Days Of Our Lives Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (May 31 – June 11, 2021)

Published on June 1, 2021.

Will Claire and Chloe be saved? What kind of drama will unfold when E.J. DiMera returns? How will Gwen and Xander fare together, under the same roof? So many questions, so few answers! Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans love to speculate on storylines. As such, below are some DOOL plotline predictions for May 31 to June 11, 2021.

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12. Philip and Ben To The Rescue

DOOL spoilers for this week imply that Ben and Philip will work overtime to try and save Chloe and Claire. Brady is sure to be in the mix of all this somehow, as well as Shawn and Belle; however, at the end of the day, there’s a good chance that Philip and Ben are the two that actually “save” Claire and Chloe.

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11. The Ladies Will Bond

Nothing like being held hostage by Jan Spears to bring two people together! Will this kidnapping situation transform Claire and Chloe into BFFs? Sounds like after all is said and done, these women might build a bond that will keep them tied together for many years to come. DOOL spoilers imply that Spears will instruct Claire to “get rid of” Chloe. Claire will likely refuse to do such a thing and will face retaliation from Spears. Chloe is bound to be touched by Claire’s unwavering courage to do the right thing.

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10. Chloe’s Feelings Change

With Philip at the forefront of saving her, could Chloe’s feelings start to change? She was quite smitten with Brady; however, he did make it clear to her that while he felt the same way for her, he needed to step back because of Kristen. As everything has hit the fan since then, Philip riding in for the save might stir some feelings in Lane. She may realize just how much she still (also) cares for Philip. Plus, there might be some resentment towards Brady because of what Kristen did to her.

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9. Blaire In Full Effect

Ben will also risk it all to save Claire this week. DOOL spoilers note that Ben will accidentally set off a trap that Jan Spears put in place, all to help out his “friend” Claire. When all is said and done, will this rescue mission change things for Ben and Claire? Will they decide to change their relationship status from “just friends” to “romantic”? There’s a good chance they will. Both will get caught up in a moment and decide it’s time to give in to their feelings for each other.

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8. Sami Pokes Around

Mrs. DiMera will continue to poke her nose where it doesn’t belong this week, and early next. She’ll try and find more evidence on Xander and Nicole’s hookup, or attempt to get Walker to confess. With that said, she should be more worried about covering her own indiscretions than uncovering Nicole’s.

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7. Sami’s Focus Shifts

Sami’s intentions will shift once her hubby rolls back into town. She’ll move away from trying to nab Nicole and focus on keeping her affair with Lucas under wraps. Sami will also have to work overtime to keep her affair with Horton a secret. After all, Lucas will approach Sami in the days ahead, trying to reunite. All bets will be off once E.J. strolls back into town. Sami will scramble to keep her ex at bay. She’ll also struggle with feelings for Lucas and E.J.

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6. Why Has E.J. Returned?

Is there any way that E.J. could be onto Sami and Lucas’s affair? Could Kristen have tipped him off? Is there a video camera in the DiMera Mansion tunnels that he might have access to? Could he have had a change of heart since Sami’s been away? There’s a good chance that, after more rehab, he might be feeling back to his old self. Maybe his return has nothing to do with Sami, but more about “wanting his life back” in Salem”?

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5. Xander and Gwen

Across town, Xander will move in with Jack during the week of May 31st, which places him and Gwen under the same roof. DOOL spoilers indicate that it won’t take long for these two to clash; however, it seems that there will be sparks between the two of them as well. Could this be a match made in heaven?

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4. Xander Learns Gwen’s Secret

Most times, soap opera couples have a ton of friction before they get involved romantically. Gwen and Xander will bicker and fight initially, but it also sounds as if Xandy will learn about Gwen’s secret. Will he decide to hold it over her head and blackmail her? He may initially, but these two will likely start to “feel” something for each other. They’ll start as enemies, but there will be sparks between these two in the weeks ahead. Xander may help her through her Dr. Snyder dilemma.

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3. Tripp Turns To Kayla

Speaking of Gwen’s secret, Tripp will overhear an intense conversation between Dr. Snyder and Gwen soon. DOOL spoilers also imply that there will be several people in town that are aiming to “end” Snyder and his schemes. Could Tripp be “onto” the doctor? Will he turn to Kayla to try and nab Snyder? Could the people trying to “end” Dr. Snyder’s terrible reign include Belle and Shawn? Possibly Gwen? Maybe even Kate?

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2. Dr. Snyder Blackmails Kate

DOOL spoilers for this week reveal that Kate Roberts will do everything she can to keep Dr. Snyder from revealing her secret. Added teasers for the week of June 7th note that she’ll stun the doctor with what she says. Could Snyder try and blackmail Kate? Could he try and get her to work for him, like Gwen is? Will she fall for his threats, or bite back?

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1. Chanel Tries To Move In On Allie… Again…

DOOL spoilers for the week of May 31st state that Chanel will turn to Allie and offer her something unexpected. Will she move in for another kiss, or something more? Could Chanel get caught up in a moment and misread signals between her and Allie, once again? If so, this could place a wedge between their friendship. Or would it lead to something more?

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