Days Of Our Lives: Plotline Predictions For April 2019

Published on April 2, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

As the temperatures continue to heat up in the land of Salem, so will the drama! Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans have witnessed some explosive storyline plot twists unfold in March, and it seems as if this is only the tip of the iceberg. Below are some crazy and surprising DOOL plot predictions for April 2019:

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12. J.J. In Trouble

Claire is clearly spiraling out of control right now, and with J.J. digging around with questions about her lighter, he better watch himself. Claire has zero conscience when it comes to hurting people to save herself, and J.J. could find himself in a dangerous situation if Claire wants him to stop snooping around.

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11. Claire & Eve

These two are like peas in a pod, and the scheming going on between them may have Belle wondering if Claire is really Eve’s daughter. In all seriousness, Claire has helped Eve out with her plots and plans, therefore, there is a good chance DOOL fans will see Eve help stop J.J. to aid Claire.

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10. Haley’s Immigration Woes

As Tripp and Haley try to convince immigration officials that they are in love, the lines of reality will undoubtedly start to blur for these two. While Haley has feelings for J.J., these will be pushed away in April, and she’ll eventually start to fall for Tripp. Things will get very complicated and fast for these three, as she may realize she’s in love with two men.

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9. Will’s Medical Issues

Diana and Leo may be a thing of the past, but Will clearly has some huge medical issues on the horizon. Will they be linked to a curse, or could they be the aftermath (or a side effect) of him gaining back his memory. After all, he did undergo a risky procedure months back, and perhaps some digging on WilSon’s part will connect the dots.

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8. Love Squared

Lots of crazy confusion going on between Brady, Chloe, Stefan, and Gabi. These four will most likely continue to mix it up come April: with Stefan continuing to pursue Chloe; Brady trying to get closer to Chloe; Gabi trying to get under Stefan’s skin; and Brady and Chloe potentially whooping it up too!

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7. Jordan Will Cause Problems For Rope

Jordan is asking a lot of Rafe lately, and he clearly feels bad for his ex and all she is going through. Hope is already feeling as if she doesn’t want to be with Rafe anymore, and with a little baby boy looming on the horizon set to make an arrival in Salem soon, this may create some big trouble for Rafe, Hope, and their marriage.

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6. Baby Drama

What will come to be for Jordan’s baby? Rafe will head to California and bring the baby back to Salem very soon. DOOL spoilers seem to tease that Lani will grow to bond to the infant, as the child’s name is the same as her deceased son, David. Does this mean Lani will seek custody of the child? She has zero connection to the baby, but will grow very fond of the child. Will this little one not only cause drama between Rope, but potentially Eli and Lani, and maybe even create conflict between Rafe and Lani?

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5. Lani Steals The Child

DOOL spoilers indicate that Lani will also try and keep Baby David away from his uncle. Whether that is in an effort to protect the child or not, it seems as if Ben will try to bond with Jordan’s child, but won’t want to be too hands on. Due to this hovering behavior over the baby, both Abe and Eli will grow worried about Lani. Could she do something drastic in April like steal the child and skip town?

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4. Baby Daddy

Perhaps the even bigger question in all this is the child’s father, which is unknown right now. It can’t be Rafe’s if said offspring is only a baby; the timeline to the Jordan/Rafe romance doesn’t match up. Having said that, could the baby be a DiMera? That would make things interesting. More so, could the child be linked to Ted?

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3. Jack Will Make Progress

Sure, DOOL spoilers tease a wedding between Eve and Jack may be on the horizon; however, this will most likely not come to fruition. After all, while Donovan has been a thorn in the J&J reunion, Days fans know this super couple will eventually come back together. April could see Jack take a turn for the positive, potentially remembering things from his past. This will inch him and Jenn closer and closer, which will make a nice little tease for fans who are dying to see these two lock back up.

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2. Rex & Sarah’s Wedding

Speaking of a wedding that won’t come to be, there’s a very good chance that Sarah and Rex won’t end up saying their “I dos.” It is clear that both Sarah and Eric are drawn to each other; however, that doesn’t mean a wedding won’t get planned. It just means that Eric is most likely going to crash it on the day of.

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1. Nicole Walker Returns

Nicole Walker is set to return to Days later this month, but what kind of storyline will have her rolling back into town? She may come back for a brief stint to reunite with Holly. After all, she most likely doesn’t like the idea that she’s under a DiMera roof right now. She may also try and persuade Eric into heading out of town. If Eric stops Sarah and Eric’s wedding, Nicole’s return could drastically complicate things in his romantic world.

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