Days Of Our Lives: Plotline Predictions For Winter 2019

Published on January 30, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

It may be cold and snowy in the land of Salem, but the drama will continue to heat up during the winter season as Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans head into the spring. It’s only natural for audiences to speculate on what might happen in the following months, and below are 12 DOOL plot predictions for winter 2019.

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12. Diana Cooper Changes The Game

With Diana Cooper re-entering the DOOL spectrum recently, it’s clear that her son Leo got his evil streak from her. The part is played by soap opera veteran Judith Chapman, and Diana is sure to change the game significantly in Salem. She will most likely help her son create even more havoc than he’s already done.

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11. Is John Black Leo’s Dad?

Days fans now know that Leo’s mom is Diana Cooper, who also happens to be a woman that has a huge history with John Black in Salem (circa the late 1980s), so it’s easy to see a storyline unfolding around John Black potentially being Leo’s dad. If this is the case, this could cause a ton of issues for Brady Black, not to mention super couple Jarlena.

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10. Issues For Marlena and John?

With a romantic history and potentially sharing a son, could Diana and Leo cause a wedge between John and Marlena? Seems like that is where this storyline is heading. Jarlena has been far too happy as of late, and no couple can be this content for that long in the land of soap operas.

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9. Ciara And Ben

Ben has been out of his mind as of late, not being able to reach Ciara and with DOOL winter spoilers indicating that she will return onscreen and soon, it seems this new couple will continue to struggle romantically as the winter progresses. February spoilers indicate that Ciara will be kidnapped, and it seems as if audiences may be all too familiar with the kidnapper, who also happens to be someone who is very close to Ben. This will undeniably place a wedge between Ciara and Ben as the weeks go by.

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8. Jordan Ridgeway Is Back

Speaking of, DOOL spoilers indicate that Jordan, Ben’s sister, will head back to Salem in early February and is involved in the Ciara kidnapping storyline. Yikes! Ben’s always felt so close to Jordan; however, he’s in love with Ciara. He’ll undeniably be torn between family and love in the coming weeks and months.

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7. Nicole Walker … Alive?

According to the DOOL app, Nicole Walker is set to return to the soap opera, and the comeback was teased around the same time that Xander was to show back up in Salem. Everyone thought Nicole and Xander died in the explosion, and he returned alive and well. Could this mean Walker is also okay? Maybe, but probably not. All arrows point to Nicole returning onscreen in a dream, or as a vision or ghost. With the Holly custody storyline, seems unlikely she’ll turn up alive at this point.

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6. Love Triangle Heats Up

They’ve been “just friends,” but now that Rex is back in town and wooing Sarah back, Eric has been bitten by the jealousy bug. Is it too late for Eric to admit he has more than just friendly feelings for Sarah? The Rex/Sarah/Eric love triangle is sure to continue to heat up as Days heads into the spring, and it may not be overly shocking if Sarah has an affair with Eric, while she’s “with” Rex.

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5. New Storyline For Chloe

DOOL winter spoilers reveal that Chloe will be sent a puzzling threat of sorts, with a storyline launching between her and Stefan. As the weeks roll by, DiMera will put his life on the line to help Chloe. Interesting that these two are crossing paths again, but where does Brady stand in it all?

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4. Chloe/Brady/Stefan

It’s hard not to see that Chloe and Stefan could have some incredible chemistry together. Meanwhile, longtime fans also see the potential for re-ignited magic between exes Brady and Chloe. Seems like there’s another DOOL love triangle on the horizon, and this might prove to be an interesting one.

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3. J&J Reunion?

Highly unlikely that Jack and Jennifer will reunite anytime soon. While Jennifer is desperate to have her old love back, it’s clear that with his memory loss, he is a shadow of his former self. Having said that, J&J will probably have plenty of screen time together come this winter, as Jenn struggles to jog Jack’s memory, and Jack continues to annoy her with his “new” attitude.

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2. Goodbye Abby!

DOOL spoilers indicate that actress Kate Mansi, who plays Abigail DiMera, is slated to leave the show in late February. While Chad is working hard to try and win her back after Gabi’s scheme was revealed, it looks very likely that Abigail will be headed out of town and soon.

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1. Haley and J.J.

With J.J. in the know about Haley’s immigration secret, these two seem to be headed on a path to romance. But, it’s never that easy for couples in the land of daytime drama! The secret will most likely place a strain on J.J. and Haley in some fashion, plus Tripp may place a wedge between this new couple as well.

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