Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (August 20, 2018)

Published on August 20, 2018.

This week will be all about the Jarlena wedding, as John and Marlena gear up for their big day! Days of Our Lives (DOOL) should expect big returns, huge warning signs, shocking chaotic twists at the nuptials and more! Learn about what the next five days in Salem will bring by checking out the DOOL spoilers for the week of August 20, 20.

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11. Jarlena Wedding

There will be a huge focus on the Marlena and John wedding this week, as plans and parties leading up to the big event kick into high gear. The DOOL super couple will be excited to wed once again this week, and as the days get closer they’ll continue to finish up all the final preparations as they lead up to the wedding.

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10. Susan Returns

It seems there will be signs this week leading up to John and Marlena’s big day, proving that things may go awry, with the first one being a mysterious package (from Susan Banks) delivered to the couple before the wedding. But, that’s not all, Susan will officially return to Salem, and she first visits Will to ask for his forgiveness.

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9. John’s Bachelor Party

DOOL spoilers indicate that John’s Bachelor party will end in disaster. Unfortunately, the groom will be given a black eye during the festivities. It most likely occurs as an accident, but DOOL spoilers do indicate that John gets hit by a baseball bat during the party, which gives him a shiner. The good news is that Valerie does come to the rescue and will help John with the situation.

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8. Marlena’s Bachelorette Party

While John gets a black eye, Marlena will be given a warning at her party. Susan will eventually show up in Salem, and she insists on conducting a tarot card reading during Marlena’s bash. Days’ spoilers hint that both Kayla and Marlena have disaster looming in the near future. While Susan tells them this, they both try and brush the readings aside.

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7. Kristen Shocker

Doom and gloom looming won’t be the only thing that Susan reveals to Marlena. At one point during a talk, she’ll state that she saw Kristen while in the psych ward. DOOL spoilers state that while the claims are shocking, Marlena will fluff off the statement. She’ll believe that Susan was distraught and drugged up and seeing things. Susan will admit she may have been mistaken.

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6. Sami Returns

Allison Sweeney will finally make her return to Salem on Thursday, August 23rd; however, she will not be pregnant as some have expected. Sami will look very dirty and unkempt when she crashes the Jarlena wedding, and DOOL spoilers indicate Sami will keep insisting on stopping the two from getting married.

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5. A Gun Shot

While John and Marlena protest their wedding crasher, Sami will pull out a gun, and DOOL spoilers indicate someone will get shot before all is said and done. It seems all arrows are pointing to Marlena as the victim. Sadly, Sami does return this week, and at the wedding, but it is clear she’s not in her right mind when she pulls out that gun. DOOL spoilers also indicate that Sami isn’t the only wedding-crasher on the scene that day and that Kristen will arrive as well.

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4. Will’s Breakthrough

On a positive note, the wedding and all its festivities will help Will remember some big moments. In fact, it’ll help him recall the day he married Sonny, which will be a huge breakthrough for Will and remembering his past. Which comes as perfect timing since Sonny will reveal his feelings for Will this week. DOOL spoilers indicate that WilSon fans can expect a kiss from these two, as they celebrate Will’s memory regain.

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3. Shawn Not Happy

As Belle and Shawn have returned to Salem for the Jarlena wedding, they won’t be overly pleased this week. Shawn will be quite upset that Ben has moved into the loft with their daughter Claire. In fact, DOOL spoilers indicate that he’ll explode over the situation. Despite what Marlena thinks about Ben being reformed, Shawn will believe Claire and Ciara should not be living with a former serial killer.

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2. Bonnie Versus Adrienne

DOOL fans won’t want to miss Monday’s episode as Adrienne and Bonnie come face-to-face for the first time. Days spoilers hint that Bonnie will be desperate to avoid jail time, and she’ll unload every trick in the book to try and escape a prison sentence. It seems that Steve will ensure that Bonnie doesn’t get away with anything she’s done.

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1. More Spoilers!

Steve can’t seem to let go of the idea that Kayla is keeping something from him while Kayla gains supports from some friends when she reveals details around the agreement she has with Stefan DiMera. Lastly, DOOL spoilers state that Hope gets blasted by Ciara this week, for trying to get Ben to leave town.

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