Days Of Our Lives Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (June 29 – July 10, 2020)

Published on June 29, 2020. Updated July 2, 2020

An explosive 14 days lay ahead in Salem as two couples try to say, “I do”, while an old character makes an explosive return, and potentially another bid adieu. What will come to be in the land of Days of Our Lives (DOOL) in the next couple of weeks? There’s nothing more fun than trying to speculate! As such, below are some DOOL plot predictions for the weeks of June 29 to July 10, 2020.

12. Elani Wedding Disaster

DOOL spoilers reveal that the Elani wedding will experience some chaotic moments. Lani’s mother will faint, then Gabi will crash the event, and out of nowhere, Vivian Alamain will surface, pointing a gun at Lani. Things may seem doomed; however, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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11. Rafe Saves The Day

While Lani will plead with Vivian to put the gun down, and expose her pregnancy in an effort to calm Alamain down, when all is said and done, Rafe may be the real hero in this scenario. Vivian’s reasoning behind her gun-waiving will be some revenge on Lani, for shooting Stefan, but Rafe will let the cat out of the bag and tell her about Jake. Will this be able to stop Viv’s reign of terror?

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10. Vivian Realization

It seems as Rafe’s reasoning will save the day. Vivian will not end up shooting anyone, as she’ll have a visit with Jake later this week, while DOOL spoilers hint that Elani will move forward, get married, and enjoy their honeymoon night. If Stefan is in fact alive, which all arrows seem to be pointing in that direction, then Viv will focus efforts on helping Jake realize he is a DiMera, and give up on any type of revenge against Lani.

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9. Viv & Gabi Team Up

Gabi will approach Vivian in the next couple of weeks to form an alliance of sorts, so the duo can help Jake/Stefan regain his memories. While Vivian and Jake do have a confrontation that leaves Jake out of sorts this coming week, it won’t be long before these women help him to remember exactly who is.

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8. Jake’s DNA Test

Then, there’s the issue of Jake’s DNA test. The results will come in this week and will have both Gabi and Jake taken aback. There’s a good chance that the tests aren’t conclusive, but do offer an overview that will have Jake questioning his existence, and Gabi convinced more than ever that Jake is Stefan; without any actual proof that Jake is Stefan. Perhaps the test results will say that Jake is a DiMera and “could strongly” point to Jake being Stefan. 

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7. A Very Brady Goodbye

Kristen has officially returned to Salem and will be reunited with Brady at some point this week. Brady feels lost without his love and daughter, and DOOL spoilers tease that he may leave town with them at some point this week. Victor tried his best last week to overturn his testimony against Kristen and her attack but failed. Brady may just decide to be with his family, as he cannot stand to live without them. Could Days fans be saying goodbye to Brady for good (well, for now …)?

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6. Justin and Kayla’s Wedding

As the Elani wedding closes, DOOL fans will start to gear up for Kayla and Justin’s nuptials. While it’s natural for fans to think that Kayla or Steve might stop the wedding (to be with each other), there’s a good chance that Justin might pull the plug on things himself. According to Days spoilers, not only will he confess something to Kayla leading up to their ceremony, but he’ll also visit Adrienne’s gravesite after the fact and be taken aback by something he sees.

5. Could Adrienne Be Alive?

DOOL spoilers also hint that Steve will approach Marlena and John with major news, so perhaps he uncovers something about his sister, goes to Justin about it, where Kiriakis cancels his wedding to Kayla. There’s a good possibility that Days starts hinting around Adrienne being alive next week, which might have Justin calling off his wedding to Kayla, and embarking on a search to find his wife.

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4. Kayla Resents Steve

Even if Kayla and Justin don’t get married, it will still take some time for Kayla and Steve to come together. Kayla may not believe the evidence Steve has around his sister truly being alive, and she could think it’s a ploy to keep her and Justin apart. She may end up resenting Steve for the information he has brought forward, which will only place even more of a wedge between Kay and Steve.

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3. Rafe Declines Allies Offer

Allie is convinced that Rafe would be the best parent for her unborn child, and DOOL spoilers seem to tease that she’ll approach him on it this week. Rafe is still mourning his custody battle loss with David, and with a major question mark around the father of Allie’s child, Hernandez may back away from the offer. He doesn’t need to go through the emotional process of adopting a child again, only to have them ripped away from the bio dad (or their family).

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2. Cin’s Accusations Out Of Line

Planning for the Cin wedding will continue, and while Ciara and Claire will bond during the next two weeks, an incident that pops up could also pull them further apart. A damaged wedding dress will surface, and Cin will confront Claire on it. Seems like there is a good chance that Claire is innocent and that Cin may overreact (although who could blame them). Regardless, when they realize that she’s done nothing, this could cause them to let their guard down, which may place them in a dire situation in the long run. 

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1. Sarah On The Cusp Of Forgiveness

Sarah seems as if she’s on the cusp of forgiving Xander. While this may be good news for Xander, this might equal out to more drama for Sarah. She and Brady are not a thing, and their revenge plans may be squashed; however, there’s no denying that while they faked a relationship, they still did have a one-night stand that could prove to haunt both Brady and Sarah in the future.

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