Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For October 2018

Published on September 25, 2018. Updated September 4, 2019

The weather may be getting crisp, the leaves may be falling off the trees; however, autumn time in Salem has never been hotter! Learn more about who will be making comebacks, which shocking secret will be revealed, and what crazy new alliances will form in the crazy and shocking Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for October 2018.

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12. Roman Saves The Day, But At What Cost?

DOOL spoilers for October relay that while Kristen DiMera tries to finish the job she started on Marlena, Roman will intervene before it is too late. In fact, he’ll take a dive for the gun she is pointing. A struggle will then ensue and shots will be fired. What will become of Roman? Here’s hoping he ends up okay.

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11. Two Salemites Team Up

Well, he probably will be. October DOOL spoilers indicate that a new alliance will form between former super couple Roman and Kate. They state that the two decide to join forces to finally bring down Stefan O. DiMera. Will they succeed? He’s a pretty sneaky guy and seems to win at all costs, so only time will tell. Perhaps this storyline is less about Stefan and more about reuniting Kate and Roman.

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10. Sami and Stefan Conjure Up A Deal

Speaking of DiMera, a desperate Sami will strike up a deal with Stefan in order to learn more about E.J. What will Sami put on the table? DOOL spoilers for October do not reveal much; however, it is very likely that Stefan will tell her everything that Kristen told him about a very alive E.J. She’ll learn that E.J. is alive and then immediately start to look for him.

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9. Chad Discovers Something Shocking

Over on the other side of town, DOOL spoiler tease that Stefan’s brother Chad finds something shocking. Seems like Gabi will up her revenge game by planting proof that Abigail is losing her mind once again and donning her alter egos. Days’ spoilers hint that Chad will find a black wig and simply be horrified by the sight of it.

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8. Kristen Preys On Brady

Brady will still be reeling from Eve’s admission of betrayal and their break up come October. To add fuel to the fire, DOOL spoilers indicate that Kristen will jump at the opportunity to capitalize on Brady’s vulnerability. It is very clear she is still hung up on him, and he will find himself very tempted by Kristen’s advances.

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7. Sami Wises Up

DOOL spoilers for October tease that Sami will learn the truth about Marlena, which clearly means that John and his plan will be uncovered. This will undoubtedly upset Brady, Eric, and Belle, as they fought so hard to honor their mother’s dying wishes. They might especially be mad at the idea that John roped Hattie into the entire scheme.

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6. John Gets Good News

Will it matter though? October DOOL spoilers indicate that John will get some of his prayers answered. Could it be that Marlena eventually wakes up? Seems like all arrows are pointing to this. Why would writers have thought up the switch plot and buy some time if she wasn’t going to be okay in the end? Seems like the Black family will get the news they have all be waiting for soon.

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5. Hope Accused

The hints and teases are there; however, come October, some strong allegations and accusations will be directed Hope’s way when it comes to the evidence that surfaced against Ben. It seems the information will not be credible in the end, but Hope will remain firm in her defense of his innocence.

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4. Ciara, Tripp, and Ben

Speaking of, Ciara will take the plunge and decide that she wants to be with Tripp after all. She’ll still be quite upset with Ben and feel really played by him. In fact, Days’ spoilers for October indicate the two will make love. Sadly, she won’t be able to shake Ben from her thoughts. Ben will also reach out to Ciara in early October to tell her some good news about his circumstances, but will he be too late?

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3. Bonnie Lied

Big surprise here! October DOOL spoilers indicate that come early October, it will be very clear that Bonnie has lied about something when it comes to the Lucas/baby storyline. She’s a pretty sneaky character all around, and with Sheila back in town, this no surprise. However, the big surprise is the fact that this lie centers around a huge comeback for an old Salemite.

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2. Mimi Returns

Who is the returning Salemite? Well, Mimi Lockhart! She is set to stroll back in town sometime in early October. Sources indicate that Mimi will dive right into the center of the Bonnie/Lucas/baby storyline as soon as she comes back, and how she fits into the entire tale will shock audiences.

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1. Nicole Walker Is Back

Speaking of huge return news! As Jennifer recently dropped a bomb on Eric about why Nicole left Salem, he will embark on a quest to find her. Expect to see some scenes with Walker sometime in October. Turns out that when Eric gets to the bottom of where Nicole is, almost everyone in town will be affected by the storyline.

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