that much more interesting in the land of Salem? Also, yes!

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8. Vivian Alamain

The apple doesn’t fall too far from the Alamain tree, and Lawrence probably inherited (and learned) a thing or two from his Auntie Viv. From stealing embryos to tricking Victor into marrying her, not to mention the infamous “burying Carly Manning alive in a coffin” scheme, Vivian is just as evil as she is creative when it comes to all her schemes on Days.

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7. Sami Brady

To some DOOL fans, she’s a heroine, while others may find her annoying or self-centered at times. At the end of the day, Sami wasn’t the nicest character on the show in her early years, especially when she was obsessed with Austin Reed as a teenager. With that said, she may have (somewhat) cleaned up her act as an adult, but whether you love her or hate her, things always get that much more interesting when Sami blows into town.

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6. E.J. DiMera

Much like Sami, E.J. has teetered between the lines of what a good and bad character does. When he first arrived in Salem (as an adult) in 2006, he had his sights set on Sami Brady, and he went about the entire thing in a very terrible way. Needless to say, DiMera seemed as if he was following in his dad’s footsteps; however, over the years, thanks to his relationship with Brady, he did become a fan favorite.

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5. Kristen DiMera

Much like E.J., Kristen has fans hating her one moment (thanks to her scheming) and feeling bad her the next. When she’s evil, she can go over-the-top with her actions, from manipulating Brady Black to stealing embryos and trying to ax Marlena. With that said, as of late, fans have felt her plight after losing Baby Rachel (although we all know the child is very much alive). Here’s to her finally getting a chance to be a real mom!

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4. Kate Roberts

One has to give Kate Roberts props for being a domestic abuse survivor, and coming from nothing, only to build herself up to the corporate businesswoman she is today. Having said that, aligning herself with Stefano and Victor, not to mention her scheming over the years, has left a bad taste in many fans’ mouths. 

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3. Stefan DiMera

Stefan O. DiMera was destined to create a little chaos in the land of Salem, and he had a pretty good run at it too. He *almost* broke up Chad and Abby, had Steve driven out of town, and became a thorn in Victor Kiriakis’ side. Too bad things were cut short for him after being (accidentally) shot by Lani; however, if Days can bring back to life Jack, E.J., Vivian, Kristen, and others, perhaps Stefan’s return is only eminent.

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2. Gabi Hernandez

As much as Gabi tries to turn a new leaf, her need for revenge always gets in the way. From trying to break up Chabby to breaking up Elani, Julie’s heart linked to an app on her phone, and so much more, Hernandez is simply an awful human being. With that said, her stunts really do make for some amazing daytime television.

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1. Stefano DiMera

While there was a time that DOOL fans may have “hated” Stefano, there is a certain respect he has among viewers of the show; there’s also one thing most audiences can agree on, and that is the incredibly talented actor Joseph Mascolo brought to the legendary role. Undeniably one of the best “bad” guys on daytime drama, Stefano is an iconic soap opera character and one that continues to be appreciated onscreen to this very day.

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