Days Of Our Lives Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (April 11 – 22, 2022)

Published on April 12, 2022.

What will Victor offer Sonny this week? How will Eric’s return affect Nicole and Rafe’s new romance? Will baby “Cin” be a boy or girl? Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans just love to speculate! As such, below are some DOOL plotline predictions for April 11th to 22nd, 2022.

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12. Victor’s Offer

It’s been nice having Sonny around Salem as of late, and his grandfather likely agrees. DOOL spoilers hint that Victor will approach his grandson with an offer he might not be able to refuse. Grandpa Kiriakis may present Sonny with Titan’s CEO spot in the hopes of enticing him to stay in the little town longer than expected. Will Sonny accept?

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11. Sonny’s Decision

The interesting part of this storyline is that Sonny will turn to Chad for some advice after the offer is presented, according to Days spoilers. If Sonny is seeking some insight from his BFF, he might be taking Victor’s offer seriously, which is a good sign. Could this mean that Sonny’s stay in Salem will be a little more permanent?

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10. Eric’s Return

Actor Greg Vaughan will reprise the Eric Brady role this week. While his return is slated for Friday, April 15th, he and Nicole will “reconnect” during the week of April 18th. It’s interesting because Nicole and Eric never truly had “closure”. Sure, they talked a little after he found out she cheated on him with Xander in the summer of 2021. But really, he broke things off and left town rather quickly. Eric returned at Christmas to help with his mom’s exorcism, but the two haven’t really interacted since. So, what brings Eric back to Salem?

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9. Eric Wants Nicole Back

Eric’s return to Salem is timely. While no one knows Satan is in Allie (or has been in Johnny this whole time), the Devil seems to be getting away with everything. Yet it’s only a matter of time before his plan hits a snag and, when that happens, the heroes will need a priest to step in and help. With that said, Eric has returned for another purpose. Could it be that he believes he gave up on his marriage to Nicole too soon, and he’s looking to win her back? Not the best timing on Eric’s part, if that’s the case!

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8. Baby Girl Or Baby Boy?

This week’s Days preview video is all about Ciara and Ben’s gender reveal party. With a 50/50 chance of being right, and the Devil in the mix, one can’t help but lean towards Team Blue with this prediction. Although, it’s hard to ignore that Satan seems to prefer possessing women, so maybe it’ll be a little girl?

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7. Naming The Babe

DOOL spoilers for the week of April 18th state that once they find out the gender of their baby, Ciara and Ben will go back and forth on the name. Days loves naming babies after beloved past or present characters, so it may be named after a family or friend. Ben’s always had a special bond with Marlena, so if it’s a girl, they may call her Marley to honor the good doctor. Perhaps they’ll decide to add his sister’s name into the mix, too.

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6. Looking To The Past

If it’s a boy, the couple could still honor Marlena by calling him Evan. They could also still honor Jordan by using her name, too. Then again, Ciara and Ben may decide to honor Ciara’s late father by naming their child Bo, whether it’s a boy or girl. How would Clyde feel about that, especially if the baby is a boy? It may cause some conflict, as grandpapa Weston could feel some resentment.

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5. Double-Wedding Drama

Days spoilers for the next two weeks promise plenty of drama around Xandy and Gwen’s wedding. Xander will officially “give up” on Sarah, believing that she’ll never come back to the place she once was, mentally. Plus, it sounds like Rizczech will ask Abigail to be her matron of honor. Lastly, the entire nuptials will turn into a double-wedding event, with Craig and Leo joining them to say their “I do’s”.

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4. Race You To The Altar…

DOOL spoilers suggest that both couples will have some stumbling blocks as they respectively head to the altar this coming week. Sounds like Craig and Nancy will quickly move forward to finalize their separation, and even take the time to reflect on their marriage. Both will realize that they did have fun times, but could this cause Chloe’s dad to have a change of heart?

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3. Leo’s His Own Worst Enemy

Chloe, Brady, Chad, Abigail and Sonny have tried their best to expose Leo, but Stark has always been one step ahead. Days spoilers for the week of April 11th note that Leo will connect with someone from his past. In fact, somehow Chad and Sonny will come together one last time to try and uncover Stark’s intentions. Will they succeed this time? Also, who is Leo’s old friend? Is he someone known to Days fans, or a new character hitting the screens? Will Stark be the one to ruin his relationship with Craig?

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2. Craig Overhears A Confession

DOOL spoilers for the week of April 18th note that Craig will overhear a confession of Leo’s. Will this be enough to reveal Stark’s true colors? Will Chloe’s dad finally see the light? More specifically, will Craig hear Leo’s confession before or after the two officially tie the knot? And will Craig make sure to organize a prenup before the two get hitched?

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1. Will Sarah Stop The “Xwen” Wedding?

Sarah thinks she’s Renée DuMonde right now, and while many fans were disappointed to learn that Gwen switched the memory serum, could this end up being a good thing? Horton could still regain her memories at any time, and it’s very likely that she’ll remember exactly who she is, right before Xander and Gwen say “I do”. Do any other fans think Horton will stop the wedding?

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