Days Of Our Lives Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (March 1 – 12, 2021)

Published on March 2, 2021.

What kind of trouble could Lani’s Auntie Paulina find within her first two weeks in Salem? What does Rex want with Xarah? Can Gwen survive the kidnapping that is about to take place? Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans just love to speculate! As such, below are some DOOL plotline predictions for March 1 to March 12, 2021.

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12. Auntie Paulina Has A Secret

Auntie Paulina is bound to be fabulous. After all, the legendary Jackée Harry will be playing her! She’s set to arrive in Salem this week, so let the fun begin! Paulina will probably come to Salem to visit Jules and Carver. She could stay in the little town to help Elani with the twins. She may be a professional nanny and decide to extend these services to Eli and Lani. Raising newborns is no joke and a lot of work! With that said, Paulina will also be coming to Salem with a secret.

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11. She Stirs Up Trouble

Days spoilers hint that by the time the week of March 8th hits, Paulina will be stirring trouble for Elani; however, it doesn’t seem as if she’ll do it on purpose. Paulina will be funny and sassy, but she’ll come with a little mystery. What kind of trouble could she cause between Lani and Eli? Could she let it slip to Eli that Lani has been visiting Kristen in jail a lot, as of late? That might not make him overly happy.

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10. Kristen and Susan Get Called Out

Speaking of Kristen, DiMera and Susan are sure to get “called out” this week. “Susan” will be able to fluff off Chloe’s accusations that something “isn’t right” with her; however, it’ll be hard for “Kristen” to do so with Lani when she visits her BFF in prison. Lani will learn the truth about the switcheroo and visit “Susan” at the Blacks’ condo. Perhaps that is what Auntie Paulina calls her niece out on. Visits with Susan Banks would cause Eli to raise an eyebrow.

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9. Sarah Starts To Have Doubts

Chloe is set to talk to Sarah about rethinking her marriage decision to Xander this coming week. He’s done a lot over the years, plus, marrying into the Kiriakis family can be trying. As the days go by, Sarah will find Xander in a compromising position. Could that cause her to have doubts about her impending marriage?

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8. Rex Returns

To add to the Xarah drama, Days spoilers note that Sarah’s ex, Rex, will return the week of March 8th. He’ll even crash a bachelor party between Xander and Jack. Could Rex realize he still has feelings for Sarah? The last time fans saw him was when Sarah kept him captive in Paris. Still, she was going through a very hard time. After all, everyone knows that Sarah is a good person at heart and means well. Could Rex try and offer up more doubts to Sarah around her engagement and possible marriage to Xandy?

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7. Ben’s In Trouble

Over the next couple of weeks, Days spoilers reveal that Evan will have a plan to ax Ben. This seems like dire news; however, could it be something that starts off dark with light at the end of the tunnel? Could Ciara thwart Evan’s attempt to rid the world of Ben Weston? Could this all result in the Cin reunion fans have been waiting for?

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6. Gwen’s Kidnapping

Gwen will be kidnapped by Gabi and Abigail this week, in an attempt to not only put the ex-nanny in her place, but to get her to fess up to Laura’s passing. This seems like a terrible idea that could land both Gabi and Abby in a heap of trouble if they get caught. Sounds like there’s a good chance that Jack could realize his long-lost daughter is missing, but he won’t be the one to find her when all is said and done.

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5. The Anna Factor

Anna can be nosey at times, and it seems as if her busy-body nature will land her in hot water the week of March 8th. Days spoilers indicate that she’ll find Gwen in the DiMera tunnels, where Gabi and Abby are holding her. Will Gwen be able to pull off the impossible? Escape the DiMera basement, and lock Anna up there instead?

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4. Gwen’s Deceit

Gwen will hear Anna snooping around, and could trick her into saving her. When found, Gwen will end up knocking Anna out and tying her up. She’ll place Anna in her “kidnapping” spot, and escape. When Gabi and Abby discover what has gone down, Abigail will lose her mind. But will Gwen run to the police to try and nab the ladies for what they’ve done? She may just run straight to her father. This would cause even more of a wedge between Deveraux and Abby.

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3. Sami’s In The Hot Seat

Sami will continue to be in the hot seat for Charlie’s shooting over the next couple of weeks. She’ll reach out to Belle for legal help, and her little sister will oblige. Despite Sami’s role in bringing Jan back to Salem (and how that all ended up), Belle’s always had a soft spot in her heart for Sami. She’ll want to do all she can to help. But is Sami Charlie’s shooter? Could she be covering up for someone else?

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2. Other Suspects

Other suspects will enter the picture over the next couple of weeks. Allie already seems like a major one, so could Sami be “pretending” to go along with the police to cover up what her daughter has done? John will be another person of interest for fans, as well as Ava, and possibly Lucas.


1. Ava and Tripp Bond With Henry

Speaking of Ava, she’ll finally get to meet Henry the week of March 8th. Despite all the terrible things Charlie has done, Henry is still his son and her grandson. Of course, Vitali will bond with the little guy, and Allie will be willing to allow the woman the right to visit him. Tripp will also feel a push towards Henry, and Allie for that matter. The two will continue to have moments where they run into each other and spend time together, as the sparks fly between this budding Days couple. The best part of this will be how Tripp connects with his nephew.

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