Days Of Our Lives: Plotline Predictions For Fall 2019

Published on September 23, 2019.

As Salemites still reel from all that unraveled this past summer, they are also gearing up for all the fun that the fall can bring. Will Julie or Kate live to see another day? Will Gabi rat out Vivian for her role in Kate’s shooting? Will Kristen’s embryo-switch plan work … again? Hard to say, but fans can speculate! Below are some interesting Days of Our Lives (DOOL) plotline predictions for the fall of 2019.

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12. Kate Will Live

Things look pretty dire for Kate at the moment, with teases that Lucas may decide to pull the plug and give her heart to Julie … but what if there was another scenario on the horizon that would see both Kate and Julie live? This would mean another donor coming out of the woodwork for Julie and a miracle would have to occur for Kate to live. Having said that, Marlena came out of her health situation last year, so maybe Kate has some hope.

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11. Lani Or Stefan

DOOL spoilers suggest that something will happen to Lani in the coming weeks while she is on duty, causing a further delay to her and Eli’s wedding. Could something unravel that lands her in the hospital, potentially making her a new candidate to donate a heart to Julie? With Days spoilers indicating that actor Brandon Barash is exiting the show soon, could Stefan DiMera provide the heart that Julie needs in the end if he suffers an accident of sorts?

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10. Gabi Spills The Beans

If Stefan ends up in the hospital, and because of something (potentially) that Vivian did, Gabi would not even think twice about spilling the beans around what her mother-in-law did to Kate. She already feels torn about Kate’s shooting, and the truth behind it all. If Stefan passes on, Gabi’s first mission will be heading to the police to tell them what happened, without batting an eyelash.

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9. Kristen’s Plan

On to the other side of town, Kristen is already making big plans around Sarah’s pregnancy, and that embryo she holds. DiMera has already tried this scheme before and *almost* got away with it, so perhaps she’ll have more success with attempt #2? She’ll most likely go through with this in the fall, and during the entire process, score Brady back along the way.

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8. Sarah’s Turns To Xander

As Eric is with Nicole, broken-hearted Sarah will undeniably turn to Xander, especially if she believes that she terminated her pregnancy. The emotional toll the procedure will take on her will be a great one. While Xander wants to do the right thing, he’ll inevitably end up doing the wrong thing, and hide what Kristen is up to. In the end, though, he’ll score Sarah’s admiration, which may be worth it for him short-term.

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7. Princess Gina Returns

DOOL spoilers tease a new fall storyline is on the horizon, one that involves Hope, and Jarlena. Hope will be tired and not quite acting like herself in the coming weeks, which will have besties John and Doc quite concerned. Seems like Days is gearing up for a rehash of the Princess Gina storyline. Wonder how this all could affect the Jarlena romance? Could Hope start to see John in a different light in the coming weeks?

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6. J&J Reunion!

It’s bound to happen this fall! Fans have been waiting for months for Jack to gain his memories back and remember the reason why he loves Jennifer so much, and it seems like this dream will become a reality soon! Amongst all the drama and chaos unfolding in Salem, there will be one good thing happening this fall.

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5. Wedding On The Horizon?

Chabby is set for a return this fall, as Billy Flynn and Kate Mansi reprise the roles of Chad and Abigail DiMera. DOOL spoilers tease it’s a short run for these two lovebirds, so is the super couple returning for a wedding? Could J&J make their reunion official by renewing their vows? Why else would Chabby come back to Salem? They could also be returning for Stefan’s (potential) funeral.

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4. Jordan and Rafe Romance

Rafe is going above and beyond for ex-girlfriend Jordan at this point. Not only did he help take care of her baby son while she was in a facility, but he’s also taken on legal guardianship of her now that she has been released. But, will these to find a way to rekindle their romance? Seems like there is a very good chance this will happen, especially now that Rafe is single.

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3. Claire Causes Chaos With Jordan

Days spoilers indicate that actress Olivia Rose Keegan (Claire Brady) is set to return to the soap this fall. In fact, previews tease that Jordan will suggest an alliance with Claire to cause some “chaos” in the little town. Having said that, will this be happening in real-life or is it a potential dream sequence? It could very well be something that happens in the coming months in Salem! The two ladies could bond over their mutual hate for Ciara.

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2. End Of Patch & Kayla?

Steve Johnson is set to return to Salem come the fall, and as Days is taped well in advance, winter spoilers tease that Kayla and Patch may be split up by the time the colder months approach. Could Steve have engaged in an affair while away from the little town? What else could cause these two to break up? Could Steve suffer from memory loss once he returns in the fall, thus causing Kayla and Patch to break up?

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1. Time Jump

Another theory around all these interesting plot twists (from the Claire/Jordan alliance to Steve’s comeback, and Chabby’s return), could be from a time-lapse storyline that is set to hit daytime screens in some weeks. DOOL spoilers tease that a storyline will unfold where viewers get a sneak peek of what the town looks like a year from now. Sounds like an interesting watch, and could explain why some characters are returning without much buildup.

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