Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For Summer 2019

Published on June 19, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

Everything is just better in the summer! The days get longer, the weather gets warmer, and daytime drama heats up as well! What’s in store for some of our favorite characters in the land of Salem? Adventure, romance, some breakups, returns, and surprises! Below are some crazy and surprising Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for summer 2019.

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12. Rushing Down The Aisle

DOOL summer spoilers indicate that Rex will let Sarah know that he wants to marry her right away, the sooner the better. In fact, he’ll reach out to Eric around officiating the ceremony! Eric will agree to help his brother out, but the even bigger question remains: will the wedding go through as planned?

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11. Hot BBQ On The Horizon

Rex and Sarah will host a BBQ for the Brady and Horton clans come July, most likely for Independence Day. With half of Salem gathered in one spot over the course of a couple of hours, fireworks won’t be the only thing exploding … there’s sure to be a ton of drama as well!

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10. Ted’s Fate

As Kristen orders Xander to ax Ted for good, DOOL spoilers indicate that Hope will also launch an investigation to find him. But, will she be successful in time? Teasers suggest that Kristen will work hard to throw Hope off Ted’s trail. Meanwhile Xander does have a job to do at hand; however, he’ll end up forming a bond with Ted, which may make it hard for him to get rid of the guy after all. Seems like Ted may be around Salem for a little longer than anticipated.

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9. Kate’s World

DOOL spoilers tease that Kate will decide to break into “Nicole’s” hotel room and do some investigating. As the summer days go by, she’ll overhear something in a conversation that will shock her to the core. In the coming weeks, Kate will also land in some hot water. Could it be that she figures out “Nicole” is really Kristen? Kate’s a strong lady, but she may not want to mess with DiMera.

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8. Jenn Finds Her Opportunity

Days summer spoilers reveal that Jenn will head to Jack and tell him about Dr. Rolf’s diary emerging. She’ll try and convince him to move forward with the serum so that he can get his memory back. Jack will seriously consider this option, and even talk to Kayla about her professional opinion. But, will he go through it?

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7. Jack’s Memory

It’s hard to say if Jack will end up taking the serum this summer; however, Days spoilers do suggest that Jack will start seeing Eve’s true colors and struggle with whether or not she is the one he should be with. In other related spoilers, Eve will present Justin with a surprising employment opportunity in the coming weeks.

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6. Carrie’s Secret

Meanwhile, Carrie Brady will once again take center stage in storylines these warmer months! DOOL summer spoilers reveal that she’s been hiding a secret for some time now, and will reveal it to someone in Salem. Teasers are stating that this secret will have a huge role in summer storylines that will unravel. What could this secret be about?

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5. Major Returns

Could Carrie’s secret involve her mom, Anna DiMera? Actress Leann Hunley revealed recently that she’ll be headed back to DOOL, starting in mid-July, with a storyline that will see her on the show quite frequently until at least mid-September. While this is huge, an even bigger DOOL comeback is set for the summer with someone linked very closely to Anna.

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4. Andre or Tony Comeback?

Thaao Penghlis, the actor who played Tony and Andre DiMera, is also making a huge return to DOOL this summer, with spoilers indicating he’ll be returning in-and-around the same time Anna DiMera makes her Salem comeback. This is beyond exciting, but begs the question: does this mean Andre or Tony will be returning to Days? Perhaps Penghlis will be playing an entirely new character?

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3. Claire Makes A Confession

Days summer spoilers tease that Claire will turn to dad Shawn-Douglas to confess something. As such, Shawn will try hard to console his daughter around the issue. In the meantime, Ciara and Tripp will concoct a scheme to trap Claire, but spoilers seem to indicate that the plan will backfire. With actress Olivia Rose Keegan (Claire) on her way out of DOOL very soon, this storyline will either set up a Claire exit or recast.

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2. Couples news

Tons of spoilers around romance come the summer! Days teasers reveal that Lani will reach out to Eli in hopes for a reconciliation. Will he agree on a reunion? Meanwhile, Gabi and Stephan will continue to heat up as they start to share romantic dates together. Expect these two to get closer over the summer.

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1. Vivian Alamain Return?

As the summer winds down, DOOL fans may be treated to yet another huge comeback. Soap opera legend Robin Strasser hopped on Twitter recently to reveal that she’d be doing a guest stint on the show, starting the beginning of September. Strasser also hinted scenes with Eve Donovan, played by actress Kassie DePaiva. No confirmation on her character, but there has been a ton of speculation online that she could be playing Vivian Alamain.

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