Days Of Our Lives: Plotline Predictions For February 2021

Published on February 3, 2021.

Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! What’s on tap in the land of Salem for February Sweeps? Interesting character returns, re-ignited rivalries, adventure, and other shenanigans are on the horizon! Days fans love nothing more than speculating on what will happen next, so below are some DOOL plotline predictions for February 2021.

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13. Ben’s Search For Ciara

While every Cin fan out there would love nothing more than to see Ciara finally back with Ben at home in Salem, viewers have a long journey to follow ahead of them. The good news is that Ciara is alive, and Ben has a “feeling” she hasn’t passed. The bad news? It may not be until spring for the Cin reunion to happen. It seems as if this may be a storyline that will drag on with twists and turns at every end.

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12. Sami’s Return

What will bring Sami back to the land of Salem? This time around, DOOL fans will be treated to a long run with actress Alison Sweeney! Head Days writer Ron Carlivati promises she’ll come back with a bang. He also states that she’ll be involved in the Allie/Charlie storyline. There’s no bigger wrath than a momma bear protecting her cub. Charlie better watch his back.

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11. Charlie Will Slip Through The Cracks Of Justice

Just like Tripp couldn’t be charged in Salem because Allie’s assault took place outside the boundaries of their jurisdiction, sounds as if Charlie will slip through the cracks of justice because of this. Sure, he kidnapped Ava, but because she was so delusional (thanks to the drugs he gave her), could she be a credible witness? Probably not. Whatever Sami has planned, it seems as if Jarlena, Steve, and Kayla will be on the same page. Along with Sami, this team will try and bring Charlie down.

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10. Sami Versus Ava?

Ava doesn’t have the best relationship with Charlie; however, he is still her son. How will she feel when Sami returns and gets in his face? Is there a new rivalry on the horizon? Ava is sure to be happy that Tripp has been proven innocent, but will she want Charlie to face all this backlash regardless of the disdain he has for her and what he’s done? Ava could turn into a momma bear and threat for Sami. Her friendship with Nicole could create an alliance of sorts against Brady.

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9. Gwen and Jack

Across town, now that the entire truth about Gwen is out, how will this affect the Deveraux family in January? While Jack and Gwen are on opposite sides of the fence this week, both are sure to soften up some as February rolls on. After all, Gwen will learn that Jack didn’t know about her, and Jack will learn the true victim that Gwen was in all of this. They’ll be harsh to each other initially, and will slowly start to let their walls down.

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8. Jack’s In The Middle

One person who won’t soften up is Abigail. Gwen and Abby will still hold a tremendous amount of resentment towards each other, and as Jack begins to feel for the daughter he never got to know, the other one (Abby) will feel a tad betrayed. Especially since Gwen essentially ruined her marriage and family.

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7. Chabby Will Slowly Work Toward Reconciliation

Abby is set to return to the DiMera mansion in mid-February, which could mean that Chabby might slowly work towards reconciliation. But it sounds as if they have a long road ahead. Chad didn’t just cheat on Abigail, but he took Gwen’s word over hers when it came to the “affair” allegations. This might be the hardest thing for Abby to get over. Just when she does, or inches towards it, Gwen may reveal she’s expecting. This would blow the Chabby reunion out of the water.

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6. Gabi’s Not Giving Up

Despite Jake rejecting Gabi on both a personal and professional level, Hernandez isn’t out of ideas yet. DOOL spoilers reveal that she’ll approach DiMera’s competition, Titan, with her idea. While teasers have hinted that she’ll try and get Xander’s attention, in the end, Gabi could have other motives around going to Titan. After all, Kate’s son Philip is at the helm of the company. Making the moves on him might not only get the attention of Jake but Kate, too.

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5. Kate and Vivian

In a similar fashion to what Gabi’s up to, DOOL spoilers indicate that Kate and Jake will learn that Vivian Alamain is alive, and Roberts will start scheming against her nemesis from the get-go. Kate truly loves Jake, but she’ll have no issues rubbing their relationship in Alamain’s face. What will Jake think of all this? Will it be a turn-off?

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4. Elani Is Reunited With Their Twins

The good news is that Lani and Eli will be reunited with their babies. While Ivan has dropped them to Vivian, DOOL spoilers hint there is a twist in this storyline. Was Vivian behind the plan to snatch the babies, or did Ivan come up with the idea all on his own? It seems as if Vivian will be off the hook around this, and it also seems as if she’ll return to Salem.

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3. Pauline Enters The Equation

In December 2020, the news exploded around legend Jackée Harry joining the DOOL cast. While there has been speculation around whether she’s involved somehow in the twins’ kidnapping, Days spoilers reveal that she is not, but she is tied to the next chapter of the Elani saga. Is she a nanny hired to help with the twins? Could she be a long-lost family member that enters Salem, looking to reconnect? Regardless, she will swing into town in February and bring some excitement to the little town.

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2. Kristen’s Plan

According to DOOL spoilers, Kristen is set to summon Susan Banks to visit her in jail come mid-February. With her ever-growing jealousy against Chloe, and her need to be closer to Brady, could DiMera hope that Banks agrees to “switch” spots with her? Promising it’ll only be for a little while? Kristen might decide it’s time to snoop around and see what Brady and Chloe are up to on the “outside.”

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1. February Weddings

There’s always a wedding or two planned during February. After all, Valentine’s Day falls in this month, plus it’s Sweeps! Seems as if Kayla and Steve may make things “official” again, and because it’s their fourth time down the aisle, their nuptials might be low-key. But what about Xander and Sarah? Days spoilers hint that Xander could pop the question, but will these two make it to their “I dos” without any complications? Probably not.

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