Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For April 2019

Published on March 27, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

The months keep flying by in 2019, and as April rolls in, Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans can expect some dramatic moments in the coming weeks. One character seems to be on to Claire and all her secrets; the Brady/Gabi/Chloe/Stefan storyline will continue to heat up; and WilSon deals with some medical issues. Learn about these storylines and others in the DOOL crazy and surprising spoilers for April 2019.

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12. J.J. Grills Claire

DOOL spoilers for April indicate that J.J. will stumble upon the lighter from Claire’s jewelry box that has him raising his eyebrows. He’ll have more than a few questions for her, and she’ll desperately try to keep him at bay. While she might be able to give him some answers in early April, spoilers tease he won’t let this go.

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11. WilSon Deals With Medical Issues

It seems that April will bring more trials and tribulations for super couple Will and Sonny. With Will’s looming medical issues, WilSon will attempt to look for answers as to why this is all happening. These two can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to a relationship without drama.

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10. Brady & Gabi Continue Scheming

There has been a ton of kissing going on as of late, with partners interchanging. Stefan kissed Chloe; Chloe kissed Brady; and Gabi kissed Stefan! What will come to be with this foursome? Seems like Days spoilers for April indicate that despite their lip lock, Brady will egg Gabi on to continue her revenge plot against Stefan, encouraging her to take it to another level.

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9. Jordan’s Secret

Days spoilers suggest that Jordan’s secret to Rafe just may mean a child that no one knows about. Rafe will be heading to California soon, and he returns to Salem in early April with some crazy news. Would he bring a baby back to town at Jordan’s request? All spoiler arrows seem to be pointing to that direction with this storyline.

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8. Rafe’s Child?

DOOL spoilers don’t seem to hint that Jordan’s “secret” child is Rafe’s, rather, it is possibly a baby. If it is a baby, then there is no way it could be Rafe’s. Hope will be in the loop about his trip, and it seems she’ll fill Ben in on what’s going on. Will Uncle Ben step up to the plate? How will this affect a reunion with Ciara?

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7. Eli Worries About Lani

Additional DOOL spoilers indicate that in early April Lani will develop a bond with a baby boy that has surfaced, who also happens to be named David. For one reason or another, Lani will be placed in the baby’s orbit, and this will cause some worry for Eli. He won’t want Lani to get hurt; after all, her world came crashing down when she lost their baby.

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6. Baby’s Custody

Yet again, a child is left without a parent to raise them! Days spoilers tease that whoever was watching Jordan’s secret son might not be able to do so anymore, thus Rafe bringing the boy to Salem. Another concern Eli may have is around Lani wanting custody of the baby. After all, Jordan can’t take care of a baby while at Bayview; however, she won’t be in the facility forever. Ben may step up, but he also might be wary to do so because of his past issues.

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5. Nicole Returns

Set your PVRs for Thursday, April 26, as Nicole Walker makes a splashing return to Salem. DOOL spoilers do not indicate anything around Walker’s storyline, or what will be bringing her back to town; however, with the Rex/Sarah/Eric storyline heating up, her return should definitely add to all this chaos.

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4. Abe & Sheila

Days fans should gear up for some sparks to fly between Sheila and Abe in April! Spoilers tease that they will continue to bond as spring takes full bloom. They certainly make an interesting couple, and hopefully, they can help bring some happiness to each other as the weeks roll on.

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3. Eve Continues To Scheme

DOOL spoilers hint that a huge bombshell will be dropped at Jack’s rally in early April by none other than Eve. She may have a secret or two up her sleeve that she feels will help his campaign, and what better way to reveal it than in a public forum like his rally.


2. Kate Woos Victor

Could these two exes get another chance at love? Maybe; however, Kate will be courting Victor come April in regard to a business deal. She will make him an offer that she hopes he’ll find too resisting to say no to. Will working together create a temptation for both these two? Anything is possible in the land of Salem!

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1. Peggy McCay Memorial Show

DOOL spoilers tease a memorial episode for the late and great Peggy McCay, who played Caroline Brady. The little town will gather to say goodbye to this pivotal character with Shawn-Douglas Brady (actor Brandon Beemer), Carrie Reed (played by actress Christie Clark), and Sami Brady DiMera (actress Alison Sweeney) returning to bid farewell to their beloved grandmother.

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