Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (August 27, 2018)

Published on August 27, 2018.

Sami is officially back in Salem and ready to cause chaos, but so is another Days of Our Lives (DOOL) character from the past, one that will wreak havoc in the little town this week. Learn more about this, and other storylines in the DOOL spoilers for the week of August 27, 2018.

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11. Marlena Is Shot

After Friday’s cliffhanger, it’ll be revealed on Monday that Marlena has been the one shot. Those DOOL fans with a week stomach will have to note that Evans will be bleeding in front of a horrified John. She’ll be in bad shape and rushed to the hospital in need of surgery.

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10. A Family Divided

At the hospital, Marlena’s kids try to come together to support their mom, but Belle and Sami will get into a huge fight about what happened with the blame aimed at Sami. Eric has to intervene, but even Will has words with his mom over what happened to Marlena until it is revealed that Kristen is back, and that is what drove Sami to come to the wedding with a gun.

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9. Sami Taken In

As it seems that Sami was at the helm of the shooting, Rafe will arrest her, taking her into custody. While at Salem’s police department, Hope lashes out at Sami around what she’s done to Marlena and John, and then the two women get into it regarding Sami’s one-night stand with Rafe. Can someone say, awkward!

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8. Kristen Takes Off

Unfortunately, as Sami is booked, Kristen DiMera will have the opportunity to take off; however, she doesn’t leave alone, and decides to take a hostage with her … Claire Brady! DOOL spoilers indicate that apparently Kristen’s real target in the wedding shooting was John, but she isn’t that disappointed Marlena got the bullet in the end. Meanwhile, the real reason DiMera is back is Brady.

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7. It’s All About Brady

DOOL spoilers hint that Kristen is still very much in love with Brady. She’s returned to Salem to seduce him, and that will probably fail, so she’ll use his niece Claire as blackmail to get what she wants. DOOL spoilers indicate that she may also threaten to hurt others in Brady’s life in order to get what she wants. As if Brady needs more women in the mix at this point in his life.

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6. Eve Shocked

Regardless, Kristen will finally get Brady to agree to sleep with her, and of course, Eve walks in on them. DOOL spoilers state that Eve will get quite the surprise as she walks in on Kristen and Brady, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to predict that she’ll be very upset.

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5. Paul On The Hunt

Sami joins Paul to help find Brady, and the two stumble upon Brady, Eve, and Kristen. Things will get intense as Kristen will feel backed into a corner with all her adversaries aiming at her. Unfortunately, the conflict will heat up, and DOOL spoilers state that lives may be at risk when two characters crash through a window as they fight.

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4. Secret Revealed

It’s no secret to us Days’ fans; however, DOOL spoilers suggest that Sami will be rocked to the core when Kristen reveals E.J. is in fact alive. Does this mean an E.J. DiMera return? E.J. could change so many dynamics in Salem, from his love affair with Sami to the DiMera family in general. #WatchOutStefan

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3. Will’s Decision

While Paul will be on a search mission for his brother Brady, he may also get his heart broken this week. DOOL spoilers hint that Will and Sonny get interrupted on the cusp of a ‘moment’. As Will has officially recovered all his memories, including his romance with Sonny, he’ll have a huge decision to make: stay with Paul or be with Will. Which will he choose?

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2. Jenn Comes Clean To Eric

As Eric is reeling with his mom shot at her own wedding, the return of Sami, and potentially the dangerous threat of Kristen, Claire’s kidnapping, and Brady gone, Jenn will be by his side. DOOL spoilers indicate that Jenn is so wrought with guilt this week, she decides to tell him the truth about what really happened when it comes to Nicole leaving town. Like the guy needs more on his plate?

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1. More Spoilers!

As Stephen remains John’s rock during this entire wedding shooting fiasco, he’ll be arrested this week for espionage. Meanwhile, the Gabi/Chad/Abby storyline is on the backburner with all the Kristen/Sami drama. DOOL fans can expect to see Gabi continue her manipulation of Chad, hoping that he will leave Abigail for good and perhaps turn to her instead. Revenge is sometimes better served cold, and Gabi is taking her time with all this.

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