Days Of Our Lives: Plotline Predictions For March 2021

Published on February 25, 2021.

Who shot Charlie? Will anyone find out that Kristen and Susan have switched spots? Will Allie and Tripp gravitate closer together over the next four weeks? Will Ciara ever come home? So many questions, so few answers! As such, below are some Days of Our Lives (DOOL) plotline predictions for March 2021.

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12. Charlie’s Shooting

Charlie Dale is set to get shot this week, and a major storyline in March is sure to be about who was at the helm of it all. Rafe’s leading the investigation, so he will be on top of all leads. Since Sami Brady is returning to the canvas this week, she’ll be the number one suspect, but with John’s mood swings and threats to Dale as of late, fans might begin to believe that he was the one to shoot the young man.

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11. Other Suspects

Ava placed a threat against her son this week, and Nicole has done so in the past. Steve wasn’t pleased around how Charlie hid the truth about what he did to Allie, and how Tripp was affected by allegations. Lucas has had a short temper around this entire situation, and Allie herself could be thought of as a suspect if she wanted revenge. No one will be safe when it comes to being a suspect.

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10. Lani Figures Things Out

Across town, DOOL spoilers hint that Chloe and Lani will start to suspect something is “off” with “Kristen” and “Susan”. Of course, “Banks” lives with Brady now at Marlena and John’s penthouse, so Lane will be in her orbit, while Lani will visit “Kristen” in jail. Lani will figure it out right away. She knows her friend well, and she’ll be able to piece things together. While Chloe will question “Susan”, Kristen will find a way to keep her off track.

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9. Lani Hides Things

Susan will confess all to Lani if the cop presses her. She’ll let her know that she and Kristen switched spots. Banks is a good person, and lying doesn’t come easy to her. What will Lani do? Knowing that all Kristen wants to do is protect Brady and see Rachel, she’ll keep things under wraps. Plus, Kristen wouldn’t be in this situation if she wasn’t protecting Lani in the first place. There will be some guilt on Lani’s part to help DiMera.

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8. BFFs Stay Connected

Lani is sure to visit “Susan” and let her know that she “knows” about the plan. In fact, Lani will work overtime to protect both Banks and DiMera. The two will meet regularly in March, not only because they are friends and to stay connected (plus, Kristen will want to meet the twins), but also to make sure that DiMera stays on track. Lani will keep this all from Eli. They’ll have to be careful, as people will start to wonder why Banks has taken an interest in the new mom.

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7. Auntie Paulina Arrives

Actress Jackée Harry will debut on Days in early March as Lani’s Auntie Paulina. What will bring Paulina to Salem? Well, the twins of course! Paulina is likely Lani’s mom’s sister, and perhaps she’s also entering DOOL with a secret. This may have to do with Abe. What could Paulina be hiding?

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6. Connection To Abe

What if Paulina and Abe once had an affair behind everyone’s back? What if Paulina has always been in love with Abe? Then there’s the idea that Abe and Paulina could embark on a romance in the weeks and months ahead. Auntie Paulina is said to be a “fabulous” character, and she’ll need some love and drama in her life!

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5. Tripp and Allie

New romance alert! Tripp and Allie seem to be headed towards something special. The two met in London, and there were sparks, but unfortunately, what Charlie did after the night was over has tainted Allie’s outlook on love. Can Tripp change all that? He’s a good guy. Here’s hoping his admiration for Henry can bring these two a little closer in March.

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4. Kake Versus Gillip

Sounds as if Gabi is bent on using Philip to help her with her company and making Jake jealous. In the meantime, could the two become a thing? As sparks fly between Philip and Gabi over the next four weeks, Jake and Kate will reel while watching these two. Kate, because the very idea of Hernandez hooking up with her son will give her hives, and Jake, because he still has feelings for her.

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3. Gabi and Abigail

These two ladies are set to come together to bring Gwen down! Unfortunately, it sounds as if they’ll kidnap Rizczech, which is a sticky line they may not want to cross. The good news is that these former foes may decide to re-ignite their old friendship. Could they let go of everything that’s happened in the past and start a new chapter? Seems as if that could happen.

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2. They Won’t Cross A Line

They’ll kidnap Gwen, tie her up, and scare her, and may even try and have her confess all she’s done, but they won’t cause Rizczech any harm. After all, there’s a good chance that Jack and Chad stop things before anything gets ugly. Abby may try and attempt to attack Gwen, but Rizczech could also announce she’s expecting Chad’s child, which would stop Abigail in her tracks.

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1. The Cin Reunion

Cin will probably reunite by the month’s end. Maybe even early April. There will be plenty of twists and turns along the way. Evan may move Ciara somewhere closer to Salem, and she may be able to escape from him. Evan’s goal is to get rid of Ben. Could Ciara act as her husband’s hero (once again), in the nick of time and save him?

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