Days Of Our Lives Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (August 10 to August 21, 2020)

Published on August 11, 2020.

What will the next two weeks in the land of Salem bring? There’s nothing soap opera fans love more than speculating on favorite storylines! Who will adopt Allie’s baby? Will Sonny and Will patch things up? What will Eve and Vincent be up to in the coming weeks? Learn more by checking out the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) plotline predictions for August 10 to August 21, 2020.

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13. Allie’s Request Will Have Sami Reeling

According to DOOL spoilers, Allie will skip town early this week and leave a note behind that will take everyone aback. Teasers state that Allie will request that Nicole take responsibility for her baby boy, and this is sure to have Sami reeling. As Allie’s mother and the baby’s grandmother, she won’t want Nicole to bond with her grandson and make decisions for him. Sami will act fast.

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12. Sami Turns To Belle

DOOL spoilers indicate that Sami will turn to Belle for help this week, and it may be legal support that she needs. She’ll want Allie’s son taken out of Nicole’s custody immediately, and Belle will be the best person to help Sami move forward with this. Sami will do some scheming, and Belle will help her on the legal side of things.

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11. A Restraining Order

Nicole and Eric may decide that the baby is best placed in the custody of its grandparents, or they may also simply hand over the child to Lucas (and possibly Sami) until Allie can be found to confirm her adoption request. A note can’t be held up in court, and Sami may fight this as a stipulation around why her grandson should be with her (or even Lucas). DOOL spoilers for the week of August 17th suggest that Sami will issue a restraining order on Eric and Nicole. She may want them both as far away from the baby as possible, and she’ll be playing hardball.

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10. The Search For Allie

Before all that happens, Eric, Sami, and Nicole will probably agree that they need to find Allie. After all, she can’t leave a note when it comes to the adoption of her baby, and she’ll need to sign some papers, too. Plus, running away from your problems is never the answer. The trio will embark on a search for Allie, but won’t have much luck in finding her over the next two weeks.

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9. WilSon’s Exit

DOOL spoilers indicate that WilSon will work on their relationship this coming week and reconcile. Covering up Sami’s schemes was a bad move on Will’s part, but not a marriage deal-breaker. With the super couple’s final episode airing on September 1st, their exit storyline is being set up and Days teasers reveal that they’ll have a decision that won’t leave Gabi very happy. They may decide it’s time to start a fresh chapter outside of Salem. Could they want to take Ari with them?

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8. Gabi & Jake Get Closer

Speaking of, while Days spoilers do imply that Gabi and Jake will get into a blow-up this week, it does seem more of continued chemistry that keeps bubbling up between them. They’ll keep getting closer over the next two weeks. After all, added teasers for the show indicate that he will also get into a fight with Gwen over his “friendship” with Gabi.

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7. Gwen & Chad Get Closer

More tension in the DiMera mansion as DOOL spoilers reveal that Gwen will kiss Chad this coming week. While it’s clear that she’ll instigate it all, will Chad fight the kiss and yank her off, or enjoy it a bit? He’s a married man who needs to watch what he does. Sure, Abigail is not quite herself; however, it’s only been a few months since her hallucinations and mental facility stay. The fact that he may be entertaining an affair is a bit much at this point.

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6. Ben Would Never Hurt Ciara

DOOL is sure to tease the idea that Ben can’t shake the brainwashing that Vincent and Eve tortured him within recent weeks. He’ll have anxiety over it in the coming days, and even have a bad dream where he hurts Ciara; however, fans know that it’ll never really happen, and even if he starts to do anything, something will snap inside of him to stop.

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5. Vincent & Eve Slip By

DOOL spoilers tease that both Vincent and Eve will show up in Salem this week. As per spoilers, Ben will see Vincent in Marlena’s office but may believe it is all to be a hallucination. He may not even mention anything to Evans because he will be so stressed out about his brainwashing. Meanwhile, Claire will catch sight of Eve, and Donovan will beg Claire not to turn her in. Claire certainly won’t come forward, which will allow these two to continue with their plan.

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4. Brainwashing Ben

DOOL spoilers hint that Vincent will work hard to see that Ciara is eliminated the week of August 17th. Seems like with both Eve and Vincent in town, they may concoct a plan where they continue to brainwash Ben, without him knowing it. Sounds like they might succeed in messing with his head the next couple of weeks.

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3. Philip Returns

Philip Kiriakis, played by actor Jay Kenneth Johnson, returns on Tuesday, August 18th, and a storyline between him and Xander is sure to be unleashed. Not only will Xandy feel insecure about his relationship with Victor and his role at Titan, but there could also be a very good chance that Philip starts to move in on Sarah, too.

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2. John Collapses

DOOL spoilers hint that John collapses the week of August 17th, and there is little information around the reason why. Could he have a run-in with Eve or Vincent, where he gets knocked down? Could someone try and poison him, launching a new storyline? Could this simply be due to a health emergency? The opportunities are endless!

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1. Elani Struggle With Twins

DOOL spoilers for the week of August 17th offer a cryptic teaser that a newlywed couple will struggle with the unknown, and perhaps this has to do with Lani and Eli finding out they are expecting twins! This could cause a lot of stress for both of them. Lani may have to take an extended leave from the force, as taking care of twins can be a lot. She may also be concerned about being able to carry twins full term, and the babies’ health. Eli may worry about being the sole provider of the family, and finances. It’s a lot to take in.

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