Days Of Our Lives: Plotline Predictions For June 2021

Published on May 27, 2021.

Will Jan Spears get caught? Will Chloe and Brady finally come together now that Kristen is out of the picture? What about Ben and Claire? Can Xander help Gwen write a new chapter in Salem? Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans just LOVE to speculate! As such, below are some DOOL plotline predictions for June 2021.

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12. Jan’s Reign Of Terror Is Over

Although Jan’s currently wreaking havoc in Salem, she’ll get caught by early June. With Philip, Brady, and Ben on the case, not to mention Shawn and Belle, there’s no way she’ll get away with all she’s been up to. The big question is, will Jan go down in a blaze of glory, or will she get cuffed and carried away to a new mental facility?

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11. This Can Go Three Ways…

Jan’s exit could go three ways. There could be an explosion, in which Claire and Chloe are saved, but Spears is left back. This could keep a door open for a return, as people would believe that Jan passed away during the explosion (even though a body was not found). There’s a chance someone shoots her while trying to save the ladies, and she passes on. Then again, she could also get caught and hauled away to a psychiatric ward, until writers decide to bring her back.

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10. Brady and Chloe

Will these two come together now that Kristen is officially out of the picture? One would think so; however, Philip will work just as hard as Brady to rescue Chloe from Jan. If Philip places his life on the line to save Chloe, she may realize just how much he cares for her. She could have a change of heart.

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9. Ben and Claire

Jordan’s recent ghostly visit may take a toll on Ben; however, knowing that Claire’s in danger and feeling helpless to save her could awaken him. He might realize that as Ciara’s moved on, he should too. Perhaps Claire’s kidnapping will help push these two together in the romance department. Ciara is in Africa right now, but summer spoilers hint that actress Victoria Konefal will return to Salem sometime in August. Nothing will complicate things more than Ben and Claire jumping into a relationship, only for Ciara to get her memories back. Blaire’s romance should happen (in full force) this June.

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8. EJ’s Return

A major return is set to unfold in June, as EJ DiMera heads back to Salem. This is sure to shake things up in the little town. Not only will EJ affect storylines with wife Sami, but also in the DiMera mansion. Could he decide to make a play for the head of DiMera Enterprises? Could he stir up family dynamics?

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7. EJ Has His Sights Set On Business

EJ may feel like it is time to fully reclaim his life in Salem — from both a business and personal perspective. Now that Jake’s running the show at DiMera, EJ could feel as if he needs to take over the reins from his half-brother. After all, EJ is far more experienced, and he’s missed out on a lot over the years. Sounds like there could be a power struggle between these two brothers. Who will Chad side with?

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6. EJ and Sami

Things could get awkward between Sami and EJ, especially as she’s cheated on him not once, but twice with Lucas (of all people). Sami made it seem as if her marriage was on the rocks. Could EJ return to Salem with a change of heart? If so, this will have Sami scrambling, even more, to keep her affair with Lucas hidden.

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5. Jake Takes Care Of Kate

Kate Roberts has been through a lot; from being kidnapped by Kristen, to the car accident, and then getting knocked out, only to find out her boyfriend has “moved” on with his ex. She’s seemingly blind, but could this all be an attempt to get back at Gabi for snagging Jake? While Philip or Lucas could take care of her, Jake may bear the brunt of helping Roberts during her time of need, out of pure guilt.

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4. Kate’s Lying

Could Kate lie about her blindness? It’s something that would be difficult to prove, but easy to pull off (especially in the land of soap operas). Kate doesn’t want to be the second choice; however, she is vindictive enough to pretend to be blind to keep Jabi apart while Jake helps take care of her. This scheme could last throughout the entire month of June. DOOL spoilers for June do hint that she’ll do all she can to ensure Dr. Snyder keeps her secret. What exactly is Kate hiding?

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3. Xander and Gwen

Could DOOL fans see a new couple on the horizon? Xander’s done a lot of terrible things in his past, but for the most part, he’s now harmless. Could he help Gwen out of the funk she’s in? If Gwen and Xander were to become friends (or more), they could help each other for the better. There’s also a big chance they could bring out the worst in each other. It’s a coin toss.

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2. Eric Ends Things With Nicole

It’s time for Days to finally pull the plug on Eric and Nicole, once and for all. If Walker’s one-nighter with Xander doesn’t tell a tale that this couple is over, then what else can? Perhaps, if Sami digs up enough evidence that Xander and Nicole spent the night together, and then sends it to Eric, he may decide to end his marriage and file for divorce. This would devastate Nicole, but at least she could move forward with her life. She’s in such limbo right now.

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1. Nicole Moves On

Rafe and Ava’s romance has not been sitting right with Nicole. If Eric does divorce Walker, could she finally have the freedom to move on? Nicole has feelings for Rafe, and it’s clear that she’s jealous because she’s so fond of him, but he’s with Vitali. If Walker suddenly becomes single, will she decide to focus on Rafe? Or will Hernandez become an even closer friend to her, as he becomes a shoulder to cry on?

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