Days Of Our Lives: Plotline Predictions For November 2019

Published on October 30, 2019.

There is nothing Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans love more than to predict just what will happen next in the land of Salem! Who will break up? Who will make up? What kind of adventures will our heroes and heroines embark on, and who will try and stop them in their tracks. With a new month around the corner, below are some DOOL plot predictions for November 2019.

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12. Elani Wedding Goes Downhill

With Gabi set to ruin the Elani relationship, holding Julie’s heart as a threat so that Lani will break up with Eli, it seems like all this drama will hit boiling point during their wedding day. Lani will most likely break Eli’s heart by not going through with their vows, despite the fact that she doesn’t want to.

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11. New Couple Alert?

If the wedding doesn’t go down, and the truth about Gabi is not revealed, Elani will most likely break up. With Hernandez at the helm of this all, set on ruining Lani’s life because of what she (accidentally) did to Stefan, Gabi just may move in on Eli. They’ll start off as friends, and Gabi will work her way up to girlfriend status in no time. After all, they did once date so they have some romantic history together.

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10. Princess Gina Does The Unthinkable

Days spoilers for November reveal that Princess Gina will take full effect this month, with “Hope” no longer in the picture. In fact, in an effort to keep Dr. Rolf’s plan under wraps, Gina will attack Jennifer, who will be trying to get to the bottom of things. Seems as if Jenn will be hurt so badly, she’ll be fighting for her life in the coming weeks. Could be that Princess Gina runs Jennifer over with a car, or something along those lines.

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9. Jenn Figures Out The Truth

For Gina to go as far as trying to get rid of Jennifer, Horton probably uncovered exactly what Dr. Rolf was up to. Or, Jenn’s figured out that “Hope” is really Gina. DOOL spoilers reveal that not only will Princess Gina hurt Jenn to stop her, she’ll visit Jenn’s hospital room to try and finish off what she’s started. Gina will be relentless in ending Jenn’s life, so whatever Horton uncovers, it’s got to be big.

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8. Jack and Jennifer

Days spoilers indicate that something will happen in November to place super couples J&J and Adrienne and Justin at risk. Covering what could happen to Jack and Jennifer, it’s more than likely that Jenn will survive Gina’s attack, but how can all this affect her relationship with Jack? Perhaps, Jenn wakes up in the hospital with a memory-loss condition. She’d forget all that happened leading up to her accident, from who was responsible for the attack, to Dr. Rolf’s stuff, as well as her relationship with Jack.

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7. Adrienne and Justin

Perhaps, Adrienne and Justin will be just fine, and it’s their wedding that could crumble. Days spoilers tease a double wedding of sorts sometime in November, and it could very well be J&J as well as the Kiriakis’. If Jenn gets hurt before her wedding, maybe Justin and Adrienne decide to delay theirs due to the circumstances.

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6. Chabby Returns

Abigail and Chad DiMera are set to return to the land of Salem in November, but it’s important to note that this will be a short run for the super couple. Do they return to Days to celebrate J&J’s wedding, or is it because Jenn will land in the hospital? Maybe it’s both.

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5. Jordan Continues Her Schemes

Seems as if Jordan will continue to try and rid Salem of Ciara, while also trying to pin the blame on her brother Ben. Days spoilers suggest that Ben will explore his darker side, believing he has to rid Jordan in order to stop her from crossing the line. Knowing Ben, he might think he can get rid of his sister, but will probably stop before he does anything drastic. Having said that, if he gets caught doing something extreme, with his history, it’ll be a hard thing to explain himself out of.

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4. Love Square

Nicole knows about Sarah expecting Eric’s child, but thanks to Sarah (not to mention Xander and her own insecurities), she’s remaining hush-hush about it. Despite the fact that Walker is struggling with the idea of keeping anything from her love, she’ll continue with the charade so that she doesn’t lose Eric. In the meantime, Xander will continue to move in on Sarah, maybe even claiming her baby as his own.

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3. DOOL Anniversary

November 8th marks a huge milestone for Days, as the show turns 54 years of age! As per spoilers, it should be a very big episode, and one that will not only honor the daytime drama, but change things for all those who reside in Salem. With the soap teasing a jump in time, it’s not hard to see that this could all roll out in and around November 8th.

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2. A Peak Into The Future

The time jump will have DOOL fans seeing what the land of Salem looks like a year from now, which is sure to offer a ton of question marks, with not a lot of answers. Maybe Ben will be locked in prison, where fans assume it’s because of something he did to Jordan, but it’s not. Jarlena could be broken up, and Gabi and Eli could be headed down the alter. Perhaps some characters will exit the canvass? Maybe some characters will return?

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1. Steve Comes Back!

Steve Johnson will be returning to Days sometime in November, but will he come back before or after the time jump? Will Patch and Kay be together, or apart? Will he return to help Jack with Jenn’s situation, or will his return simply be a part of the time-jump storyline? Steve will probably come back after the time jump, and viewers will wonder why he and Kayla are not together. He may even be paired up with someone else (i.e. Princess Gina).

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