Days Of Our Lives: Plotline Predictions For September 2019

Published on August 28, 2019. Updated August 30, 2019

Julie will fight for her life in hospital after she collapses at Horton Town Square this month on Days Of Our Lives (DOOL). Viewers are also speculating that with many characters returning, several others will be departing. Plus, Eric reunites with Nicole and Holly, leaving Sarah a heartbroken mess. Read on for more DOOL crazy plotline predictions for September 2019.

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12. The Real Nicole Walker Returns

Spoilers tease the real Nicole Walker will return to the sudser on September 6. Now that she’s back, it can only mean splitsville for Eric and Sarah. She will have her heart broken once again as Eric happily reunites with Nicole and her daughter Holly. Eric will feel bad, but Nicole is his true love so he will feel he has no other choice. This reunion will thrill Xander, who has been obsessed with Sarah for months. But will she turn to her former paramour for comfort? All signs point to yes!

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11. Stabi In Love

Despite backstabbing Stefan five minutes after they were married, this pair will not be able to resist each other for long. They admitted their feelings to each other when they were held against their will in Kristen’s secret room. Stefan is in love with Gabi and she’s realizing that despite her vendetta against him, she loves him too. Now that they’ve been freed from the secret room, will they officially stay together as a married couple?

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10. Another Return From The Dead

Fans are speculating that the return of Stefan’s mother Vivian Alamain, who will be portrayed by Robin Strasser, will be nothing but trouble for Stabi. Stefan will be thrilled that this mother is alive. On the other hand, Gabi will be shocked to come face to face with Vivian and will be less than thrilled to see her. Other speculation teases that with rumors Brandon Barash (Stefan) is no longer filming at DOOL, he and his mother will leave Salem later in the month. But where will this leave Gabi?

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9. Chabi Returns?

Viewers have been enjoying Chabby’s international exploits, as the Chad And Abby In Paris digital series airs. But will the pair finally return to Salem this month? Reports have indicated that Billy Flynn (Chad) has been put back on contract at DOOL and Kate Mansi (Abby) is on recurring status, so a September return seems like a good bet.

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8. J.J. And Haley Depart

With the departure of their friend Tripp in August to attend medical school out of town, there won’t be much left for Haley and JJ to do. And rumors are rampant that Casey Moss, who plays JJ Deveraux, taped his last episode in February and that both he and Thia Megia (Haley) will ride off into the sunset together this month. But will they ever return?

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7. Jack Gets His Memory Back

With the sudser confirming the return of William Utay, who plays Dr. Rolf, speculation indicates he will help Jack regain his memories. But will he begin to remember his previous life slowly, or will all his old memories come flooding back to him at the same time? That would be a lot for one person to deal with!

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6. Jack And Jennifer Reunite

With the pair teaming up with Eric to look for Holly and Nicole in Chicago, Jack and Jennifer will begin to reconnect on a deep level. Jack will tell Jennifer he’s falling in love with her, but she’ll be hesitant to return the sentiment. She’s been burned by Jack in the past, most recently when he married Eve, so will Jennifer trust him with her heart again?

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5. WilSon Want To Adopt

With Will’s health crisis over and Kristen finally unmasked, what will the month of September hold for Will and Sonny? Some speculation suggests the pair may decide to adopt a child of their own. Will does have a son with Gabi, but Sonny doesn’t have any children of his own. Could the pair be looking into the adoption process in September?

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4. Who’s The Daddy?

By the time the end of the month rolls around, Sarah will have slept with Eric, Rex and possibly even Xander. Will this create a Who’s The Daddy storyline, if Sarah ends up pregnant? Spoilers show that Sarah will have a disturbing realization in September. Will she find out she is with child?

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3. Ciara Offered A Job

Other spoilers indicate Brady will offer Ciara a job at Titan Industries this month. What she’ll be doing there is still up for debate, but it looks like she’ll accept the position. Ciara’s boyfriend Ben will find himself at the opposite end of the spectrum, as Gabi will fire him as head of security at DiMera.

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2. Gabi Leaves Julie For Dead

Spoilers tease Gabi will see Julie passed out at Horton Town Square mansion and will leave her lying there. Then later, Lani will ream her out for leaving Julie to die. As viewers know, Gabi and Julie got into a heated argument late last year, which caused a near-fatal fall for Julie. Will history repeat itself in September?

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1. Julie Fights For Her Life

After collapsing following a conversation with Lani and Eli, and right in front of Gabi, who does nothing to help her, Julie will fight for her life in hospital. Spoilers indicate Ciara and Doug will sit vigil by her bedside. And it’s not looking good for Julie. Spoilers indicate Kayla will give Hope and Eli some heartbreaking news about her condition. But will Julie die? Stay tuned to find out!

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