Days Of Our Lives Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (December 7 – 18, 2020)

Published on December 8, 2020.

Will Xander and Sarah ever nail Philip? Now that Steve knows that Ava is alive, is there any hope for Joey to be freed from jail? Will Gwen’s scheming ever come out? Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans just love to speculate about storylines! As such, below are some DOOL plotline predictions for December 7 to December 18, 2020.

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12. Sarah and Xander Hit A Snag

Days spoilers for this coming week reveal that Xander and Sarah will have the information they need to prove what Philip’s been up to; however, it seems as if he’ll continue to be a thorn in their side for the next couple of weeks. Do they lose the flash drive? Does it get destroyed? Do they forget to make a copy of everything?

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11. Still Plotting

Whatever happens this week, DOOL spoilers tease more plotting for the couple the week of December 14th. They may inch closer to nailing Philip, and lose the flash drive, or they may feel like the information they have is still not enough to convince Victor. Regardless, Sarah will find out more about Kiriakis’ partner in crime next week, but also have a suggestion that sends Xandy reeling. Does Sarah hint that she and Philip should get a little closer so that she can get the goods on him? Will she suggest crossing the line?

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10. Philip and Chloe

Philip loves the idea of dating Sarah because it’ll drive Xander nuts; however, sparks are sure to fly between Chloe and Kiriakis in the coming weeks. Chloe will even confide to Brady about her feelings for Philip. Chloe and Philip are (and will be) interested in each other, but his stubbornness to stick it to Xander (and “be” with Sarah) could place a wedge on any potential reunion plans.

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9. Kristen’s Home For Christmas

Days spoilers for the week of December 14th hint that Dr. Rolf has a gift for Kristen, and they also tease it could be a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card. A DOOL preview video shows DiMera whooping it up at the Kiriakis mansion during the holidays (although this could be a dream sequence). Still, there’s a good chance Kristen will be a free woman come Christmas, and it could be a holiday miracle!

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8. Joey’s Free

Kristen won’t be the only one out of jail and at home for the holidays. Days spoilers indicate that Joey will be sprung out of prison sometime this week. But how is this even possible? Sure, Ava is alive and well, and both Steve and Kayla will be brought into the loop; however, added teasers imply that Joey will be taken aback when he sees Ava in the coming days. So, Joey might not be released from prison because Vitali is “alive.”

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7. Ava and Steve Negotiate

Ava may want to keep the fact that she’s alive hidden. With her family ties, she could negotiate something with Steve so that she remains undercover, but pulls strings so that Joey is released. Could she stay at Kayla and Steve’s place while she’s in Salem? Ava may be in danger with people after her because of her family name, which means Tripp would also be in the line of fire.

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6. Why Would Steve Agree?

Why wouldn’t Steve just take Ava to the police, be rid of her, and get Joey released? Whatever Ava tells Steve to have him torn if Tripp is not safe. If they do things “Ava’s way,” Johnson could keep both of his sons out of harm’s way. Kayla will hate the way they are doing things, which will further cause conflict in their relationship.

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5. Ava’s Seduction

“If” Ava is staying with Kayla and Steve, she’ll work overtime to try and seduce Johnson. Not that it’ll work in any way, but it’ll sure get on Kayla’s nerves. Ava will also continue to add fuel to the fire where Kayla and Tripp are concerned. There’s been a strain on their bond since the assault allegations, and Ava will rip through that as fast as she can.

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4. Allie Won’t Give Up

Allie should lighten up on the scheming she’s done as of late, but she won’t. Days spoilers state she’ll turn to her grandmother Kate, and Roberts may have a pointer or two around getting back at Tripp. Allie may end up crossing the line and doing something where Tripp can nail her with police charges, which would be completely ironic, and so typical for a soap opera storyline.

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3. Gwen Causes More Pain Before Her Plan Crumbles

Gwen’s plan is sure to start crumbling this week. While she won’t be happy in the coming days, she will be able to keep Jack and Jenn apart, while also casting a shadow of doubt in Chad’s mind when it comes to Abby and Jake. Still, as the week of December 14th hits, Gwen’s scheming, and credibility, could dwindle.

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2. Blue Christmas For Gwen

DOOL spoilers imply a “blue” Christmas for Gwen. Does Chad overhear something she’s up to? Does she get busted? Perhaps it’s not that cut-and-dry. Maybe, a plan she has gets overthrown, but she’s not necessarily linked to it? Maybe she schemed to get Chabby to break up before Christmas, and that gets derailed? Either way, Gwen won’t be too happy before the holidays hit.

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1.  Rafe Accepts Abe’s Offer

According to DOOL spoilers, Abe will have an offer for Rafe this week, and it looks as if he’ll be filling Hope’s duties over at the police station. It’ll be a bittersweet proposal for Hernandez, as he’ll likely continue to mope around town the next couple of weeks, wondering why he bothered to return to Salem now that Hope and Ciara are gone.

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