Days of Our Lives: Spoilers For Christmas 2018

Published on December 18, 2018. Updated December 31, 2020

The holidays are a special time in Salem, but can also have some explosive moments as well. What should fans expect as Christmas and New Year’s draws near? Some heartfelt traditions from the Hortons, two incredible returns, as well as a secret finally being revealed! Learn more about what will unravel during the holidays by reading these 12 Days of Our Lives (DOOL) Christmas 2018 spoilers.

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12. Horton Tradition Continues

The trimming of the Horton’s Christmas tree is a tradition many DOOL fans look forward to year in and year out. The clan will once again gather to place ornaments that don family member’s names on them (including friends that feel like family) on the tree this Christmas Eve. It’s a heartwarming event that any true DOOL fan doesn’t want to miss.

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11. Julie’s Surprise

It shall be a Christmas miracle of sorts! DOOL spoilers suggest that Julie will surprise the Horton clan, come December 24th. As Julie knows the truth about Baby Charlotte’s paternity but was silenced when Gabi pushes her down the stairs, it seems that Julie will most likely wake up from her hospital ordeal to tell the family what she knows.

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10. Chad Reels

DOOL spoilers also reveal that Chad will reel after finding out the news about Baby Charlotte. He will in fact learn he’s her daddy, but what would next steps be? Here’s hoping that Gabi finally gets put in her place, and that DOOL fans see Abby, Chad, and Baby Charlotte reunite as a family (along with Thomas) come the holidays. This secret coming out has been a long time coming.

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9. Gabi’s Terrified

Now that her secret is out, plus potentially her role in it all, DOOL spoilers tease that Gabi will be terrified for her life. All of Abigail’s accusations against Gabi ended up being true, and not only did she trick Chad and Abby, she went against Stefan DiMera too. What will she do next?

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8. Gabi Turns To Stefan

DOOL spoilers indicate that Gabi will be at Stefan’s mercy during the holiday season now that her scheming secrets have been revealed. Will the two link up to try and ruin Abby and Chad, or will Stefan use her as a pawn, thanks to her current position in town, for another plot of sorts? Either scenario could be possible.

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7. Leo’s Christmas Spectacle

DOOL spoilers tease that Leo will create some chaos at the annual children’s holiday party that takes place at the hospital. Will it be good chaos or bad chaos, and what kind of scene will he make? Here’s hoping he adds a little bit of Christmas cheer for the sick kids and doesn’t do anything stupid.

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6. Abe and Sheila

DOOL spoilers indicate that Sheila will surprise Abe with a gift this holiday season. With Elani in full effect and Eli preoccupied with a new love interest, romance is sure to be in the air for these two. Can Abe forget about Valerie and give Sheila a chance? Looks like it is headed in that direction for these two.

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5. Brady and Chloe

Will DOOL fans see a reunion of sorts this holiday season between this former duo? The couple was quite close in their younger years and even married at one point. Now that Lucas is out of the picture, and Brady has no one to romance, these two coupling up seems like it is in the cards. DOOL spoilers indicate that Brady and Chloe will start to rekindle feelings come the holidays, but are the two in for a big surprise?

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4. Eve Returns

Before 2018 turns to 2019, DOOL fans should expect the shocking return of Eve Donovan! Spoilers do not indicate what she is up to, or the reason behind the return, but Chloe shouldn’t get too comfortable with Brady. Yes, broke them up before she left town, but Donovan seems to always want what she can’t have.

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3. Another Return

Remember Dr. Shah, the handsome doctor that treated both Abigail and Steve last year, and who briefly dated Jennifer at one point in time? Fans should expect his return shortly after Christmas. Is he back to woo Jenn or perhaps jump into hospital-related storylines? Salem could always use another dapper doctor!

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2. New Year’s Eve Festivities

New Year’s Eve has proven to be a shocking time for Salemites in the past. If history repeats itself, DOOL fans are in for some big surprises this year. It seems that Doug’s Place will host a huge New Year’s Eve bash on December 31, and spoilers tease that when the clock strikes midnight, Days fans will be in for a shocking return.

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1. Jack’s Back

It’s the moment many J&J fans have been waiting for years now. It’s been teased on social media for months now, and seems that actor Matthew Ashford has returned to the set, reprising his role of the iconic Jack Deveraux. Brace yourselves, Days fans! DOOL spoilers tease that Jack is no ghost this time around, and the storyline around his return will be a good one.

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