Days Of Our Lives Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (April 20 – May 1, 2020)

Published on April 20, 2020.

They say April showers bring May flowers, but soap opera fans really know that April storylines help to usher out May Sweeps drama! Closing out this month in the land of Salem, it’s hard for fans not to wonder what will happen next! As such, below are some Days of Our Lives (DOOL) plotline predictions for April 20 to May 1, 2020.

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13. Baby Mickey’s Fate

It seems like the next couple of weeks fans will continue to see Sarah on the run with Mickey. Brady, along with Kristen, Eric, and Nicole will wait to hear from Sarah this week, but she won’t be returning to Salem anytime soon with the child. In fact, an unlikely character might play a huge role in either bringing Sarah and Mickey home, or helping them stay away.

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12. Rex’s Return

According to DOOL spoilers, Rex Brady is set to return to the show on May 1. Teasers relay that Sarah will be ready to flee again, and Rex will find out she is on the run. Will she pay a visit to her ex with the baby, or will he run into them by accident? In the end, she may reach out for help, and he just might oblige. Rex was still very much in love with Sarah the last time he was in Salem. Could a soft spot in his heart for her cause him to help Sarah escape?

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11. Kristen’s Attack On Victor

DOOL spoilers indicate that Kristen will attack Victor Kiriakis this week, with a knife! Seems like she may find out Victor’s role in the baby swap and lose her marbles over it. Could this attack be end for Victor? An attack in itself would cause massive legal problems for Kristen, but if the Greek tycoon passes on, DiMera could find herself in a whole heap of trouble.

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10. Kristen Arrested

Kristen’s attack on Victor will cause her to get arrested (either way), especially if she snaps in front of others. Should he pass on, this could have even more devastating implications. Mickey and Sarah will (eventually) be found and brought back to Salem, but Kristen’s arrest could truly haunt her “happily ever after” with Mickey/Rachel and Brady.

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9. Stefan’s Return

A storyline is about to hit DOOL airwaves this week, and revolves around Gabi and Stefan. According to spoilers, Gabi will start to “see” DiMera around Salem and she’ll get the feeling he’s still alive. Characters returning to the land of the living is nothing new, especially where the DiMera family is concerned, but perhaps these Stefan sightings Gabi will have is to simply introduce a new character to the land of Days?

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8. Could Jake Be Stefan?

DOOL spoilers tease that Ben is in for an unexpected encounter at the end of this coming week. Early next week, he’ll run into a new character known as “Jake” that will look like someone very familiar. Could “Jake” be played by actor Brandon Barash (Stefan DiMera)? Will Ben be the only one who talks to Jake in the coming weeks?

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7. Stefan’s Twin

As per DOOL spoilers, Gabi will “see” Stefan in the coming weeks and truly believe he is alive, which will launch her into a mission to find him. If Jake has arrived on the Salem scene and looks like Stefan, but hasn’t had a chat with Gabi, perhaps he is just a new character that will emerge from all this. With that said, actress Louise Sorel (Vivian Alamain) is set to hit Salem this July, so if this storyline slowly evolves, then as the summer hits, there may speculation that Jake is really Stefan, or DiMera’s twin.

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6. Bromance Reignited

With Ben running into “Jack” this coming week, and his history with Stefan, could a new bromance be reignited in the land of Salem? Actor Brandon Barash posted a video with a little (made up) song about DiMera’s return on his social media. Actor Robert Wilson (Ben) retweeted the video with a hashtag that read #BashBrothers, and a fist pump emoji. While this new character Jake just may be plain old Jake, it is interesting that he is running into Ben. Could a new bromance be on the horizon for these two characters? Seems like Ben could use a friend right now.

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5. Should Ciara Be Worried?

Obviously Jake won’t “steal” Ben from Ciara; however, he could lead him into trouble … who knows this guy and what his past is all about? DOOL spoilers indicate that Ben won’t feel right these next couple of weeks. Seems as life outside of Statesville for him isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. This will cause Ciara to worry. Could “Jake” offer up some excitement for Ben, while he’s dealing with some post-prison blahs?

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4. Abby Spirals … Again

Seems like Abby will start to have more hallucination in the coming weeks. Could it be that she sees Stefan (or Jake), too, and misinterprets what she is seeing? Either way, she will turn to Chad, and the two will work together to find out what is going on. Could this lead them to exit Salem in an effort to seek out more information? Abby’s mental health is top priority for them.

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3. Rafe Loses David

DOOL spoilers reveal that Rafe will struggle to hold onto David in the coming weeks. In fact, there’s a good chance he could lose the little boy to Evan and Orpheus. After all, Evan is the child’s bio dad, and if he can skip prison, why wouldn’t he be able to gain custody of David in the long run?

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2. Secrets Spilled Causes A Plot Twist?

Days spoilers hint that Evan will spill some sort of secret to Zoey at the end of April. She is his lawyer, which binds her to confidentiality, but what if he is not David’s biological father after all? Could this cause a conflict for Zoey to defend Evan? It could definitely cause a major plot twist in this entire storyline.

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1. Orpheus Is His Own Worst Enemy

While Orpheus is out on the loose, DOOL spoilers state that he’ll pay a visit to Marlena this coming week. The bad news is that Orpheus is creepy and will most likely taunt Jarlena in the coming weeks. With that said, he’s his own worst enemy, and a need for revenge will cause him to do something over-the-top where he’ll either be sent to jail, go missing, or people will think he has passed on.

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