Days Of Our Lives Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (January 4 – 15, 2021)

Published on January 5, 2021.

Will Charlie ever get found out? Will Gwen’s scheming get exposed? Will Abigail find out about Chad and Gwen’s one-night stand? It’s hard not to wonder what will happen next in the land of Salem! As such, below are some Days of Our Lives (DOOL) plotline predictions for January 4 to January 15, 2021.

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13. Charlie Is Exposed

Days fans should gear up for a major two weeks in the land of Salem! As John and Steve embark on a mission to find out the truth about Tripp and Allie’s night in London in the coming days, they run into Angelo Vitali (played by actor Angelo Tiffe). Long-time viewers may remember that Angelo is Ava’s cousin, and it seems as if he’ll spill the beans around Ava having another son.

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12. Ava In Trouble

Meanwhile, DOOL spoilers hint that Charlie has a plan for dear old mom, which will place Ava in a dire situation. The bad news is that Ava will squirm for a bit, but the good news is that Rafe will end up rescuing Vitali before anything bad happens. The stranger news is that Kayla ends up being responsible for Ava’s care once she hits the hospital; however, it sounds like once the entire truth comes out, these two women may finally mend fences, or at least come to some sort of understanding and common ground.

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11. How Charlie Gets Caught

It seems that once Steve and John learn that Ava has another son, they’ll know without a shadow of a doubt that Tripp is innocent. DOOL spoilers hint that Marlena will place Allie under hypnosis, and during this time, she may pinpoint her attacker as Charlie, not Tripp. Sometime shortly after all this, Evans will realize that Claire has gone AWOL. She and Ben will embark on a search and rescue mission for Claire.

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10. Claire and Charlie

As all this is going on, Claire and Charlie will get closer and the couple will decide it’s time to take their relationship to the next level. Or will Charlie make that decision for the both of them? Regardless, the good news is that Days spoilers hint that Ben will save the day. He’ll rescue Claire before it is too late. In fact, by the week of January 11, Charlie will be behind bars.

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9. Tripp Is Apologized To

From Kayla to John, Lucas, Kate, Nicole, and so many others, there will be many Salemites who reach out to Tripp to apologize during the week of January 11th, and for weeks coming. It’s not exactly their fault, considering the evidence; however, it is nice that Tripp’s name will finally be cleared. Allie will feel the worst of all. Could these two clear the air enough to be friends … or more?

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8. Chad Will Have Egg On His Face

Speaking of feeling the worst, DOOL spoilers reveal that Chad will learn the truth about Jake and Kate, and boy will he ever feel stupid. He’s also sure to feel a ton of guilt, especially since he enjoyed a one-nighter with Gwen. But how will he feel once he finds out about Gwen’s file? Days teasers imply he’ll be “shaken” over the entire misunderstanding.

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7. Bye, Bye, Gwen!

Gwen’s not leaving Salem anytime soon; however, she will be fired by Abigail sometime during the week of January 4th. She’ll be confronted about the file, and she’s sure to make up some cheeseball excuse, but Abby won’t hear it. As Abigail rips into Gwen, Chad will be squirming like a little weasel, terrified to interject. He made a major mistake on New Year’s Eve; if and when Abby finds out about it, their marriage could be over.

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6. Chad Will Worry

Days spoilers for the week of January 11th reveal that Chad will still worry about Abby finding out about his one-nighter with Gwen; however, there’s also a very good chance that Gwen will spill the beans. What does she have to lose? She’s been fired from the nanny post, and the entire reason she slept with Chad was to get back at Abigail. She wants her to know about it and will have no issue throwing it in her face.

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5. Gwen’s Motives

Abigail won’t only find out about Gwen and Chad the week of January 11th, but the entire truth about Gwen’s motives might finally be revealed, too. DOOL spoilers imply that Jenn and Jack will compare notes that week, and there’s a good chance that they realize who Gwen is and what she’s really up to. Chances are she’s Jack’s illegitimate daughter, or perhaps the offspring of Peter Blake. With the outrageousness of Days writing, she could even be a daughter Jennifer didn’t know about! Only time will tell!

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4. Elani’s Twins Go Missing

Across town, Eli and Lani will lose their minds during the week of January 4th when they realize that their newborns have gone missing. Who could be behind this? Bonnie will be able to offer some help to the investigation, and there’s a good chance that she’ll have seen something or someone that she can identify.

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3. Someone Familiar

DOOL spoilers imply that Lani will view a sketch of the “kidnapper” and both ladies will realize that the person looks familiar. Could it be a family member? In other related teasers, news broke in early December that actress Jackée Harry would be joining the cast, and it seems as if the baby-snatching storyline will introduce her new character, Paulina, onto the Salem scene.

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2. Paulina Arrives In Salem

Days spoilers add that Paulina is linked to the Carver family, so fans may see Harry on the soap as early as the week of January 11th. Is Paulina behind the kidnapping? DOOL head writer Ron Carlivati recently chimed in on Jackée’s new character saying that she’ll be introduced during the twins’ kidnapping, and things will get “complicated.” Sounds as if Paulina will be a fun and fabulous character to watch on screen, and won’t be the reason behind the babies being snatched, but will be involved somehow.

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1. Brady and Kristen

Could cracks be forming with this super couple? The two have tried to make the best out of a bad situation; however, Kristen will see a photo of Brady kissing Chloe on New Year’s Eve this week, and she won’t be happy. Come the week of January 11th, spoilers state that Chloe will question Brady on his commitment to Kristen and if the couple can last waiting five years to be together. Sounds as if Kristen and Brady could be headed for Splitsville.

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