Days Of Our Lives Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (June 22 – July 3, 2020)

Published on June 22, 2020.

Things continue to heat up in the land of Salem as June slowly transitions into July! Will Gabi head to prison? What will Allie decide to do when it comes to her unborn child? Will Sarah ever forgive Xander? What is Claire really up to? Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans love to speculate! As such, below are some DOOL plot predictions for June 22 to July 3, 2020.

14. Gabi’s Fate

According to DOOL spoilers, Gabi’s trial will go down this week, and as her brother Rafe tries to secure a deal with Rolf, it seems as if Hernandez will have plenty of ups and downs in the coming days. She’ll learn the verdict the week of June 29th, and there is a particularly good chance the truth will come out and she won’t go to prison for drugging Abigail DiMera.

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13. Gabi’s Quest To Prove Jake Is Stefan

The week of June 29th will also prove to be an interesting one Gabi as she and Jake get his DNA results back. Could he be Stefan DiMera? Could he even just have DiMera DNA that offers up a possibility that he is Stefan or connected to the family in some sort of way? There’s a good chance Jake might be Stefan’s twin.

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12. Vivian Returns

DOOL spoilers hint that Jake and Vivian Alamain will have a confrontation of sorts mid-to-late next week. It has been teased for a while now that actress Louise Sorel was set to reprise her Days role in July, and sound as if she will return to the little town with a splash! What if Viv relays that she ended up having twin boys, and that one was stolen right after birth? Could Jake be the long-lost son she’s been looking for?

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11. Jake, Gwen, and Gabi

Things will heat up between Jake and Gwen this week, and with Gabi nipping at his heels, there’s no way she’ll let these two exes ease into a peaceful reunion. There’s a love triangle slowly forming between these three characters, and it will begin to unravel in the coming weeks ahead.

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10. Elani Wedding On The Horizon

Days summer spoilers promised a wedding every week in July, and it seems as if Eli and Lani are the first super couple that will try and say their “I dos.” But, will they be successful? Hard to say. DOOL spoilers are promising some chaos at their wedding, which will take place the week of June 29th. 

9. Chaos In The Making

This week, DOOL spoilers tease that Elani will be busying preparing for their big day. Two major things will unravel, which could place a wedge between the couple and their “happily ever after.” First off, someone unknown will “spy” on the bride, and secondly, Lani is set to bring up some concerns she has with Eli the night before their wedding.

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8. Parents Return

Who could be spying on Lani? DOOL spoilers state that Lani will get an unexpected visitor on the morning of her wedding. It could be the same person who spies on her this week, and that may very well be either her mom Tamara Price (played by Marilyn McCoo) or even Eli’s mom Valerie (actress Vanessa Williams) who are both expected to return to the show the week of June 29th for their children’s wedding. The idea here is that either lady may have stated they weren’t coming to the wedding, only wanting to “surprise” Lani (and Eli) with a visit.

7. Lani’s Past

Or, the person that is spying on Lani could be different from unexpected family visits. DOOL is teasing “chaos” at the Elani wedding, so it could be that the individual that spies on Lani this week is a former ex-con that she had sent to prison, or maybe someone else from her past looking to ruin her future with Eli.

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6. Is Claire Reformed?

This question is truly hard to answer. Claire is trying hard to make amends, but she’s been lying a lot, especially around Ciara and Ben’s save the date card. She also seems way too excited about their wedding, but this could be because she wants to make things right. Still, it was a bit shady that she pushed her way into the maid of honor role. Is Claire truly trying to make up for all she has done in the past, or is she looking for an opportunity to strike back?

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5. Wedding Dress Drama

Seems as if someone does damage to Ciara’s wedding dress, and Cin will point a finger of blame at Claire. Claire does seem a little loopy; however, it will take some time for her to adjust to life outside of the Bayview facility, so it could be a bit of a transition before she feels “normal” again. Could Gwen be trying to set Claire up in front of her family? Maybe Claire is reformed, and Gwen is jealous around the family support she has and is looking to take her down?

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4. Kristen’s Return

DOOL spoilers hint that Kristen DiMera will return to reunite with Brady the week of June 29th. Is this a bona fide return, a quick visit, or perhaps a dream Brady has? Hard to say at this point, Days teasers are being quite cryptic around DiMera’s comeback. Might just be a dream or a quickie visit so that Brady can see Rachel.

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3. Allie’s Baby

Previews seem to hint that more than one couple may want to adopt Allie Horton’s baby. WilSon seems like the natural fit, as they just got rejected by the adoption agency, and are looking to adopt another baby; plus, Allie is Will’s younger sister, so keeping the child with family makes sense. But, could someone else drop their hat into the adoption ring?

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2. Xander Has A Plan

Sarah has been warming up to Xander as of late, and the DOOL preview videos for the week of June 22 to June 26 seem to hint that he might also be interested. Xander will provide an offer the following week to Sarah that will not only take her aback but also anger her. The idea of adopting Allie’s baby is nice; however, considering all that Sarah has been through with her own baby, but it might be too soon and inappropriate to bring that up. Sarah’s reservation could center around her heartbreak having to return Rachel, and Xander could seem insensitive for even bringing up the idea. Adoption is never guaranteed, and sometimes bio parents can take their baby back before everything has been finalized.

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1. Other Candidates

Lucas is still fairly young (for a grandfather), and he may decide to try and push Allie to keep the baby, and he could help her raise it. Then there’s the idea that Nicole and Eric wanting to expand their family. As they are getting married, and Holly was a miracle baby that Chloe carried, perhaps they decide that adopting Allie’s baby would not only keep the child within the family but also be a way to grow their own little family.

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