Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For Fall 2018

Published on September 4, 2018. Updated September 4, 2019

The leaves may be drying up in some parts of the world, and the weather may be cooling down; however, when it comes to the land of Salem, things will continue to heat up come the fall. Learn more about what will happen on Days of Our Lives (DOOL) in the autumn time with these 13 crazy and shocking DOOL spoilers.

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13. Gabi’s Scheme

Expect Gabi to continue to plot against Abigail in her crazy revenge scheme. She’ll keep trying to get Chad to divorce Abby, and also work hard on making poor Abigail think that ‘Gabi’ and ‘Laura’ have returned. DOOL spoilers indicate that as the fall progresses, Gabi will be able to get Abby committed in hopes that Stefan automatically gets custody of the baby once it is born. Spoilers also tease that Gabi will eventually let everyone know that Chad is in fact the baby’s father, but only after Stefan bonds with the child to ensure the highest form of devastation to be felt.

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12. J.J. On The Fence

J.J. will be placed in a very awkward position come the fall. He’ll want to be there for his sister Abigail, and he’ll want to try and be a friend to Gabi. It’ll be a hard place to be put, as Gabi has been up to no good as of late. When the chips fall around this storyline and the crap hits the fan, it might be hard for J.J. to remain neutral when Gabi exposes all she has done.

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11. Nicole Walker Returns

After Eric learns the truth about what Brady did to drive Nicole out of town (thanks to Jenn), the two brothers will have a major falling out. Eric will try head out on a mission to find Nicole, and DOOL spoilers hint that the repercussions of it all will affect close to every character on the show. He’ll arrive at where he thinks Nicole is at and will be shocked to see what he finds. Bet Jennifer might regret telling him the truth after all.

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10. Eve and Brady

Speaking of a falling out, Eric isn’t the only person Brady stands to lose in the fall. In the next few weeks, Brady will learn about Eve’s involvement with Victor in planting those drugs in J.J.’s home, which essentially lost him custody of Tate. Brady will not be happy about this in the least and DOOL spoilers indicate the two will have a huge fight over the entire ordeal.

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9. Bye, Bye Eve?

Well, only for a short while. is reporting that Kassie DePaiva, the actress that plays Eve Donovan, will be leaving the show at some point in the fall. The good news for Eve fans is that the leave is temporary, and it will only be a matter of time before Donovan is back on the small screens wreaking havoc once again in Salem.

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8. Hello E.J.?

DOOL spoilers report that as Eric is looking for Nicole while Sami will head out to try and locate E.J. and the two storylines will cross over at some point. Sadly, no word yet on whether or not the E.J. character will return to Salem; however, we all know he’s alive and at some point, he really should re-enter the canvas. E.J. is just too great of a character to leave behind.

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7. Mimi Comes Home

Interestingly enough, Mimi will return to Salem as part of a storyline that involves Lucas and Bonnie. As Bonnie is claiming that she and Lucas had a child together in the hopes this can keep her out of prison, it turns out that there is a huge lie around all this, in which Mimi is at the center of. This should be an interesting storyline!

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6. Marlena’s Condition

According to DOOL spoilers, Marlena’s condition won’t improve anytime soon. In fact, she will most likely be in a coma for a very long time. Now that her living will has come to surface, expect many emotional scenes between Belle and her dad John, as they struggle on opposite sides on the fence when it comes to doing what is best for Marlena.

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5. The Will/Paul/Sonny Love Triangle

As we all know, Will has his memory back and is struggling with what to do thanks to Paul’s current health crisis, which will ultimately leave him unable to walk. While daddy Lucas is advising Will to go with his heart, and not stay with Paul because he feels sorry for him, Brady will guilt Will into staying with his brother.

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4. Paul Leaves Salem

Will may not have to struggle that long when it comes to deciding between Paul or Sonny. It was reported back in June that Christopher Sean, the actor in the role, has departed from the show. Sean taped his final scenes in late May, and fans should expect to see Paul exit Salem sometime in late fall.

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3. Sarah Horton To Arrive Soon

Maggie and Mickey’s daughter Sarah Horton returns to Salem, after having been last seen in 1991. Bold and the Beautiful alum Linsey Godfrey is stepping into the role where fans will see Sarah lay it into her mom. For those who remember DOOL’s history, Mickey acted as Sarah’s dad, but Neil Curtis was her real father. DOOL spoilers are promising that Sarah’s return will make for a strong storyline.

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2. Mommy Dearest

Hope will be on a warpath to get Ciara to split with Ben. In fact, she’ll stumble upon some new information that could place Ben back in jail; however, Rafe will have some concerns over how Hope goes about gathering the evidence. Can Hope split up Ciara and Ben, or will she sacrifice what she has with Rafe while meddling in her daughter’s affairs?

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1. Sheila Meddles With The Carvers

Eli’s friend Sheila will stroll into town and interact with Lani and Eli. While the two will grow closer in the fall months, Lani will also try and pull back from Eli as she feels the relationship is wrong. Meanwhile, Sheila will also interact with Abe Carver; however, Abe will dislike Sheila from the get-go.

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