Days Of Our Lives: Plotline Predictions For Fall 2020

Published on September 16, 2020.

Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! Seems like the fall will be a busy season in Salem! As characters return and exit, dive into romances and come back to life, there’s nothing viewers love to do than speculate on “what will happen next!” As such, below are some DOOL plotline predictions for fall 2020.

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12. October Sets Things On Track

Ron Carlivati, Days’ head writer, recently revealed that a mini storyline is set to unfold come October. It’ll take place over seven to eight days, and he claims these episodes will place things “back on track.” One has to wonder if time will rewind a tad to place Salemites in 2020? Technically, the town is currently in 2021, so will there be a storyline that rewinds everything? Might be hard to do with all the character exits that have taken place. Still, this storyline wasn’t originally “part of the plan,” so fans will have to wait and see if more information comes down the pipe about this.

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11. Hope Gets Kidnapped With Ciara

Speaking of, Hope is set to exit the canvas, as actress Kristian Alfonso leaves DOOL for good. What could have Hope leaving Salem? Right now, she believes that Ciara could still be alive. She won’t be able to shake this until she investigates and gets to the bottom of things. It seems as if she’s about to embark on just that; however, what if, on her search for Vincent (and Ciara), she gets caught, and is kidnapped, too. Could DOOL writers leave this storyline hanging with both Hope and Ciara placed under Vincent’s lockdown … together … without friends and family knowing?

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10. JJ and Gwen

While one major character exits, another will return. JJ Deveraux is making a Salem comeback, as actor Casey Moss steps back into the role. The good news is that the Deveraux family will be reunited! The bad news is that he could get wrapped up in Gwen’s scheme. What if these two hook up? He could easily be manipulated by her charm.

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9. Gwen’s Plan

Gwen was behind Abigail’s drugging, which is very clear now. She also has her eye on Chad. She may just want to be a DiMera. But why? Gwen has to have links to someone in town. She must be a part of a family or have a manipulative mother, who’s always wanted her to be a part of the DiMeras. Could she also be Peter Blakes’ illegitimate daughter? Seeking approval from her dad by marrying into the DiMera family to become an “official” member? She’s had this plan for a while. Plus, Abby is Jack’s daughter, and Jennifer was also once married to Peter Blake. Could Blake be the connection? Could she just want to ruin the Deverauxs? Would that be her motive?

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8. Ava Comes Back To Life

DOOL spoilers hint that Ava Vitali is on her way to Salem, and actress Tamara Braun will return to the role. How can Days even come up with a viable explanation around Ava being alive? After all, poor Joey Johnson is rotting in jail for her murder! Dr. Rolf has to be involved in this somehow. It makes sense that Stefano would want Steve and Kayla’s biggest threat to remain alive and well.

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7. Jarlena Struggles

John has awoken from his coma and seems a little agitated with things. While he will snap and Sami in the coming days, this won’t raise alarms. After all, she sort of has it coming. With that said, he’ll also snap at Steve very soon. There’s a good chance he may go so frustrated that he’ll try to hurt Marlena. This could happen on purpose, by accident, or if his emotions get the better of him. If he crosses this line, Jarlena may struggle to stay together.

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6. Rafe Returns

Rafe just left Salem, and it won’t be long until he returns! He’ll definitely be back before the fall winds down. Without Hope around to turn to, what will Hernandez be up to? Rejoining the police force is one major thing, but he’ll need more. Could he decide to rekindle an old romance with an ex?

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5. Sami Says, “See You Soon,” Salem!

Sami is set to leave DOOL soon; however, as quickly as she exits, she’ll be back. In fact, Days spoilers reveal that actress Alison Sweeney’s next stint on the show will be a more long-term one this time around. She’ll undoubtedly bring Johnny and Sydney in tow, and not only look to make amends with Allie, but she may be looking for love, too.

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4. Rekindles Relationship With Rafe

With Rafe in town, Sami will gravitate towards him. She could decide to return because her relationship with E.J. is a lost cause. Maybe his recovery experienced a massive set back. Regardless, she’ll not only return to Salem, she’ll “move back” permanently. She has fond memories in the place, and nostalgia will have her feeling like the simple life with Rafe is exactly what she needs.

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3. Justin and Bonnie

These two have a cute thing going on, but can Justin move past what Bonnie did to Adrienne all those years back? Justin could also believe any feelings he has towards Bonnie has more to do with her face than her personality. Regardless, Bonnie will pursue him this fall, and Justin will find himself pushing back. There will be times it seems as if he’s let go, but he’ll ground himself and put up a wall.

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2. Lani Helps Kristen

Kristen is in jail right now and things don’t look good for her. The odds are stacked against her, except for the fact that she happens to have a BFF cop who knows the ins and outs of the station. While this could jeopardize Lani’s job, her babies’ future, and her marriage, she’ll be put in a situation where she has to make a quick decision: help Kristen escape, or not. She’ll choose the first one. She’s got way too soft of a spot for DiMera. The aftermath of it all will get ugly.

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1. Chloe and Philip Come Together

Who else is over the entire Philip, Belle, and Shawn storyline? They’ve been going back and forth together for decades now! It’s seriously time to move on! Chloe and Philip have had romps (and minor romances) over the years, but have mainly been friends (well, friends with benefits). It’s time these guys come together and give it a real go! Things might finally work out for them.

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